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Are you wondering what the best kills compilations of PUBG Mobile are? Well, discover the best compilations here in this article.

Has anyone here ever fantasized about what it would feel like to be able to murder your opponents while simultaneously videotaping the experience? Many YouTubers have shown off their skills. Kill compilation videos are widely available on the internet. Do you want to watch these films and learn from them? Then this is the correct spot for you.

PUBG Mobile's best kills compilations will be discussed in this post, which will help you learn how to handle 1v1, 1v2, and other situations. You can learn more about some of the best kills and what people think about the film by reading the accompanying article.

You may learn a lot about the game's mechanics and strategies by watching these videos. When faced with a squad of enemies, we often find ourselves at a loss for words. We are unable to handle the problem calmly. Learn how elite athletes deal with these situations in the next article if you've ever been in this situation.


25. PUBG Best Compilation Part 1

PUBG Best Compilation Part 1, PUBG Mobile

In PUBG, this video is one of the most impressive kills' compilations. Why? There's so much to see here because it's included a mashup of elite players like Levinho, Athena, Sevou, and Midas. These are the best PUBG players globally, with a slew of accolades to their name.

Solitary versus. Squad, solo vs. trio, team vs. team, and duo vs. squad are some of the various battles seen in the film. To learn how to kill your enemy, this is the best video. Several of the kills in this video have been accomplished by outsmarting their opponents by striking them when they least expect it. Athena's use of a buggy to charge his attackers is a great example of outsmarting your adversaries.

If you want to learn from the finest in the industry, you should check out this video. I think these videos are the finest for teaching you how to deal with 1v6 and 1v8 situations. If you're looking to learn how to intimidate your opponents, Levinho is a great choice. SMGs, ARs, Snipers, and LMGs all make appearances in this collection of kills.

You can benefit from learning from the finest because these are the PUBG Mobile gurus. You may learn a lot from the way they play because it's so similar to your own. They teach you how to deal with situations where you are on your own, and there is no one else to assist you.


24. The Best SQUAD WIPES | Clutch Moments - PUBG Mobile

The Best SQUAD WIPES | Clutch Moments - PUBG Mobilem, PUBG Mobile

FatalFrag, a YouTube user, has posted this video. Playing for FatalFrag is like playing for the best in the world. He possesses a unique set of abilities. Aside from being amusing, his team wipes are full of talent and quickness. The player's skills and reflexes in this video are enjoyable to watch.

The video is a collection of gameplay clips from several games. We may conclude that he has an excellent sensitivity based on his aim and gaming. In several cases, the player has outwitted his adversaries by using his skills and charging at them when they least expect it. Rushing strategies can be learned from this player's gameplay, in my opinion.


23. 180 IQ | Top 5 kills of Mortal Live | PUBG MOBILE

180 IQ | Top 5 kills of Mortal Live | PUBG MOBILE, PUBG Mobile

Soul Mortal kills collections were included in this video. One of the best PUBG Mobile gamers. He's a well-known Indian streamer with a long list of accomplishments. These are some videos that a fan has submitted. Soul mortals top five kills while streaming live are included in this video.

Mortal's teammates were also involved in the fights in the video. In most of these confrontations, the biggest advantage that the mortal possessed was using the greatest weaponry in PUBG that could only be stolen off the ground. However, most significantly, Soul Mortal handled all events calmly, allowing him to destroy his foes quickly.

In this video, we may take away the lesson that we should play to our strengths no matter what the situation. Prioritize saving your guys if you've got them in harm's way. If you're in a hurry, don't go it alone. Keep in mind that the best gameplay occurs when the squad plays together and has a strong sense of camaraderie.


22. Top 10 Clutch by Tacaz PUBG

Top 10 Clutch by Tacaz PUBG, PUBG Mobile

This film focuses on some of the most well-known players in the sport. Tacaz's gameplay is included in this video. He's a PUBGM guru with a devoted fanbase. He has proved that he is one of the finest players in PUBG by showcasing his skills to the world. Tacaz's impressive 1v3, 1v4, and 1v8 performances may be seen in this video.

