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Discover some of the best emotes that are awesome in this article. So, let us get started:

Emotes are animations of your player/character used as a form of communication and entertainment, like using a dancing emote after taking an enemy down. In PUBG, emotes are pretty fun to use in-game and have become an integral part of the game. Communication is critical in games such as PUBG, and while voice chat is the best option for this, not all of us are blessed with a decent microphone for this practice. 

Thankfully though, PUBG is still very much playable without this function, and the ability to communicate is facilitated through emotes. While these are usually funny dances or novelties in other games, PUBG makes these emotes simple and effective means of communicating simple messages.

It may be a simple greeting to a teammate when you land, agreeing or disagreeing with something your partner has said, thanking a partner for giving you loot, or saving your ass. Or maybe it's applauding someone for an outstanding play. You wouldn't think all these things would be possible without a text chat or microphone but believe us, and you can. Here we will be discussing the top 10 PUBG Mobile emotes that are awesome.


10. Yibli Emote

Yibli Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Yibli emote one of the OG emotes of PUBG Mobile. It has recently gained the attention of players worldwide and has become one of the top-grossing emote PUBG Mobile. It is used mainly when you kill an enemy and want to taunt him while he spectates you.


9. Vampire Emote

Vampire Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Vampire emote is one of the most liked to emote of PUBG Mobile. The Vampire emote was introduced as an additional feature of the vampire outfit. It is mainly used to say my pleasure when others thank you or bow down to other players.


8. Gunslinger Emote

Gunslinger Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Gunslinger emote is one of the uncommon emotes of PUBG Mobile. The gunslinger emote came along the gunslinger set. It is to be used to show off your gun skills and tell others that there is no match for you when it comes to utilizing the best weapons.


7. The Mummy Emote

The Mummy Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Mummy emote alongside the mummy outfit during the Pharoah X Suit Event of PUBG Mobile. It is one of the rarest emotes of PUBG Mobile as not every player can afford it. It is used to show off that you own a mummy set with a unique mummy emote.


6. Dystopian Survivor Emote

Dystopian Survivor Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Dystopian Survivor emote is a unique emote that came along with the Dystopian outfit. It is not commonly seen in PUBG Mobile as most of the players don't own it. It is used to show that you can survive alone without the help of others and are capable of taking down enemies without getting yourself killed.


5. Glacier Emote

Glacier Emote. PUBG Mobile

The Glacier emote is a unique and awaited emote of PUBG Mobile as it came alongside the glacier set. The glacier set is rare and liked because of the M416 Glacier upgradeable gun skin. The Glacier emote is unique and has a sassy touch to it that many players love.


4. The Fool Emote

The Fool Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Fool emotes of PUBG Mobile are one of the rarest and most unique emotes. It is loved because of the M416 Upgradeable skin that is the M416 Fool. It comes along the Fool Set. It is widely used by the players that don't like the glacier skin of M416, and they mock other players using this emote.


3. The Honorable Warrior Emote

The Honorable Warrior Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Honorable Warrior Emote is one of the sassiest emotes of the game PUBG Mobile as it is one with the unique movement and is used to show that the player can kill any enemy without having fear for his death.


2. The Invader Emote

The Invader Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Invader emote of PUBG Mobile is the rarest emote of PUBG Mobile. It can be alongside the Invader set but got popularity amongst the Godzilla supporters as it shows the emote to be a more aggressive type.


1. Sea Serpent Emote

Sea Serpent Emote, PUBG Mobile

The Sea Serpent Emote is a vicious type of emote that came along the Sea Serpent Set. It is one of the most challenging sets to get as it came in the crates. The sea serpent emote is fantastic as it shows that you are a vicious and aggressive fighter that will haunt its enemies in water and on land. There is no place to run and hide from his enemies.


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