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Are you wondering what are the best FPS settings of PUBG? These settings will help you gain advantages over your enemies. 

Has poor graphics ever put you in a situation where your enemies may easily dispatch you because of it? Nice work; this is a terrific location to be. You'll need a wide range of skills and strategies to succeed in PUBG Mobile. Using visual settings correctly is equally as important as using them incorrectly.

PUBG Mobile's perfect visual settings have taken me a long time. Find the best settings for your mobile PUBG account right here on one page.

PUBG Mobile's graphics settings include FPS, Brightness, Graphic Style, and Gameplay, which must be tweaked to enjoy the game. This article will show you how to get the best graphics settings for PUBG Mobile.


15. PUBG Mobile Graphic Setting

I've discovered through trial and error that using high-end graphics settings doesn't make a difference. They drain a lot of battery and make your phone sluggish, making it difficult to rapidly aim or play the game.

Low graphics are preferable to high graphics. Graphics quality doesn't make much of a difference in the end. Only shadows, movement, and image quality are different.

You'll save battery, reduce lag, and protect your phone from overheating by decreasing your phone's graphics settings. Finally, you want to make sure that your game plays smoothly.

How to Apply Graphics Settings?

  • Go to PUBG Mobile Settings
  • Open Graphics Settings
  • At the top, you'll see smooth, HD, and HDR options. Select Smooth 


14. Anti-Aliasing Setting

Anti-aliasing won't help you if you don't have a gaming phone. Don't use it if you don't want it to deplete your battery.

Disabling anti-aliasing will allow you to play on your phone's battery and graphics for longer periods. There is no difference whether it is turned on or off; it is irrelevant. 

How to Apply Anti-Aliasing Setting?

  • Go to Setting
  • Go to graphic setting
  • In the general setting bar, the first option is anti-aliasing
  • Turn off anti-aliasing


13. PUBGM Graphic Style Setting

There is a Style option in PUBG Mobile. These alternatives are useful in a wide range of situations. Many people find the standard style to be unpleasant. PUBGM has provided many graphic styles preset to make things easier for users. They can tailor their experience to their preferences.

Certain scenarios benefit greatly from these settings. In fog, a simple trick can save a person's life. A good illustration of this is a movie. The movie-style technique makes it easier to locate and track down assailants in foggy weather.

How To Apply Style Settings?

  • Go to settings
  • Go to graphics settings
  • Scroll down below the Fps bar
  • Below the FPS bar, you can see the various options of style settings. 
  • Choose accordingly.


12. Auto Adjust Graphic Setting

Meanwhile, no one has a low-end gadget that can use this choice. Your gaming time will be in vain if this setting is activated.

Whenever our FPS dips too low, our graphics are immediately altered to compensate. To play the game, many players are forced to utilize a different fps setting than they prefer, making it difficult for them to play.

How to Apply Auto Adjust Graphic Setting?

  • Go to settings
  • Go to graphic settings.
  • In the general bar, scroll down, and at the end, you'll see auto-adjust graphics.
  • Turn off the Auto Adjust Graphics setting.


11. PUBGM Frame Rate Setting

Adjusting your game's frame rate will ensure that it performs at its best (FPS). An FPS might be useful when fighting or seeing an attacker. A player with a higher frame rate can easily take out a player with a lower frame rate.

It's simpler to see, aim, fire, and navigate when you have a higher FPS setting. Quickness is a function of the frame rate (fps). FPS settings on older devices are often lower.

How to Apply Frame Rate Setting?

  • Go to Setting
  • Open Graphics Settings
  • Below Graphic Bar, you will see the FPS setting. 
  • Select Extreme


10. Graphics Settings to Use During Fog

All of us have found ourselves in a situation where we couldn't see anything but our adversaries, who could see us and fire without missing their mark. Most gamers hide their settings behind a visual gimmick.

If there is a lot of fog in the game, you should utilize a separate visual type. You have a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find something that works well for you. There will be a brightness option once you've chosen the movie-style scroll. Reduce the Brightness of the tab by 30 percent.

In the fog, you will be able to see well and easily take on your adversaries, making you completely invulnerable.

How to Apply Graphics Settings to Use During Fog?

  • Go to Setting 
  • Go to the Graphics Options
  • Select Style Movie


9. High Frame Rate and Low Graphics

Now, I'm going to go over the most critical PUBGM setting. You can become a professional in no time if you use this setting. Most of us play the game with poor frame rates due to the graphical settings being set to ultra-high. This improves your graphics but degrades your gaming experience.

