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Ever wondered what it is to see a montage? Well, we've compiled some of the best montages from around the world to help you learn.

PUBG Mobile, despite facing many challenges, is still the top-grossing game. It is one of the best games of the decade. As you know, PUBG Players and the Community is growing very fast. Every day new players are coming. As you know, recently lots of talented PUBG Players participated in PUBG Official Leagues or Tournaments and performed very well. So nowadays, everyone started his YouTube channel and showing glorious skills.

Nowadays, Esport organizations are popping players from all over the world, even from the small countries also. As you know, PUBG Mobile is a very fast-growing game worldwide, especially in Asia. It was released in 2018, and now it has around 800 million-plus users. 

In today's article, we will be discussing the best PUBG Mobile montages that can be beneficial for you. How? They can help you learn tactics and strategies that will help you conquer your enemies and kill them instantly.


10. 5 Fingers + Gyroscope | PUBG MOBILE Montage

5 Fingers + Gyroscope | PUBG MOBILE Montage

On the number 10th spot, we have the montage of the player SynzX. He posted the video on Sep 11, 2021. The video has around 109,311 views. It is one of the best montages of PUBG Mobile and is ideal for gyro players. 

The video is beneficial for us in many ways that can help us in different tactics. One of the best things that we can learn from the video is how calm and controlled he is throughout his clutches. He manages to clutch on his enemies even when his teammates are knocked down or dead. 

We can see different kinds of plays in this video, such as 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, and 1v4. The main thing to be focused on is that we should remain calm and cool minded throughout the game to ace our enemies.


9. Safari Best Beat Sync | PUBG Mobile Montage

Safari Best Beat Sync | PUBG Mobile Montage

On number 9, we have a TDM remix with beat sync. The objective of displaying this movie is to demonstrate that these sorts of films do well on YouTube and can effectively attract a large audience. It's difficult for a creator to create a beat-synchronized video.

We can see the M24 and AR beat-sync montage in this video. You will not get bored viewing this film due to its excitement. It simply fits the song's rhythm. Therefore, have a look at the video, where you're guaranteed to see some of the most acceptable AR and Sniping kills in TDM.


8. World's Fastest Beat Sync Montage Ever | Magenta Riddim PUBG Mobile Montage

World's Fastest Beat Sync Montage Ever | Magenta Riddim PUBG Mobile Montage

On the number 8 spot, we have the fasted beat sync montage of PUBG Mobile posted by the YouTuber Siddha Gaming. It is a TDM special montage in which the player utilizes different weapons and kills his enemies in various ways using other spots and techniques. The main thing that we can learn from this montage is how calm and controlled he is during the play. How is this beneficial to you? Well, remaining calm and relaxed throughout the game can help you get the best out of your game and aim better at your enemies.


7. Top Kills in PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile Montage

Top Kills in PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile Montage

This video is a collection of famous PUBG Mobile kills. He uploaded it to the Gaming Scoop YouTube channel. We can witness various types of kills in this video, including grenade kills, AR kills, and SMG kills. This YouTuber mostly plays squad mode and is considered a PUBG Mobile professional. He has amassed a following in Pakistan and India.

The gamer has shared screenshots of his gaming on several maps. One of my favorite’s kills by this guy is when he eliminated all the attackers that attempted to rush on him and kill him with a car. This player has various kills to his credit, including long-range, close-range, and medium-range kills.

To my mind, the kills accomplished by this YouTuber can help you understand how to rush and battle adversaries while in a car. He demonstrated his excellent skills by rushing at his enemies.




On the number 6 spot, we have the PUBG Mobile Montage posted by the YouTuber Mafia Ninja. The video has approximately 58k views. In this video, the player has showcased some of his best kills in which he kills his enemies in style. 

We can see different kinds of play in this video, such as fighting in the zone, prone fighting, rushing on enemies, and killing enemies without noticing. If you want to know the techniques for surviving in zones and killing enemies, this is your go-to video.




On the number 5 spot, we have the PUBG Mobile sync montage posted by the player RyLoZ. The video has 1,402,622 views and still growing. This montage is mainly a sync montage video of TDM: Warehouse. In this video, the player uses M24 to kill his enemies. This video is for the players who love to use M24 and showcase their skills to other players and kill them instantly.


4. PUBG Mobile Kill Compilation | Fast Kills & Intense Moments

PUBG Mobile Kill Compilation | Fast Kills & Intense Moments

He uploaded this video to the TalkToHand channel on YouTube. The gamer demonstrated single versus team circumstances in this video. The player has utilized various weapons to dispatch his adversaries, including the AR, DMR and SMG. He rushed his adversaries even though he was playing alone against the team. Such gameplay requires a great deal of skill and practise.

The guy can be seen charging at his adversaries and scoring some spectacular kills. The player's most thrilling kills occur while he is on the rooftop of Pochinki. Because the majority of players are unaware of the rooftop technique, they are easily eliminated. TalkToHand is one of the most remarkable players in PUBG Mobile because he kills his opponents instantly and avoids needless rushes.

We can learn from this video that regardless of the scenario, one should always remain focused and calm since a player who sweats and panics can never conquer a solo vs squad situation. To defeat your adversaries, you must constantly maintain focus and a level mind.




On the number 3 spot, we have the competitive montage of a Pakistani YouTuber, Baba OP. The video has around 61k views and still growing in popularity. This montage is a competitive skill showcase; we can learn about different things, such as taking cover, observing and killing the enemies. If you are looking to learn about competitive gameplay, this is the video for you.


2. Noob to Pro Journey PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile Motivational Video

Noob to Pro Journey PUBG Mobile | PUBG Mobile Motivational Video

It is a motivational video for most of the players. This video shows the journey of the player DEVILFTW GAMING. The video has 1,593,005 views. This video highlights the part of our community that how a new player is harshly treated and kicked from lobbies, no one likes to play with a noob.

This video shows that when he was a new player and a noob one no one wanted to play with him, and after a lot of dedication and hard work, the player got better and became a professional gamer. Now, everyone wants to play with him and help him get better. The moral of this video is that you should not lose hope just because some people don't approve of you.


1. Clutch by Tacaz / PUBG Montage

Clutch by Tacaz / PUBG Montage

This video is about the game's most renowned and accomplished players. This video contains Tacaz gameplay. He is an authority on PUBGM and has a sizable fan base. He has demonstrated to the globe and established himself as one of the top PUBG gamers. We can watch Tacaz's excellent gameplay in this video, in which he performs 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, and 1v8.

The most thrilling aspect of this video is how effortlessly Tacaz can dispatch his adversaries without realizing what hit them. Texas is one of the quickest PUBG players and maybe a nightmare to deal with. He has become an idol for a large number of gamers worldwide. His solo vs squad gameplays can teach us a lot about how to dominate our opponents.


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