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Discover some of the best kill montages of PUBG Mobile performed by some of the best players of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile has become a competitive game in which every player is trying to showcase his talent in many different ways. Some people are experts in long-range combats. Some are experts in close ranges. But, the exciting thing that many people wish to have is to be an expert in almost all range combats. 

I can confidently say that there are very few renowned players that are the best in PUBG Mobile. So, how will we identify the best player? Well, PUBG Mobile has become a source of earnings for many players. Everyone has their gaming channel on which they upload montages, streams, and everything. 

In this article, I will show you some of the best kill montages that I've seen. These montages will make you watch more of their videos, and if you look carefully, they'll even teach you some tactics you should use during a fight. So, let us get started:


10. No Excuses | PUBG Mobile Montage

No Excuses | PUBG Mobile Montage

This video was posted on YouTube by Franky Gamer 787. He can be considered as one of the most flexible players in India. In this montage, we can see him showing us some of his brilliant clutches on different maps. I watch his videos to learn how he tackles a challenging objective, such as performing a 1v4 against good players. 

In this montage, we see how Franky clutches when his teammates are down and doesn't rush to revive them. As many of us would do, we prioritize reviving our teammates rather than trying to fight. What this does is that while we're rushing towards our teammate to revive him most of the time, we take a lot of damage that makes it easier for the enemy to rush and kill us without even thinking about losing. 

Franky can be seen clutching over his enemies in Erangle, Sanhok, and Vikendi. We can see that he clutches mainly without his teammates. Franky utilizes all kinds of weapons AR, SMGs, Snipers beautifully. The best part I liked about this montage was how naturally he was using Kar98k in close range. What do you guys think?


9. Soul Mortal All 1 vs. 4 Moments

Soul Mortal All 1 vs. 4 Moments

This montage was posted on YouTube by Blue Iron. This montage features Soul Mortal, the renowned player of India. Let me tell you about Mortal first. 

  • He is the first YouTuber who used a mobile device (IPad) for streaming.
  • He Is (Team Soul) winner of the India series (2019) and Winner of the PMCO Region Final.
  • Mortal Make Highest Live Stream Viewer Watching Record - 135k Watching 
  • Mortal Became the Fan Favorite Player of 2019.

In this montage, the creator has shown us some of the best clutches of Soul Mortal. Most of the time, his teammates are knocked, and we can see how calmly he handles the situations. This montage is only 1v4 based, so you won't see his teammates helping him often. 

Mortal can be considered a recoil controlling machine as his guns never seem to have any recoil. As we can see, Mortal doesn't rush on other players unnecessarily. He examines the situation and waits for the perfect moment, and Boom!! He clutches on them when they expect the least. 


8. TOP 5 KILLS | PUBG Mobile


This video was posted on YouTube by Izzo. Izzo is a professional verified gamer on YouTube. Izzo has almost 1M subscribers, and I consider him a creative player.  The montage consists of his 5 top kills. The part that I loved the most about this montage was when he didn't rush on the enemy as he knew he was taking TPP on him at the roof of Squad House. So, he just ran through the wall and killed him from behind. 

The enemy didn't notice a bit. Izzo is one of the finest players that can utilize almost any weapon that you give him. He is one of the most impressive players of the PUBG Mobile game because he is not afraid to fight in any situation. The way to victory is to be calm and cool-headed, and Izzo seems to be pretty calm. 




On the number 7th video of our list, I will be changing the situation. We will now be seeing a montage of only sniping performed by a renowned player of India, Dynamo. His sniping skills are just out of this world, and he can crush your head if you peak in front of him. So, I will give you a pro-tip if you see Dynamo in your lobby and see that he has a sniper. Run for your life.




On the number 6th position, we have Panda. One of my favorite players. This player doesn't seem to be scared of absolutely anything. Even if you take a dropped weapon in a fight against him, he will kill you. Panda is one of the most well-known streamers of YouTube. He has over 10M subscribers. His fighting skills are just exceptional.

This video shows how easily he destroys the squad without even waiting for the opportunity. He takes a gun and starts rushing towards the enemy without a single doubt in his mind. I am a huge fan of his close combats. As you can see in the video, his aim never seems to miss. You can learn a lot of strategies and tactics just by watching this damn player play. 


5. 5 Fingers + Gyroscope | PUBG MOBILE Montage

5 Fingers + Gyroscope | PUBG MOBILE Montage

Synzx posted this video on his YouTube channel. In this montage, we can see a lot of close, middle, and long-range fights. I chose this montage because it can be beneficial for you guys to learn about peak and fire by seeing this player play. He is an underrated player that plays exceptionally well under any circumstances. He plays with five finger controls and a full gyro. If you want to be inspired by a player, then he is your top choice.


4. A Pakistani Better Than Chinese?? PUBG Mobile Montage

A Pakistani Better Than Chinese?? PUBG Mobile Montage

On the 4th number, I have presented you guys with a slow-motion version of a montage. This video was posted by a Pakistani YouTuber named skiNNN. This video shows the gameplay of different maps such as Erangle, Sanhok, and Vikendi. This player is a perfect example of skill and talent. His reflex game is solid and can be a nightmare if you encounter a battle against him. 




This montage is one of the most special montages that you'll ever see. In this montage, the player describes his journey from being a mediocre player to a player that has become a nightmare for others. He is a true example of dedication, hard work, and struggle. If you want to learn something about the struggle, then he is your number one choice. 

In this video, he silently tells you the importance of GYRO settings and how it changed his game completely when he switched to the gyro. This montage shows the player's skillset and shows how he handles difficult situations such as 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, and 1v4.

(Pro Tip: Always keep your Gyroscope always on.)


2. Safari Best Beat Sync Edit PUBG Mobile Montage

Safari Best Beat Sync Edit PUBG Mobile Montage

On number 2, we have a beat sync TDM version edit. The purpose of showing this video is that these types of videos perform well on YouTube and can be a way to gather a lot of audiences. It is challenging for a creator to make a beat sync video. 

In this video, we can see the M24 and AR beat-sync montage. You will not get bored while watching this video as it is exciting. It just goes with the flow of the song. So, have a look at the video, and I'm sure you'll be seeing some of the best AR and Sniping kills of TDM.




Finally, on the number one spot, we have a montage from YouTuber: LOKOPOKO. It is one of the best montages because it shows the struggles of becoming a conqueror. It shows how you have to deal with situations and what happens when you fight with a hacker. PUBG Mobile is a game that is attached to our emotions, and if we don't perform well enough when we're dreaming of the Conqueror title, we cannot achieve it.

In this montage, the player has shown great success in killing players and other squads with the help of his teammates. Always remember the proper way to victory in PUBGM is through appropriate communication and team play. Otherwise, you'll always end up on the losing side. 

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