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Are you wondering what the best PUBG Mobile thumbnails are? Here I will show you the top thumbnails that look cool. 

To express your appreciation for PUBG Mobile, you'll want to decorate your desktop or thumbnails with fantastic images. There is a background for everyone, whether you want something to show off the game's fighting or some artwork depicting the game's unique surroundings.

PUBG Mobile has hundreds of thumbnails to select from, but finding the best might be difficult. There are a lot of great PUBG thumbnails out there, and that's where our collection comes in. It's time to put down the phone and get back to playing PUBG Mobile instead of searching the web for the right background.

15. The Dark Force 

Following that is a spooky-looking image. The man has a Level 3 helmet with broken glass on his face. This demonstrates that he has overcome adversity and come out on top. The flames depict the scene in the background. Applying this thumbnail will give your profile a more edgy appearance.

Why The Dark Force Is Awesome?

  • Spooky-looking image
  • It gives a dark vibe
  • Give a tough look

Download Link: https://www.gamersdecide.com/sites/default/files/authors/u157109/23.jpg 

14. GasMask Shooter 

He is dressed in a gas mask, a leather jacket, and a hat that gives him a stealthy appearance. The rifle demonstrates his self-assurance slung over his shoulder. If you use this photo as your desktop thumbnail, your profile will seem sharp.

Why GasMask Shooter Is Awesome?

  • Dressed in a gas mask
  • Stealthy appearance
  • Using this profile will seem sharp

Download Link: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-QE0-39JVpRs/YDpgusd771I/AAAAAAAAADs/dvrGkLVmz3YbFayA03qn1eQT10DAbPAMgCLcBGAsYHQ/s1920/5_Png%2Bby%2BMILAN%2BGFX.png 

13. Laser Killer 

The Laser man follows, with Scar in hand, ready to point his laser gun at the intruders. He can see opponents from several hundred yards because of his Lasor eyesight. Your next thumbnail should be an undercover character who can shoot evil characters with laser-sharp vision. An artistic and adventurous atmosphere will emerge from your profile by doing this.

Why Laser Killer Is Awesome?

  • He has a laser gun
  • Has the ability to see opponents from a distance
  • Laser-sharp vision

Download Link: https://www.gamersdecide.com/sites/default/files/authors/u157109/20.jpg 

12. The Avian Tyrant 

In the 14th season of PUBG Mobile's Royal Pass, the Avian Tyrant set is a well-known character. On the character's shoulder is an M4 rifle with his target list of foes pointed out. Enemies will know you're watching them if you use this thumbnail as your PUBG profile picture.

Why The Avian Tyrant Is Awesome?

  • A well-known character
  • Uses m4 rifle
  • A famous character

Download Link: https://images.hdqwalls.com/download/avian-tyrant-pubg-4k-yk-2932x2932.jpg 

11. Sniper Specialist 

Next up, we have the Sniper expert on the roster. He'll keep firing headshots at you from afar. Using his sniper rifle, he may quickly locate you and inflict significant damage on you.

Players can show off their deadly sniper skills with this thumbnail. He can't miss his targets because he has an excellent shot. Other players will avoid a long-range fight with you if you have this type of thumbnail.

Why Sniper Specialist Is Awesome?

  • Sniper expert
  • Players can show off their deadly sniper skills
  • Excellent shot

Download Link: https://skillinked.com/images/news/content/pubg-roles-leader.jpg 

10. The Stranger 

Strangers can't see him because he's a crazy genius. In the end, he conquers the land and leaves the killing unabated. As soon as they see this thumbnail, they'll be unable to compete with you the following time.

Why The Stranger Is Awesome?

  • A crazy genius
  • Conquers the land and leaves
  • Rivals are unable to compete with you

Download Link: https://www.gamersdecide.com/sites/default/files/authors/u157109/16.jpg 

9. Trinity Warrior 

His attackers were discreetly executed by an unmasked gunman who used only a pistol and a silencer. This demonstrates your character's level of precision and clarity. You'll have a hard time getting anyone to be your enemy when they see this photo on your profile.

Why Trinity Warrior Is Awesome?

  • An unmasked gunman
  • He uses a pistol and a silencer
  • Level of precision and clarity

Download Link: https://images.wallpapersden.com/image/download/destiny-2-trinity-warriors_bGxramWUmZqaraWkpJRobWllrWdma2VnZWZubGdt.jpg 

8. The Dark Knight 

Create a logo for your character using this image. While others refer to it as the legendary horse, we prefer the name "Darknight." This is the perfect option for those who enjoy the look of a stealthy profile.