There is nothing more thrilling about this video than seeing how quickly and effortlessly Tacaz can slaughter his enemies. In PUBG, Tacaz is one of the most dangerous players, as he is one of the fastest. Many players throughout the world regard him as a role model and inspiration. We can learn a lot from his solo vs. squad gameplays, which can help us master our opponents.


21. Top 10 Clutch by BTR Zuxxy

Top 10 Clutch by BTR Zuxxy, PUBG Mobile

Is there anyone who hasn't heard about Zuxxy? PUBG Mobile's Zuxxy is a standout performer. Bigetron RA is the team he now plays for. He hails from Indonesia and has a long list of accomplishments to his credit. PMPL, PMWL, and Super Weekends are just a few of the prestigious PUBGM competitions where he has shown his mettle.

Zuxxy shows off his best clutches and kills in this video. As one of the best players, Zuxxy knows how to deal with various challenging scenarios. Many athletes look forward to Zuxxy as a role model. In PUBG, even the best players recognize him. In this video, it's clear to see why he's adored worldwide. This video demonstrates how to act in various scenarios and swiftly control the issue.


20. Top 10 Clutch by Levinho

Top 10 Clutch by Levinho, PUBG Mobile

On PUBG, Levinho is the undisputed king. With his brilliant gameplay, he has become an internet sensation. He is an expert in warfare and can easily handle even the most challenging situations. There is a sizable fan base for Levinho. Levinho, a popular PUBG player and YouTuber, is featured in this video. Even in the most difficult conditions, such as 1v6, 1v5, and 1v4, he kills his foes quickly in this video.

In this video, he has demonstrated his gaming with various weapons, including Shotguns, SMGs, ARs, DMRs, and Snipers, among others. This PUBG kill collection video is one of the greatest. The top 10 clutches that have inspired players worldwide are featured in this video. New players can benefit greatly from Levinho's gameplay because he shows them how to deal with challenging situations. Check to watch the video to learn more.




There isn't much better footage of grenade kills than this one. ImmortalGamerz has a YouTube channel where this video was released. An Indian player carried out these deaths. He has revealed how he used only grenades to conquer and save his troops.

For the most part, players focus on montages and compilations in which they use firearms, but grenades rarely appear. This video is a must-see to help players worldwide learn how and when to murder their opponents with grenades and flames. Learn how to utilize grenades in PUBG Mobile by watching this tutorial.


18. PUBG Mobile Kill Compilation | Fast Kills & Intense Moments

PUBG Mobile Kill Compilation | Fast Kills & Intense Moments, PUBG Mobile

The TalkToHand YouTube channel published this video. In this video, the player has demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of playing as a soloist and team member. The player has utilized a variety of weaponry to take down his foes. Even though he was playing solitary against the squad, he charged his opponents. Such gameplay necessitates a high level of proficiency and extensive training.

The player can be seen rushing towards his enemies and executing some impressive kills. Kills performed by the player on Pochinki's rooftop are the most thrilling. As a result of most players being unaware of the rooftop technique, several of them are quickly dispatched. TalkToHand, a PUBG Mobile player who kills his opponents quickly and avoids rushing, is one of the game's most remarkable characters.

After watching this video, it's clear that in solo vs. squad situations, a player who loses focus and panics would never be able to win. You must keep your calm and remain concentrated if you want to outsmart your opponents.


17. Top Kills in PUBG Mobile | Best kills PUBG Compilation

Top Kills in PUBG Mobile | Best kills PUBG Compilation, PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile kill compilation videos like this one are very popular on social media. It appeared on the Gaming Scoop YouTube channel. This video has many types of kills, including a grenade, AR, and SMG. This YouTuber is regarded as a PUBG Mobile expert because he primarily plays in the team mode. Pakistan and India are among the countries where he has found a receptive audience.

The player has provided different maps for his playtime. The time he took out all of the guys who were rushing him and attempting to kill him with a car is one of my favorite kills by this player and long-range and close-range kills.

In my opinion, this YouTuber's kills can give you a notion of how to rush and fight with foes even while you're in a vehicle. He has demonstrated his ability to make quick kills by rushing toward his adversaries, and you can do the same.


