[Top 10] PUBG Mobile Best Recoil Guns That Are Powerful (Low Recoil Guns)

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Are you wondering what the best recoil guns will help you easily kill enemies? This guide will explain the top guns to pick from. 

The firearms in PUBG Mobile are a significant feature. In PUBG Mobile, players have access to a wide variety of weapons. Various types of weapons, such as SMGs, LMGs, and Assault Rifles, are available in the game. A common criticism of the game's weaponry is that there aren't many different ways to use them.

There are only a few guns in the game for now, but the creators plan to add more shortly. Famas were the most recent weapon in the game's arsenal. That's the newest assault gun in the game's arsenal.

In the course of playing the game, we discovered that each gun has its unique abilities. There is a wide range of recoil for different types of firearms. Players in PUBG Mobile are split on which weapons have the least amount of recoil.

If you don't want your assaulting talents hindered by recoil, this tutorial has all the information you need. Snipers and the Designated Marksman Rifle will be excluded from this list. Since these weapons only have one firing mode, the recoil is noticeable even when spraying down from a distance.

Here are the PUBG Mobile weapons with the least amount of recoil.


10. G36C

G36C, PUBG Mobile

The Vikendi-specific G36C is the first weapon on the list. This is a map-specific weapon in the game. It isn't easy to obtain and can be found in numerous areas on the Vikendi world map. " The Villa is the finest spot to get your hands on a pistol. On this map, the gun can be considered a replacement for Scar-L. 5.56 mm rounds, which the pistol uses, are easy to get by.

The weapon has a 30-round magazine capacity, which can be expanded with modifications. The gun reloads time and recoil are both extremely slow. You should use this weapon if you are an entrance fragger or choose to play as an attack team.

The G36C is equipped with a variety of attachments. There are several ways in which these settings can help lessen the gun's recoil. A compensator, vertical foregrip, and a more extended quickdraw mag are desirable.

A wide range of options is available to the players based on their preferred style of play. A 6x scope, which can also be used as a 3x, is an excellent choice for long-range shooters. A scope like the red dot sight makes more sense if you are a close-range shooter. In general, the rifle doesn't produce a lot of recoils, but these add-ons will help you lessen it and improve your shooting accuracy.

What Makes G36C Great?

  • Map-specific weapon
  • 30-round magazine capacity
  • Reload time and recoil are both extremely low

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX7WZl2qmqM 

G36C Details: https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/019/991/556/large/casper-zick-1.jpg?1565884056 


9. Scar-L

Scar-L, PUBG Mobile

The Scar-L is a 5.56 mm bullet-shooting weapon. The Scar-L is available on every map, although the G36C is only available on one. It's one of the most frequent weapons in the game, and it's a favourite among gamers.

The M416 might be considered a superior weapon by some, but Scar-L offers better control and less recoil. The 4x scope is notoriously tricky, and not everyone is up to the challenge. With a 4x on, players may effortlessly and comfortably control the pistol's recoil.

Scar-L, like the G36C, offers a variety of attachments. To reduce the recoil, you can use a compensator or suppressor, a vertical foregrip or a laser sight. Consider using a compensator and vertical foregrip together if you wish to shoot at longer distances. Attaching a suppressor and laser sight would be preferable for close range. This will allow you to shoot more accurately at close ranges and better control the recoil. Again, the scope is up to the player. Using a red-dot sight and 4x magnification is an excellent strategy for close-range combat.

What Makes Scar-L Great?

  • 5.56 mm bullet-shooting weapon
  • Superior weapon
  • Less recoil

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uxM4voIrrM 

Scar-L Details: https://zilliongamer.com/uploads/pubg-mobile/weapon/type/ar/scar-l/skin/glorious-gold-scar-l-big.jpg 


8. DP-28

DP-28, PUBG Mobile

No other 7.62 mm guns are on the list, so this is a first for me. In PUBG Mobile, guns that fire 7.62 mm rounds tend to be more powerful and have a higher rate of fire. The DP-28 differs from the other models in this regard. Despite its high power, this weapon has low recoil and a high rate of fire. In PUBG Mobile, this is a very unusual combo.

Players that enjoy long-distance battles are big fans of this weapon. It is also not an assault rifle but an LMG, which has far lower recoil than an assault rifle. In addition, the magazine is enormous, allowing for a more constant flow of ammunition.

What Makes DP-28 Great?

