[Top 10] PUBG Mobile Best Upgradable Skins

PUBG, Scenic Hero, Solo, Character
PUBG, Scenic Hero, Solo, Character

Are you wondering what are the best upgradeable skins of PUBG Mobile? This article will be discussing the best skins of PUBG Mobile.

Regarding smartphone battle royale games, PUBG Mobile is right up there with the best. Graphically, the game is stunning, and it features a wide variety of powerful weapons. One of the most notable features is a wide variety of skins for firearms that are both functional and stylish.

The PUBG Mobile weapon upgrade system is fantastic. Players can obtain new opponent death crates, effects, and kill feed remarks with this mechanism. Top 10 Upgradable Gun Skins in PUBG Mobile are Discussed.

10. Glacier M416

Glacier M416, PUBG Mobile

Glacier M416 is the favorite skinnable gun among PUBG Mobile players. You may find the gun in the game's original crates. You can go up to level 7 with your pistol skin by upgrading it in the workshop. If you upgrade the gun skin, you'll gain access to several new features, like a kill message and the ability to create a unique death crate for your enemies. The On-Hit Effect is an excellent addition to this skin that can be upgraded. Sparks will fly from the enemy's flesh whenever you fire your weapon, thanks to a glowing effect.

Glacier M416 Details: https://zilliongamer.com/uploads/pubg-mobile/weapon/type/ar/m416/skin/glacier-m416-big.jpg 

9. Blood And Bones M16A4

Blood And Bones M16A4, PUBG Mobile

The Blood And Bones M16A4 skin is another fantastic upgradeable weapon in PUBG Mobile. When the gun is fully leveled up to 7, it gains a skeleton overlaying its body.

The kill feed message animation in Blood and Bones M16A4 is superb. After Glacier M416, this skin is the only firearm to include the "On-Hit Effect." There is a possibility that this gun will return in future PUBG Mobile patches.

Blood And Bones M16A4 Details: https://pubgskinseller.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Blood-Bones-M16A4.png 

8. Field Commander AWM

Field Commander AWM, PUBG Mobile

When fully upgraded, this Field Commander AWM skin looks great and is one of the best in PUBG Mobile. The kill feed message is stylish, and the pistol is beautiful. The Field Commander AWM is an excellent enemy loot crate and can be upgraded to level 7. The firearm is temporarily removed from the game but may be reinstated in a future patch.

Field Commander AWM Details: https://pubgskinseller.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Field-Commander-AWM.png 

7. Fool's M416

Fool's M416, PUBG Mobile

The Fool's M416 skin is the only one in PUBG Mobile that is themed to a specific character. This skin for the M416 is among the most attractive options available.

One of the best parts of this skin is the joker face animation that plays after an enemy is killed and their container is opened. Additionally, a tongue can be seen protruding from the gun skin when it is upgraded to level 6 and given the name "Fool's Surprise." The lone legendary skin for a firearm in PUBG Mobile is the Fool's M416.

Fool's M416 Details: https://media.sketchfab.com/models/4a800a0f996146e4882cf46a4198737c/thumbnails/0f3862a6568a46d482a847a8e7795bfa/dead52335d6546c597afd270280668b1.jpeg 

6. Terror Fang Kar98K

Terror Fang Kar98K, PUBG Mobile

Here we have the final skin for a weapon. In PUBG Mobile, the Terror Fang Kar98K skin is among the most exclusive cosmetic items you can acquire. This skin for the gun is infrequent, and only a few players in the game have it. Godzilla statue is perched atop the enemy death box in Terror Fang Kar98K.

Terror Fang Kar98K Details: https://bgmiskins.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Terror-Fang-Kar98K.png 

5. L&Q Chicken M762

L&Q Chicken M762, PUBG Mobile

The L&Q Chicken is one of the most unusual skins, making her stick out from the crowd. According to its moniker, this skin transforms the M762 into a robotic chicken, with a barrel sticking out of its beak and a magazine attached to its neck. Initially exclusive to the Royal Pass, this skin has occasionally appeared in the shop. It's one of the most coveted items in the game due to how uncommon it is.

L&Q Chicken M762 Details: https://pixiehuge.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/9/1/109139679/1557549735463_orig.png 

4. Bit Unicorn M762

Bit Unicorn M762, PUBG Mobile

We also recommend the 8-Bit Unicorn skin for the M762. This skin is meant to be a bit more humorous than the rest of the options in the game.

Gradually, as this gun progresses through its upgrade tiers, it will be decorated with more colorful pixel art until it is completely covered. The weapon's rear also undergoes a radical visual transformation, adopting a squared-off design in contrast to the rounded appearance of the other skins. You should get this skin if you want one that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Bit Unicorn M762 Details: https://pubgskinseller.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/8-bit-Unicorn-M762.png 

3. Draconian Champion M16A4

Draconian Champion M16A4, PUBG Mobile

Although it's not the most complex skin here, Draconian Champion still looks fantastic. Dissecting this weapon won't take long. It's just an M16A4 with a gold dragon skin slapped over it. This skin demonstrates that gimmicky flourishes are unnecessary for a high-quality appearance.

Draconian Champion M16A4 Details: https://zilliongamer.com/uploads/pubg-mobile/weapon/type/ar/m16a4/skin/draconian-champion-m416.jpg 

2. Mauve Avenger AWM

Mauve Avenger AWM, PUBG Mobile

The Mauve Avenger is another uncomplicated skin, evolving from a simple purple light above a purple base weapon to a more colorful LED pattern covering the entire gun as it is upgraded. Considering snipers are so common in PUBG Mobile, the Mauve Avenger AWM is an excellent choice.

Mauve Avenger AWM Details: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/41y1qSgTtjQ/maxresdefault.jpg 

1. Desert Fossil AKM

Desert Fossil AKM, PUBG Mobile

The Desert Fossil skin for the AKM is patterned after dragon bones. This skin's design is reminiscent of the Draconian Champion skin, but its beige and brown color set it apart. Though it's a relatively straightforward design, the Desert Fossil AKM skin is a top pick for this weapon.Desert Fossil AKM Details:https://pubgskinseller.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Desert-Fossil-AKM.png

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