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Are you wondering which teams are the best in the world? This article will be discussing the best PUBG Mobile Teams.

In 2022, the competitive PUBG scene will grow even more. To ensure that PUBG Esports provides its brand of unique entertainment, it will feature teams and players from all over the world. The competitive sport has grown as PUBG players and teams have competed in regional competitions to advance to the highest international leagues.

Since its release, PUBG Mobile has expanded from a mobile game to an esport. PUBG Mobile Esports has inspired a plethora of competitions, such as PIMCO, PMSC, PMCC, PMWL, and PEL. The best PUBG teams in the world are listed here. 

10. Team Weibo

Team Weibo, PUBG Mobile

If you've been keeping up with Pubg Mobile esports, you're familiar with ELG gaming. This group overcame XQF to first place at PMCO 2019 Berlin (Now Nova Esports). The same group, now known as Team Weibo, has been bought by Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site. This team is just as reliable as Nova Esports. Team Weibo won the regular season and invitational tournaments of the Peacekeeper Elite League 2021. Among the top PUBG teams in the world, this one stands out.

Team Weibo Achievements: Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 4-$,497,188

9. Zeus esports

Zeus esports, PUBG Mobile

Formerly of the PMCO's wildcard division, Zeus Esports is now competing professionally in South Asia. Godless, Zyol, Abely, Icy, Ronin, and Undakk are a few of the professional players who shone brightest at the PMGC Season 0 Finals. They earned a berth in the World Championship by victory in the PMCO Wildcard regular tournament. As a result of their third-place finish at PMGC, they won a whopping $100,000. The team has quickly moved to the top of the PUBG Mobile teams list.

Zeus esports Achievements: Mobile Pro Cup League Season 3-$3,502

8. Nova esports

Nova esports, PUBG Mobile

With their victory in PEL Season 2 of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, Nova Esports, also known as Nova XQF, proved their mettle (PMGC). Regarding PUBG Mobile Esports, Nova Esports is right up there with the best. Nova ESports is arguably the best-known PUBG Mobile esports organization. The PUBG Mobile Club Open winners: Spring Split 2019 global finals garnered media attention. After that, the team was unstoppable, dominating the scene and taking first place at many major PUBG Mobile competitions.

Nova esports Achievements: PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals-$1,530,000

7. The Infinity

The Infinity, PUBG Mobile

This Thai team made headlines as they took the $30,000 first-place prize from the third PMPL South Asia Championship season. Thanks to four chicken meals and nearly twice the kill point, this group won by more than 50 points over the runner-up. They performed admirably in the Pubg Mobile Pro League Thailand, coming in second and third in the league and playoffs.

The Infinity Achievements: PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals-$61,500

6. Alpha 7 Esports

Alpha 7 Esports, PUBG Mobile

In July 2020, the Brazilian PUBG Mobile powerhouse known as A7 eSports will enter the fray. The likes of Carrilho and SenaTexa will be joining the squad in 2021's first month. After finishing fifth in the PUBG Mobile Pro League S1 2021: Americas Championship, Team A7 esports won the PUBG Mobile Masters League S13: Americas Edition.

Alpha 7 Esports Achievements: PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals-  $64,500

5. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere, PUBG Mobile

One of the most prominent Ukrainian esports teams, Natus Vincere, competes in various competitive video games. When PUBG Mobile was founded in October 2020, they hired famous players like OldBoy and Glory as managers. Navi is undeniably one of the most dependable groups in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. As champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League, Season 1 2021: Europe, Middle East, and Africa, they have recently won a prize pool worth $40,000. Moreover, they finished in fourth place in the finals of season 0 of the Pubg Mobile Global Championship. They faced off against teams like Bigetron RA and RRQ Athena and were ultimately defeated.

Natus Vincere Achievements: PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals-$630,000

4. Frag- Gunz Official

Frag- Gunz Official, PUBG Mobile

The Iraqi squad Frag Gunz Official plays for Gunz Esports in PUBG Mobile. One of the most formidable squads in the Middle East and Africa region. Recently, this group placed second in the Pubg mobile Pro league: EMEA finals. As of 2020, Frag Gunz has also been crowned PMSC Arabia champions and PMPL Arabia champions.

Frag- Gunz official Achievements: PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Arabia 2020-$10,000

3. Team Queso

Team Queso, PUBG Mobile

The Spanish esports team Team Queso. In 2017, Lvaro "Alvaro845" Gonzalez established Team Queso, which made its esports debut on March 26 in PUBG Mobile under Gonzalez's leadership. This American squad is among the longest-running organisations in Pubg Mobile esports. The PUBG Mobile Pro League - Fall Split 2020: Americas finals were not the only major tournament in which Team Queso participated.

Team Queso Achievements: PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas Championship S2-$7,000

2. Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming, PUBG Mobile

A new addition to the PUBG Mobile eSports scene, Atlanta's Ghost Gaming has signed the Tempo Storm Ex roster. They put on a spectacular performance in the PMPL 2021 Spring Split, the conventional season, and ended up with the most points. They triumphed in the 2021 North American season finals and league tournament of the PUBG Mobile Pro League.

Ghost Gaming Achievements: PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: League-West- $37,613

1. Bigetron RA

Bigetron RA, PUBG Mobile

The Bigetron Esports Organization formed the Bigetron Red Aliens (RA) on May 28, 2018, to compete in the mobile version of the popular battle royale game. The best PUBG Mobile team in Indonesia is Bigetron RA. The team finished first in the regular season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League's second season in Indonesia. Their other victories include the PMPL Spring Split 2020: Indonesia and the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: East.

Bigetron RA Achievements: Ultimate Warrior Showdown-2021 $28,000

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