16. TOP 10 Kills of the Week | PUBG Mobile

TOP 10 Kills of the Week, PUBG Mobile

This PUBG Mobile kill collection video is one of the greatest—some of the most impressive squad wipes and kills. First, a squad wipe video from kvleofficialgaming opens the video. Professional PUBG Mobile player and streamer, Kvleofficialgaming. His skill level is unrivaled in the game.

As a result of his calm demeanor and ability to control conditions, the player wiped out the whole squad in the video without a hitch. This player's reflexes and tactics are excellent, and he has a wide range of abilities to draw from. Squad vs. Squad encounters are where most of the best kills are made.

In every case, the players rush at their foes, sacrificing their troops. In his video, Kyle showcases some of his most impressive kills. These, in my opinion, are some of the most impressive deaths. Why? Because he hasn't exposed his position unnecessarily and has held his ground. His quickness and agility are on full display in this video.

Kvle's colleagues can teach you that you should never put yourself in harm's way and risk getting killed by exposing yourself in this video. The best thing to do is assess the problem and take action. The gamer's cool demeanor helped him win the battle. If you watch this video, you will learn how and when to react in the heat of battle.


15. No Excuses | PUBG Mobile Montage

No Excuses | PUBG Mobile Montage, PUBG Mobile

Franky Gamer 787 uploaded this video to YouTube. It would be fair to say that he is one of India's most versatile players. He demonstrates some of his most unique clutches across various maps in this montage. I enjoy watching his videos because they show him taking on difficult challenges, such as going one-on-one with strong opponents in a 1v4.

This montage shows how Franky holds on to his teammates when they're in trouble and isn't in a hurry to help them out. We, like many others, would prefer to focus on restoring our friends than engaging in combat. We take a lot of damage as we hurry toward our buddy to revive him, making it simpler for the adversary to rush in.


14. TOP 5 KILLS | PUBG Mobile


Izzo is the one that uploaded this video to YouTube. Izzo is a YouTuber who has been confirmed as a professional gamer. There are about 1 million subscribers to Izzo's channel, and I think he's a talented player. The montage features his five most impressive kills. During this montage, I enjoyed his deliberate approach to the enemy on the Squad House roof when he didn't rush in because he knew he would take TPP from the enemy. That's what happened, so he ran through the wall and killed him from behind.

No one noticed a thing. One of the best players in the world, Izzo is capable of using whatever weapon you give him. When it comes to fighting in PUBG Mobile, he is one of the most spectacular gamers. Calmness and cool-headedness are the keys to success, and Izzo possesses both.


13. Soul Mortal All 1 vs. 4 Moments

Soul Mortal All 1 vs. 4 Moments, PUBG Mobile

Blue Iron uploaded this montage to YouTube. Soul Mortal, a well-known Indian player, is featured in this montage. To begin, I'd like to inform you about Mortal.

  • He's the first YouTuber to broadcast from an iPad.
  • Team Soul won the India series in 2019 and the PMCO Region Final.
  • At 135k viewers, Mortal Kombat X set a new record for the most people watching a live stream at the same time.
  • Mortal was voted the most popular player of the year by fans.

The creator of this clip has shown us some of Soul Mortal's best clutches. We can observe how calmly he responds when his teammates are knocked down. His teammates won't be aiding him much in this montage because it is mainly based on 1v4.

Recoil control can be used to Mortal's weaponry because they appear to have no recoil whatsoever. As we can see, Mortal isn't a bully when it comes to other gamers. In his meticulous examination of the situation, he waits patiently for the ideal opportunity to strike. When they least anticipate it, he grabs hold of them.




During the seventh video on our list, I'll be making a major shift. A well-known Indian player, Dynamo, will now perform a sniping montage for our viewing pleasure. His sniping prowess is unparalleled, and he'll crush your head if you try to get in his way. So, if you see Dynamo in your lobby and notice that he has a sniper, I'll give you some advice. Get the hell out of dodge.