Why The Dark Knight Is Awesome?

  • Refer to it as the legendary horse
  • It looks like a stealthy profile
  • The perfect option

Download Link: https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/650697.jpg 

7. Escape Mask Guy

This is the guy who wears an "escape mask" next. When he invades the enemy territory, he can slay the enemy and escape unscathed. As this graphic represents your frightening demeanor, your adversaries will be terrified of you. Make this your next thumbnail in PUBG and watch your opponents die in terror.

Why Escape Mask Guy Is Awesome?

  • Has the ability to invade the enemy’s ground
  • Kills them while escaping successfully
  • Enemies will be scared

Download Link: https://www.gamersdecide.com/sites/default/files/authors/u157109/11.jpg 

6. Conqueror

One of the most elusive PUBG Mobile achievements is a conqueror. It is the most difficult PUBG Mobile character to obtain. Only the top 500 players in the world are eligible for this honor. Shows dedication to the game and skill set comparable to the best and most experienced players. Anyone who has played this game knows how awesome it is, and having it as a default position demonstrates that the player is both dangerous and talented.

Why Conqueror Is Awesome?

  • One of the most elusive PUBG Mobile achievements
  • The top 500 players in the world are eligible for this honor
  • Demonstrates that the player is both dangerous and talented.

Download Link: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/54/79/ff/5479ffe3eb0c38d1d97f1b05a5536152.png 

5. Ninja Woman

The women of the Ninja community are now the next group to be discussed. She's a professional shooter who's also good at defending herself and her fellow crew members. This thumbnail is an excellent choice for the female gamers that play PUBG for their character's DP.

Why Ninja Woman Is Awesome?

  • A professional shooter
  • Also good at defending herself
  • An excellent choice for female players 

Download Link: https://wallpx.com/image/2021/06/woman-character-mask-playerunknowns-battlegrounds-ninja-pubg-japan-skin.jpg 

4. The Wrench Guy 

To frighten your opponents, this thumbnail is for you. The enemy will be frightened by the wrench mask and skeleton crew behind them. They'll do whatever they can to avoid you. Make this your new profile picture and show the world who you are.

Why The Wrench Guy Is Awesome?

  • Scare the opponents
  • Opponents won’t want to mess with you at any cost
  • Skeleton crew in the background

Download Link: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/85/fa/23/85fa23403198f5bf35d410fdc7d9d14b.jpg 

3. The Golden Man 

With this in mind, you should consider using this as your character's profile picture. A stylized animation depicts the game's first playable character. One of our favorites, and we highly recommend it to you as well. Using this as your default background picture, your profile will have a more polished appearance.

Why The Golden Man Is Awesome?

  • A stylized animation
  • The favorite one
  • Highly recommended

Download Link: https://w0.peakpx.com/wallpaper/518/941/HD-wallpaper-golden-pubg-el-heart-hearts-hearts-man-mushroom-mushrooms-pink-super-toad.jpg 

2. The Glowing Dragon

One of the most spectacular thumbnails a player may use is the luminous dragon. The dragon is a legendary beast revered for its strength and majesty. An instantaneous death can be achieved by spouting fire from the dragon's mouth. To your fellow players, this thumbnail will serve as a visual reminder that you are a ruthless assassin capable of dispatching your opponents instantly.

Why The Glowing Dragon Is Awesome?

  • Most spectacular thumbnail
  • Shows strength and majesty
  • Capable of dispatching your opponents in an instant

Download Link: https://www.gamersdecide.com/sites/default/files/authors/u157109/dp_6.jpg 

1. Ninja 

It is a thumbnail that anyone in the game can use. This thumbnail depicts a Ninja's character. One of the most defining characteristics of a ninja is how quickly they dispatch their foes. Using this DP, a player can instantly demonstrate his stealth mastery and dispatch his adversaries. This thumbnail will leave an impression on everybody who sees it.

Why Ninja Is Awesome?

  • Anyone in the game can use it
  • Depicts a ninja's character
  • It will leave an impression on everybody who sees it

Download Link: https://yt3.ggpht.com/ytc/AKedOLQVB2O9bQDT5-15QfERxfrMqTMwPS3P2muBVwvm=s900-c-k-c0x00ffffff-no-rj 


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