PUBG Mobile Hidden Achievements (And How To Get Them)

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Ever wondered what the hidden achievements in PUBG Mobile are? How many hidden achievements are there, and how can you complete them? Well, you'll find out all about the best-hidden achievements in this article.

PUBG Mobile is a top-grossing game of all time. It is one of the most amazing games to play for time pass and a professional gamer. PUBG Mobile is a type of game in which we get rewards for completing various achievements. There are three types of achievements of PUBG Mobile that are: 

  • Permanent achievement 
  • Exclusive achievement
  • Hidden achievement

In today's article, I will be telling you guys about the hidden achievements of PUBG Mobile. As we all know, after every update, there are many new hidden achievements PUBG developers add to the game. So, let us discover them:


7. Are we Teammates?

Are we Teammates? PUBG Mobile

"Are we Teammates" is a hidden achievement in PUBG Mobile that most players don't know about. To complete this achievement, you will have to be defeated by your squad or teammates 20 times. It means that you will have to die by being knocked and then finished by your teammates in 20 different games. 

How to Get It:

  • Form a Squad
  • Get Knocked and then finished 
  • Do this for 20 different games.


6. Who Hit Me?

Who Hit Me, PUBG Mobile

"Who Hit Me" is a hidden achievement of PUBG Mobile that is newly added. The "who-hit me" secret achievement is a kind achievement that rewards you with 20 achievement points and one premium crate.

Easy Way: When you leap from the Airplane at the game's start, you can fly outside the zone till you die. 

How to Get It:

  • Jump off a Plane
  • Get killed during gliding
  • By doing so, you can complete the achievement


5. Rubbish Picker

Rubbish Picker, PUBG Mobile

Collect twenty attachments in the bag till you die. It will reveal the personal accomplishment "Rubbish Picker" and earn you 20 achievement reward points.

How to Get It:

  • Start a Match
  • Keep collecting attachments of gun
  • Collect until you have 20 spare attachments in your bag
  • After collecting the attachments, your achievement will be complete


4. Will of Steel

Will of Steel, PUBG Mobile

To unlock the hidden accomplishment, you must lose 1800 HP in a single match. After completing this accomplishment, you will get 30 achievement points.

Easy Tips: In the event mode Flora Menace, you can leap from the tower in Georgopol. When reaching the top of the building, your health will be automatically restored. To lose 1800 health, you must jump about 25 times in a row.

How to Get It:

  • Start a match
  • Collect a lot of healable
  • In a single game, get 1800 damage by any means
  • After doing that. You will get the rewards.


3. I'm So Unlucky

I'm So Unlucky, PUBG Mobile

Today I'm going to inform you about a personal accomplishment in PUBG MOBILE called I'M SO UNLUCKY. After completing this achievement, users will get 20 achievement points and a coupon for a premium crate.

How to Get It:

  • Locate a firearm that does the least amount of harm. You may possess a VSS.
  • Now, shoot the player or bot only once in the leg to prevent him from dying.
  • Bear in mind that you are not required to kill any player or bot; only harm them.
  • It requires you to inflict damage on various individuals or bots across the map.
  • You must inflict damage on at least ten people or bots without killing anyone.
  • After that, either die in the play zone or die yourself.


2. Poor Connection

Poor Connection, PUBG Mobile

The "Poor Connection" is a hidden achievement of PUBG Mobile in which you have to complete 50 matches in which your squad members are disconnected.

How to Get It:

  • Play 50 games with your friends
  • Ask them to close the game
  • Complete 50 matches like this
  • You'll get the rewards after 50 matches


1. Reap What You Sow

Reap what you Sow, PUBG Mobile

The "Reap what you Sow" hidden achievement is one of the recently added achievements of PUBG Mobile. It is one of the most accessible achievements because all you have to do is get killed by yourself.

How to Get It:

  • Play 50 different matches
  • Throw a grenade and get killed by it
  • Repeat for 50 times
  • Collect the rewards after the 50th death

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