11. 5 Fingers + Gyroscope | PUBG MOBILE Montage

5 Fingers + Gyroscope | PUBG MOBILE Montage, PUBG Mobile

Synzx uploaded this video to his channel on YouTube. Close, medium, and long-range fights can be seen in this montage. I chose this montage because watching this player play can teach you guys a lot about peak and fire. Underappreciated, he is a great player in any situation. He uses a full gyro and five finger controls. He's the best player to look up to if you're looking for motivation.




Panda occupies the sixth spot on our list. He's one of my all-time favorites. This player appears to be unfazed by anything. There is no way around it: Even if you grab a weapon he drops, he will murder you. Streamer Panda is one of the most popular YouTubers out there. He has more than 10 million followers on social media. His combat prowess is unmatched.

Go no further than this clip to watch how he effortlessly dismantles the team in this video. With no hesitation, he drew his weapon and charged towards the opponent. My favorite part of his fights is when he gets up close and personal. The video shows that he has an uncanny ability to hit the target every time. You can learn a lot of tactics and methods just by watching this gamer in action.




One of the most memorable montages you'll ever watch is featured in this video. During this montage, the player explains how he went from being an average player to one of the worst players in the world. He is the epitome of what it is to work hard and persevere through adversity. He's your best bet if you're want to learn about the conflict.

GYRO settings are discussed in this video, and how switching to a gyro impacted his game for the better. This video showcases the player's abilities in various matchups, including 1 on 1, 1 on 2, 1 on 3, and 1 on 4.


8. Safari Best Beat Sync Edit PUBG Mobile Montage

Safari Best Beat Sync Edit PUBG Mobile Montage, PUBG Mobile

This video is being shown since it performs well on YouTube and is a good approach to attracting many viewers. A beat-sync video is a difficult task for a video maker.

The M24 and AR beat-sync montage can be seen in this video. This video will keep you entertained the entire time you're watching it. It's just part of the song's natural progression. Watch the video, and you'll see some of the top AR and Sniping kills in Total War: Warhammer.


7. A Pakistani Better Than Chinese?? PUBG Mobile Montage

A Pakistani Better Than Chinese?? PUBG Mobile Montage, PUBG Mobile

I've made a slow-motion montage for you folks to enjoy. SkiNNN, a Pakistani YouTuber, uploaded this video. Erangle, Sanhok, and Vikendi are all featured in this video. An excellent example of both skill and talent can be seen in this player. If you ever find yourself fighting with him, be prepared for a nightmare.




A montage from YouTuber LOKOPOKO takes the number one place. Because it depicts the trials of becoming a conqueror, it is among the best montages. This video shows how to handle circumstances and what happens when you're fighting a hacker. We can't get the Conqueror title in PUBG Mobile if we don't perform well enough when dreaming of it because the game is tied to our emotions.

Players and other squads have been killed with the help of the player's teammates in this montage. Keep in mind that the best method to win at PUBGM is by working together as a cohesive unit. To avoid this outcome, you'll constantly be on the losing end.


5. 30 Impossible Sniper Shots | PUBG Mobile 

30 Impossible Sniper Shots, PUBG Mobile 

On the 5th spot we have, we have various sniper shots and attempts by a YouTuber Maketzi who has over 229k subscribers and has 482097 views on this video. 


4. Best of Shroud – PUBG 

Best of Shroud, PUBG Mobile

We have fantastic gameplay of PUBG kills by a famous YouTuber, Silenced Pan. He has over 24k subscribers and around 4.5 M views on this video. 




This video has shown the fastest squad wipes ever for PUBG mobile and is uploaded by a youtube channel named Gaming Moments which has 924k views and over 112k subscribers. 


2. PUBG Extreme Kills (Compilation) 

PUBG Extreme Kills (Compilation), PUBG Mobile

This video about PUBG extreme kills was uploaded by a youtube channel named Clip That, which has over 77.2k subscribers and has 180k views on a video. 




This video about the best sniper kills in under 1 minute is uploaded by a very famous Indian YouTuber Carry Minati who has posted a video on his channel, 'CarryIsLive.' He has 10.8M subscribers and over 10M views on a video. 


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