  • 7.62 mm gun
  • Fire 7.62 mm rounds
  • Higher rate of fire
  • More powerful

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuT94xrADNk 

DP-28 Details: https://vcgamers.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/dp-28-pubg.jpg 


7. M416

M416, PUBG Mobile

The M416 is widely regarded as one of the best weapons in the game. For PUBG Mobile, it's the most flexible assault rifle. It's a favourite amongst players that have a wide variety of weapons at their disposal. It can be used in close, medium, and long-range combat. It shoots 5.56 mm rounds. Every map in the game has it, and it's straightforward to get your hands on it. On the other hand, finding a Scar-L isn't relatively as easy. Initially, the rifle does not have a lot of recoils to contend with.

On the other hand, some players may believe that using attachments can improve the gun's steadiness. The standard 30-round magazine capacity of the weapon can be expanded by using accessories.

What Makes M416 Great?

  • Best weapons in the game
  • The most flexible assault rifle
  • Favourite amongst players

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs6EGq8UGLw&t=9s 

M416 Details: https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2020/10/a8680-16015554443146-800.jpg 


6. AUG A3

AUG A3, PUBG Mobile

This is the gun that has the lowest recoil. The AUG A3 is also referred to as the "no-recoil" weapon. The gun's minimal recoil makes it easy for even new players to master. However, this is a drop-only weapon. Players need to find a drop to get their hands on a gun.

The gun is drop-exclusive. Therefore, it can be found on every map, but it's infrequent. The reload time is the sole harmful component of the rifle. The assault rifle, on the other hand, is a monster.

What Makes AUG A3 Great?

  • Lowest recoil
  • "no-recoil" weapon
  • Drop-only weapon

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuVM_-PqdFM 

AUG A3 Details: https://zilliongamer.com/uploads/pubg-mobile/weapon/type/ar/aug/skin/blood-oath-aug-big.jpg 


5. Vector

Vector, PUBG Mobile

Vector is a high-capacity, low-recoil SMG. It takes 9.9 mm ammo, but it's always sure to have the extended magazine handy just in case. It may quickly knock out one or two opponents due to its fast rate of fire.

What Makes Vector Great?

  • High-capacity
  • Low-recoil
  • Fast rate of fire

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eApOPMiAETA 

Vector Details: https://media.sketchfab.com/models/7da9a810bb104716be4173442d19bcac/thumbnails/916aa3b887c14e7690315d0ab4b60c17/6c68195e52a249b39134836fa937506c.jpeg 


4. UMP45

UMP45, PUBG Mobile

In close-quarters combat situations, the UMP45 is one of the best SMGs, even compared to ARs. If you have decent aim, you can easily take down an AR-armed opponent before they can knock you out.

What Makes UMP45 Great?

  • Best SMGs
  • Great damage
  • Low recoil

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AjieDiJPI8 

UMP45 Details: https://img.gurugamer.com/resize/740x-/2020/07/15/main-qimg-401d728fa498c1d820f41105433e05b4-3349.jpg 


3. AWM

AWM, PUBG Mobile

The AWM is the greatest sniper weapon on the market today. Anyone can see that AWM does the most significant damage out of all the available weapons. While Kar98 and VSS have a brutal recoil to control, AWM's recoil is relatively modest.

What Makes AWM Great? 

  • Greatest sniper weapon
  • Greatest damage
  • Recoil is quite modest

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO-ZN8jyRrw 

AWM Details: https://wallpapercave.com/wp/wp6205042.png 


2. M24

M24, PUBG Mobile

The M24 rifle is the finest sniper rifle and comes at number two. The M24 has the advantage of being able to fire 7.62mm rounds, which are very easy to get. After AWM, this weapon has a damage output of about 84, making it the second-largest sniper in the game.

What Makes M24 Great? 

  • Finest sniper rifle
  • 7.62mm rounds
  • The damage output of about 84
  • Second-largest sniper in the game

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw0L9GaNq3A&t=1s

M24 Details: https://zilliongamer.com/uploads/pubg-mobile/weapon/type/sr/m24/skin/the-seven-sea-m24.jpg 


1. M16A4

M16A4, PUBG Mobile

The M416's sibling is the M16A4. Burst, auto, and single are the available attack modes for this weapon. In terms of damage output, the M16A4 is on par with the SCAR-L because of its low recoil rate. This one weapon can also be utilised as a single-mode sniper, which provides an additional benefit. Low recoil makes it easier to keep his sights on the target.

What Makes M16A4 Great? 

  • M16A4 is on par with the SCAR-L
  • Low rate of recoil
  • Single-mode sniper

How to Get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KrcxQXHu5I

M16A4 Details: https://zilliongamer.com/uploads/pubg-mobile/weapon/type/ar/m16a4/skin/m16a4-yellow-stripes.jpg

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