[Top 5] PUBG Mobile Best Sniper Guns

PUBG Mobile Best Sniper Guns
SLR Sniper Rifle, PUBG Mobile

Have you ever wondered which sniper rifle is the best of PUBG Mobile? Discover the best sniper rifle according to their stats. 

PUBG Mobile is a game that contains many categories of weapons such as ARs, LMGs, SMGs, Melee Weapons, DMR, and Sniper Rifles. However, sniper rifles are one of the essential parts of the game. Why? Because using a sniper rifle to spot and kill an enemy can be very beneficial for you and your team. 

Have you ever wondered which Sniper Rifle is the best you can utilize to make your enemy feel weak? This article will be talking about the best PUBG Mobile sniper guns present in the game. It would help if you always opted to use a sniper rifle because sniper rifles play an essential role in long-range fights.

There should always be one person on your team that should play the role of a sniper. Many people prefer the role of Sniper (including me). Why? Because it makes you get kills quickly and creates a win-win situation if you have a sniper and the person you are shooting at doesn't. In this article, you will fight all about the sniper rifles and their stats. Keep reading.

5. Kar98k

Kar98k Sniper Rifle, PUBG Mobile

The Karabiner 98 Kurz is also known as Kar98k, is a classic bolt action sniper rifle that can be found in almost all of the maps of PUBG Mobile. This rifle uses 7.62mm ammo and loads up to 5 bullets per mag. Kar98k is one of the most used sniper rifles in the game because it is easily found. 

If you want to kill an enemy wearing a Level 3 helmet, the number of bullets that you want to fire on his head is 2. On the other hand, if the enemy is wearing a level 2 or 1 helmet, the enemy can be killed with just one headshot. The only drawback, in my opinion, of Kar98k, is that it has a lot of bullet drop that makes it hard to fire at an enemy standing far away. 

Why Kar98k is great:

  • High Damage
  • Stable
  • Best suited for Long Range
  • Deal maximum 100 damage
  • 760 Bullet Speed

How to get Kar98k:

The Kar98k sniper rifle is ubiquitous in the game. It can be easily found without having to visit the drop to loot it. It can be found in a room or on the rooftops. 

Kar98k Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/Karabiner_98_Kurz

4. Mini 14 

Mini 14 DMR, PUBG Mobile

Mini 14 is a DMR category gun of PUBG Mobile. It is one of the most helpful sniper rifles that use 5.56mm ammunition. The total number of bullets that can be loaded in mini 14 is 20. But with the use of attachments such as extended magazines, the number of bullets can be increased to 30. 

Mini 14 is one of the most stable sniper rifles of PUBG Mobile. It only requires 4-5 shots of Mini 14 to kill an enemy. It can give equal damage to enemies that are close and far as well. In my opinion, it is one of the best sniper rifles because it saves you the effort of going to a drop to equip it.

Why Mini 14 is great:

  • Stability
  • High Damage
  • 30 Bullets 
  • Quick Reload
  • High Fire Rate DMR

How to get Mini 14:

The spawn rate of Mini 4 is equal throughout the map. It is a common weapon of PUBG Mobile that can be looted from anywhere on the map. There is a 0% possibility of Mini 14 to be found in airdrops.

Mini 14 Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/Mini_14

3. M24

M24 Sniper Rifle, PUBG Mobile

M24 is a bolt action sniper rifle. It is considered as one of the best guns of PUBG Mobile due to its severe damage. Therefore, M24 is the most desired choice for any player that plays the role of Sniper. Including me, many players use it because, unlike Kar98k, the bullet drop of this weapon is very low and has enormous impact damage. 

It can quickly kill enemies wearing Level 1 and 2 helmets but requires two bullets to kill enemies wearing a level 3 helmet. The bullet count initially is, but with an extended mag (Sniper), the count increases to 7. It uses 7.62mm ammunition.

Why M24 is great:

  • Less Bullet Drop
  • Quick Reloading
  • High Damage
  • 7 Bullets per mag (extended)
  • 1.800s Fire Rate
  • 82 Damage
  • 100-800 Firing Range

How to get M24: 

M24 is a bolt action sniper rifle of PUBG Mobile. It can be looted from anywhere on the map because the spawn rate is the same throughout the map. It is a common weapon that can be looted from rooms, roofs, or shacks. In the Livik map, M24 can be found in drops also. 

M24 Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/M24

2. Mk14

Mk14 EBR Sniper Rifle, PUBG Mobile

The Mk14 EBR, commonly known as Mk14 in PUBG Mobile, is one of the most versatile guns of PUBG Mobile. Why? Because it can be used as a sniper when on single-mode and as an AR when on auto mode. It uses 7.62mm ammunition. Initially, it only loads up to 10 bullets, but with proper attachments, the bullet count increases to 20.

It is one of the most robust guns of PUBG Mobile. The only drawback of MK14 is that it has a massive recoil. It is complicated to control the recoil of MK14 when used on auto mode with some high scopes such as 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.

Why Mk14 is great:

  • Extremely High Damage
  • Medium or Long Range Gun
  • Single and Auto Mode Option
  • 0.090s Fire Rate
  • 853 Bullet Speed
  • 60 damage per bullet

How to get Mk14:

Mk14 is a special type of sniper rifle that can only be looted from drops and flare drops. There is zero chance of getting an Mk14 in rooms or rooftops. The only possible ways of getting MK14 are by looting drops or killing an enemy carrying the Mk14 DMR.

Mk14 Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/Mk14_EBR

1. AWM

AWM Sniper Rifle, PUBG Mobile

AWM is, without a doubt, the best gun there is on PUBG Mobile. Why? It is the most powerful sniper rifle that can only be looted from drops. The only headshot of AWM is required to kill an enemy no matter what level helmet he is wearing. Only one bullet is needed to hit even on the level 3 helmet. 

Utilizing AWM with the best attachments can help you get better results. For example, the AWM sniper rifle uses the ammunition of .300 Winchester Magnum. The bullet that the magazine of AWM can carry is 5. 

Why AWM is great:

  • It can fire at ranges of 100-1000
  • Incomparable High Damage
  • Less Reload Time
  • High Bullet Speeds
  • No bullet drop
  • 1.850s Fire Rate
  • 910 Bullet Speed
  • 132 Damage

How to get AWM:

AWM is a special type of gun in PUBG Mobile. It cannot be looted from anywhere on the map. You can only get AWM by looting an airdrop or a flare drop. Therefore, the possibility of AWM spawning on the map is zero.

AWM Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/AWM

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