Because higher fps outperform lower fps, a low frame rate puts you at greater risk of being defeated by your opponents. Enemies can see and attack you before seeing them if your frame rate is too high. 

How to Apply Graphics Settings:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Graphics 
  • Choose Smooth Graphics

How to Apply High Frame Rate Settings:

  • Go to Settings 
  • FPS 
  • Choose High or Extreme Graphics


8. Damage Effect Setting

If you want to know if you're receiving damage, you can utilize the Damage Effect Setting. A lack of the best damaging effect setting leaves you open to defeat.

You can choose from various red, green, and yellow color schemes. You should select yellow because it does not compete with the grass, trees, and surrounding area's color scheme. It is possible to avoid being hit by an opponent or just by the zone.

How to Apply Damage Effect Setting:

  • Go to setting
  • Go to Effect setting
  • At the top, select effect
  • Choose the desired color


7. Optimize Brightness

If you're playing in a fog map, you'll want to turn the Brightness down because it will have the opposite effect.

It helps in the detection and removal of adversaries more quickly and accurately.

How to Apply Optimize Brightness:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Graphics Option
  • Scroll to Brightness


6. Non-Standard Screen Setting

Customize the Non-standard screen setup to your preference. Setting the opacity to 50% will fill the full screen if your phone has a notch display.

You don't have to worry about the dreaded black bezels when choosing the right screen size for your phone.

How to Apply Non-Standard Screen Setting:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Graphics Option
  • Scroll to Brightness 
  • Turn it to 50


5. Best Combination of Graphics Settings

The most important choice in the game is located right here. Using this option is the best method to get better at golf. As a result, lag is eliminated, and gameplay is smooth and uninterrupted.

You'll get better results if you play with the smooth> Extreme> Classic graphics set. Using this can help you get the most out of your gaming experience. In terms of performance, there isn't a perceptible lag or freeze.

How to Apply Best Combination of Graphics Settings:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Graphics 
  • Choose Smooth Graphics


4. Device Settings for PUBG Mobile

PUBGM was a popular target for hackers for a long time because of the ease they could gain access to it. Many of the game's features have been improved through the efforts of programmers and hackers. IOS and Android devices are vastly different when it comes to gameplay.

Most people agree that one of the best ways to enjoy PUBG Mobile is on an iOS smartphone. It's impossible to play games on an Android phone or tablet. With the help of programs like GFX, this can now be done more easily and more quickly.

Streamlines the game's performance by tweaking the phone's settings. If you're detected cheating in PUBG Mobile, your account will be suspended.

How to Apply Device Settings for PUBG Mobile?

  • Download any GFX app
  • Open App
  • Select desired to set for FPS
  • Run the game.


3. Shadows: Very Low/Low

Adding character and depth to a scene with Very Low/Low Shadows can be time-consuming and even cause a game to stall on older hardware. Even on high-end systems, this may create stuttering. As a result, most people choose to keep it at a moderate or low level.

If the shadows are broad or deep, they can also obscure or hide other players, especially those thrown over. This is easy to see in areas with many trees or the windows of buildings.

Some low-end devices lagging or showing glitches can cause you to lose games in the worst conceivable manner if this setting is turned on.

How To Apply Shadow Setting?

  • Before all, open the PUBG app.
  • After that, use the up arrow icon at the bottom
  • Open PUBG Settings.
  • Make a click on the Graphics tab.
  • Slide the switch in the Shadows section to the right.


2. High SFX On High-End Devices Setting

On low-end devices, SFX should be maintained to a minimum. But high-end smartphones and tablet PCs allow gamers to play without worrying about their devices overheating or slowing down.

High-quality sound effects, such as those from footsteps or planes, are easier to hear on newer smartphones with good sound quality.

How to Apply High SFX on High-End Devices Setting?

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Audio Settings
  • Tick the High SFX setting option


1. Crosshair Setting

Even this seemingly insignificant change can make a big difference when you're playing as a more aggressive player. There aren't many people who know about this setting.

The proper color crosshair arrangement might make it simpler to spot and destroy enemies. Crosshairs come in a wide variety of colors, like trees and grass. Crosshairs look best in white or red.

How to Apply Crosshair Setting?

  • Go to settings
  • Go to scope setting
  • Choose the desired color

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