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Have you ever wondered what the best audio settings are? Well, Don't worry, find out about some of the best audio settings in this article.

PUBG Mobile has become a global sensation. It is a game that connects with the emotions of a player. PUBG Mobile has become a source of income for many players throughout the world. Players have become more dominant and have learned new skills to dominate others. 

PUBG Mobile is a game that uses tactics and strategies, but the most underrated setting of PUBG Mobile is the audio setting. The audio setting of PUBG Mobile is the one setting that can help you ace your enemies and kill them off without facing any kind of trouble, making your enemy stun and wonder what hit him.

The audio settings of PUBG Mobile are to be set carefully, and if not correctly set, they can also be a reason for your death in-game. So, to help you guys out, I will be talking about the best PUBG Mobile audio settings that you should use to have the upper hand over your enemies. So, let us get started:


10. Download HD Sounds

After every major update of PUBG Mobile, many things like maps, resource packs, and sounds must be re-downloaded. Many of us forget to download the HD sounds that become a cause for our death. 

How HD Sounds Solve The Problem:

HD Sounds can help you get a lot better sound if you want to hear the footsteps of your enemies, hear a vehicle coming, or assists in pointing the directions of gun fires. Always keep a check on the HD Sound option in the download bar, or you can go to settings and then check downloads to see if there is an HD sound option or not. 

How to Apply HD Sounds:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Downloads
  • Check for HD Sounds Option
  • Download HD Sounds


9. Use of Ultra Sounds

PUBG Mobile, by default, sets high as the sound option. What many of the players do is that they do not bother to check the audio Settings of PUBG Mobile. The difference between the ultra and high sounds is huge. High sounds are not as precise and accurate as the ultra-ones. It can be challenging to find out where the opponents' steps are coming from or the direction of gunshots.

How Use of Ultra Sounds Solves The Problem:

Ultrasounds are comparatively very precise and accurate. They help distinguish on which floor the enemy is hiding or from where a vehicle is approaching you. It is accurate and, at times, can help you get a lot of easy kills.

How to Apply Ultra Sounds:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • On top, choose the Ultra Option


8). Low SFX Quality

High SFX settings can be a significant disadvantage for you. It is one of the most common mistakes players make. By setting the SFX settings high, you cannot correctly hear the ultrasounds on your phones because your low-end phone may lag and heat up. This issue majorly occurs on low-end devices. 

How Low SFX Quality Solves The Problem:

Low SFX quality will help get a better gameplay experience without lags and figuring the direction of vehicle, gunfire, and enemy footsteps.

How to Apply Low SFX Quality: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Tick the Low SFX setting option


7). High Microphone Level

Low microphone levels can be a significant disadvantage as your teammates may not correctly hear your call. Microphones should be good and always kept on high because PUBG Mobile is a game played mainly through communicating with your teammates.

How High Microphone Level Solves The Problem:

High Microphone levels can be advantageous when it comes to combat or when you need to warn your teammates about the location of the enemy. Always keep your microphone level high as it is one of the main things that help you ace other squads.

How to Apply High Microphone Level:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Below the SFX Bar
  • Set the Microphone to High


6). Low Speaker Volume

You must be wondering how a speaker can affect your gameplay. Well, a very high speaker volume can sometimes be hectic when it comes to combats. Your teammates may freak out and start screaming while fighting with an enemy, and you may not be able to hear the footsteps of your enemy due to the shouting of the other person.

How Low Speaker Volume Solves The Problem:

Low speaker volume can be beneficial as you can hear your teammates and focus on your enemy's footsteps without being interrupted by your teammate. 

How to Apply Low Speaker Volume:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • In the Voice Bar
  • Select High on the Speaker


5). High SFX on High-End Devices

As we mentioned above, SFX should be kept low on low-end devices. But, on the high-end devices, the players have the advantage that they can use it on high without having tensions about phone heating up and lagging.

How High SFX on High-End Devices Solves The Problem:

High SFX on newer model phones can be beneficial as it helps in improving the ultrasounds such as footsteps and plane sounds etc.

How to Apply High SFX on High-End Devices:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Tick the High SFX setting option


4). Low Music

High music settings can be disadvantageous when you're in the lobby or driving a car. Because it is high and it becomes the cause for you to not listen properly to enemy gunshots, and you cannot determine a vehicle approaching. 

How Low Music Solves The Problem:

Low music can solve the problem by helping you get the most out of your game. Low music can help you take footsteps or the sounds of planes and vehicles, even when you're driving or sitting in a vehicle.

How to Apply Low Music:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Below SFX Sounds
  • Tick the Low Music Option


3). High UI Sounds

Most of the players prefer to use low UI sounds. Well, according to me it is one of the mistakes that can cost you your game. A low UI can sometimes be the reason that you might end up being killed. How? Well, the ammo in your gun may be low, and you thought that you have already reloaded it. 

How High UI Sounds Solves The Problem:

High UI Sounds are the sounds that only you hear. It helps you determine whether you have reloaded your gun, thrown a grenade, thrown stuff out of your bag, etc.

How to Apply High UI Sounds:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Below Master Sounds
  • Tick the High UI Option


2). High Master Sounds

Many players do not utilize master sounds as they do not know what it means. It is one of the most critical sound settings of PUBG Mobile. Master sounds are known as the overall sounds such as firing, walking, driving, jumping, and plane incoming, etc. By setting the master sounds at low, you cost yourself your game. 

How High Master Sounds Solves The Problem:

High master sounds help you hear your surroundings quickly. For example, you can listen to your teammates walk fire and drive a vehicle with high master sounds.

How to Apply High Master Sounds:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Below the Low, High, Ultra Sounds
  • Select high on Master Sounds


1). Enlarge Mini Map

Well, most people think that mini-map has nothing to do with the sound quality, and I hate to say that they're wrong. A mini-map is the best assistant if you want to play your game based on sounds. A smaller mini-map cannot be much help as it is difficult to see the steps of enemies.

How Mini Map Solves The Problem:

A Large mini-map can help distinguish the steps of a person or a vehicle symbol. A mini-map and sounds are directly related as it helps determine whether the sound is coming from the ground floor, first floor, third floor, etc.

How to Apply Large Mini Map:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Controls
  • Select Mini Map
  • Increase the size


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