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best PUBG mobile avatars
Pharaoh, the best upgradeable suit avatar.

Which avatar is the best to use in PUBG Mobile?

Many of us wonder what the use of avatars in PUBG is and how they can benefit us. Avatars in PUBG have different meanings, and you have to do some missions and achievements to unlock these avatars. Avatars are locked. Very few of the avatars are made available to us for free.

If you have ever wondered how we can unlock the desired avatar in PUBG, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will guide you about the PUBG Mobile best avatars and how to unlock these avatars. Read the article if you want to know about the best avatars of PUBG Mobile.

1. Conqueror Avatar

Conqueror Legendary Avatar

One of the most important avatars in PUBG Mobile is the conqueror avatar. The conqueror avatar is considered a legendary avatar in PUBG. Conqueror avatar is one of the hardest avatars to achieve in PUBG. To get a conqueror avatar, you have to work hard and achieve the title of a conqueror. This avatar is considered awesome because it gives a good impression to others and makes them know that you are a professional in playing the game.

2. Marshal Avatar

Ban Master, Marshal Avatar

Marshal avatar can be easy to get, but you have to pay for your life in-game. How? To get the marshal avatar, you need to be killed by a hacker or cheater of the PUBG Mobile game to report that player.

It can only be achieved by reporting a player that is cheating in-game. If verified by PUBG Mobile that the player was cheating and your report is authentic. PUBG Mobile grants you the avatar of Marshal. This avatar lets other players know that you do not tolerate hacking.

3. Samurai Ops Avatar

Royal Pass Season 15, Samurai Ops Avatar

According to me, the best avatar of PUBG Mobile is the samurai ops avatar. I like it because it has a cool detailed picture of a samurai. You can only get this avatar by completing Royal Pass missions. To complete the royal pass mission, you have to purchase a PUBM season royal pass.

It is awesome and most liked by the players that love samurai. It shows other players that you have purchased the royal pass and are on your way to get a mythic outfit.

4. Night Terror Avatar

Royal Pass Season 16, Night Terror Avatar

Night terror avatar has gained the attention of many PUBGM players because it showcases horror and terror. Many players don’t know how to unlock this avatar. It can only be unlocked if you have purchased the season 5 royal pass of PUBG.

5. Reaper Avatar

Scaring and Rare Reaper Avatar

Reaper avatar is very rare in PUBG Mobile. It is rare because it was released in the third season of PUBG when there were not many players in the game. Reaper avatar is awesome because it shows that you are a vintage player playing the game since its release. 

Vintage players have more skills and know-how about the game. Using a reaper avatar as your game avatar can let the other players know that you are an old gamer and can give them a tough competition.

6. White Tiger

The Brave and Challenging, White Tiger Avatar

White tiger avatar is one of the most unique and liked avatars of the game. The tiger depicts that you are brave and skilled enough to survive and conqueror the game. It can only be achieved by getting crew points by playing crew challenge and then using those coins to buy an avatar from the crew shop.

7. Skateboarder

Fun and Crazy, Skateboarder Avatar

The skateboarder avatar is amazing, a custom avatar provided by PUBGM. It has no hidden meaning, and it can be purchased from the BP shop. But, to purchase it you need to spend some BP in the shop.

8. Roaring Dragon Avatar

Rare and Well-Liked Roaring Dragon Avatar

The roaring dragon avatar is the rare avatar of PUBG Mobile. It is from the royal pass of season 5. Not many players played the game from season 5 because the game got hype after season 7. Equipping and using this avatar shows that you are an OG.

9. Anniversary Avatar

Royal Pass Season 6, Anniversary Avatar

PUBG awarded the anniversary avatar after the game was completed one year after its launch. It was gifted to the players that had played the game from season 1- 6. It shows the love and respect that PUBG has for its players.

10. The Fool Avatar

Joker Fans Special, The Fool Avatar

The fool avatar is one of the most desired and used avatar of PUBG Mobile. There are many fans of the joker and love to use its avatar. The fool avatar can only be purchased from the BP shop. To purchase it, you have to have a prime plus subscription. 

This avatar is famous because it shows that the player is just as surprising as the joker. He has many tricks under his sleeve and can give you a surprise when fighting in battle.

11. Godzilla Avatar

Godzilla Movie Special, Godzilla Avatar

Godzilla avatar was giving out to the players after they had completed some of the missions. Only the OG players have this avatar. It came out because of the collaboration of PUBG and the Movie Godzilla. Not many players have this avatar because the game was not that much famous.

This avatar is awesome because it shows that you are an OG and also that you love Godzilla. 

12. Stronghold Protector Avatar

Royal Pass Season 9 Special, Stronghold Protector Avatar

The stronghold protector avatar is considered the best because it is from the royal pass of season 9. It is considered one of the best royals passes that PUBG has ever produced. The stronghold avatar is famous because it shows that the players can hold their ground and give a tough time to their opponents like a dragon.

13. Sharpshooter Avatar

One-Shot Killer, Sharpshooter Avatar

One of the most desired avatars of PUBGM is the sharpshooter avatar. It is only achievable when a player possesses the good aiming and shooting skills of a sniper. If the player can kill the number of enemies with just one shot, he is awarded the sharpshooter avatar.

14. Elite Squad Ever Avatar

Legendary Squad Special, Elite Squad Avatar

The best squad ever avatar is awesome because it is awarded to you after you have played with your squad and have won the required number of games together, conquering the battlefield and giving tough time to your opponents.

15. April Fools Avatar

Direct pack purchase gift, April Fools Avatar

April fools' avatar is awesome because only a finite number of people have this avatar. After all, it was awarded to the players that had done direct purchases from the PUBG. As being a loyal customer and player, PUBG awarded them with this avatar.

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