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Bike, Race, Character
Bike, Race, Character

Are you wondering how you can improve your gameplay in the Miramar map? This guide will help you know the answer to your query.

Different maps can be played on PUBG Mobile. The features of each of these maps are distinct from one another. Miramar is one of the game's larger maps. The sand is spread out in every direction on the Miramar map, making it a desert landscape.

PUBG Mobile players are always looking for new strategies that will help them win more often. Several strategies you might employ to outmaneuver your opponent, just like Erangle. Some of the best strategies for Miramar that I've learned will be shared in this article so that you can win every match. All right, let's get this party started.

1. Utilize Yellow Outfits

As I was saying before, the Miramar map is sandy. The result is a world filled with nothing but yellow spots. You can use this to your advantage by donning yellow or brownish garments, which will make you difficult to notice by your opponents.

2. Always Look for Drops

Looting airdrops in Miramar is uncommon since the area is so vast that most players will not bother. This can increase your odds of discovering an unlooted drop, increasing your chances of acquiring the legendary weapons you need. Your opponents will perish in an instant in the face of these weapons.

3. Use of Ridges

The Miramar map is well-known for its abundance of sand and ridges. Expert players frequently take advantage of ridges. You may be wondering at this point what use ridges in Miramar serve. Ridges are helpful for various purposes, including hiring, firing, and gaining an overview of the landscape. Taking advantage of nearby ridges can provide the required concealment from opposing fire.

4. Use of a Camo Outfit

The use of camouflage clothing in PUBG Mobile has been widespread. Why? The reason for this is that these clothes are the most effective for avoiding detection and conflict over the entirety of the game—the motivation behind a gamer's desire for longer-term survival. If you're a rank pusher looking to rack up a lot of favorable ratings, you'll need to endure for a lot longer.

5. Use of Vehicles

We are all aware that Miramar is a large map with numerous vehicles. These cars are high-speed and tricky to handle. As a result, a buggy is preferable to other modes of transportation in Miramar because of its stability and the fact that it can easily traverse ridges.

6. Play a Sniper Role

One of the best ways to get the upper hand on the Miramar map of PUBG Mobile is to play the sniper role. The Sniper class in PUBG Mobile is poorly regarded and considered a support class. To say that sniping is not a valuable skill is, well, wrong. Since Miramar is where long-range battles frequently occur, having a sniper at your disposal might spell disaster for your opponents.

7. Stay Clear of Enemy Fires When In A Vehicle

To get away from the enemy or take cover, drivers use vehicles. Of course, the map of Miramar shows otherwise. You can't get away quickly in a car on the Miramar map because its health is so low. The odds of survival are slim if your attacker is skilled with a firearm and can put a bullet directly into you. Get out of the car as soon as you're shot to end the situation.

8. Use the Best Armor

Armors are the most valuable items in PUBG Mobile, as they increase your chance of survival and allow you to withstand more significant amounts of damage without immediately dying.

9. Use of Special Weapons

It's common knowledge that in PUBG Mobile, the novice with the unique weapon has the advantage over everyone else. Why? Two or three bullets from one of these legendary firearms are all it takes to kill an opponent. Do not forget to use these weapons to give your adversaries a hard time on the Miramar map.

10. Communication

Via Miramar, effective communication in large maps is crucial. You can die in a second if you don't have good lines of communication and don't know where the enemy is coming from. Get the most out of the game by keeping the microphone on and talking to your teammate at all times.

11. Stay Clear of Snipers

Snipers are among the deadliest players in Miramar. Let's say you're in a gun battle with someone using a sniper rifle. Remember that if you so much as a peep or expose any part of your body, you could quickly find yourself back in the lobby. You'll have more success fighting snipers with snipers.

12. Use of a Level 3 Backpack

Miramar is the kind of map where a backpack of level 3 can come in handy. The best way to use your time in Miramar is to load up on loot and medical supplies.

13. Use of DMRs

As I discussed before, using a sniper is an excellent strategy on the Miramar map. However, what options do you have if a bolt-action rifle is unavailable? Ok, so you needn't worry about it. Don any of your available DMRs and start blasting your foes. DMRs are effective long-range weapons that often only take two or three shots to kill an opponent.

14. Stun-Grenade Use

Many of Miramar's foes prefer to wait for us on the stairwells and in adjacent rooms. Use a stun grenade to temporarily blind your opponent, then charge at him while he can't see you coming. This is a surefire method of evicting any unwanted campers.

15. Use of Smoke Grenades

The strategy I'm about to reveal to you will allow you to avoid or eliminate nearly all of the game's foes with nary a scratch on your head. What do you do if you're in a fight, your teammate is knocked down, and the bad guys start charging you? Use two smoke grenades, one near you and the other at a safe distance. This will confuse your adversary, leading him to the wrong smoke zone. With this, you may ambush and kill your adversary.

16. Grenade Use

We've already established that ridges help provide cover from attackers at the beginning of the article. Remember, though, that our adversaries are likely familiar with the same tricks we utilize. Fights typically feature ridges, with both sides hiding behind them. If your attacker is hiding behind a ridge, charging at them is a surefire way to meet your maker. A grenade can be aimed at an enemy's exact location, and the threat is eliminated when it explodes. Super simple!

17. Use of Molotov Cocktail

Molotov cocktails, more often known as molly, are useful for any squad that plans to camp inside a building. A team that sits in all four corners is difficult to rush. You can kill your foes with little more than fire if you use the right molly in the right place.

18. Turn your Speaker to All

We forget to change our mic setting from All to Team while we're in the thick of things during games. Indeed, this also applies to players actively trying to defeat you. It's possible to fool your foes into thinking you're a hacker by turning on your speaker so you can hear their calls and then sneak up on them.

19. Level 3 Helmet

In the game, Level 3 Helmets are often disregarded. Due to options like "don't show helmets in-game," players are less likely to use their best head protection while playing. The helmet is crucial in the Miramar map because it protects your head from sniper fire and gives you a second chance at health and combat after being hit.

20. Least Crowded Places

Those areas far from the flight path will have fewer people. You may need a car or motorized conveyance to get there. Starting in these locations might help you get the best possible loot in PUBG Mobile.

21. Listen Carefully on Plane

As we've already established, changing to the speaker's all-channel mode is crucial. Every passenger's every word is audible on a plane. If you want to move up in the ranks quickly, pay attention to where other players are challenging, and head there when it is less congested.

22. Use of Suppressor

ARs, Snipers, and SMGS are the targets of suppressors. The suppressor serves what purpose in Miramar? Despite being one of the larger maps, there aren't many places to go underground. Suppressors are helpful in these instances since they prevent your position from being revealed to your enemies.

23. Proper Attachments of Gun

The right accessories for your pistol will make it more reliable and effective. It's easy to feel helpless when carrying firearms without the proper attachments. Learn what attachments work best with your weapon and use them frequently in-game to maximize their effectiveness.

24. Use of Brown Ghillie Suit

Regarding PUBG Mobile suits, ghillie suits are far and away the most powerful. Within the confines of a Miramar map, there exists a specific type of ghillie suit known as the ghillie suit brown. Never pass up an opportunity to use this costume, as it is hard to identify and can help you get lots of places to hide.

25. Heal Battles

Rare as they are, heal battles can be useful if you and your opponent are down to their last two squads and you know you can't win combat. What should one do then? Tell your crew to stop helping each other and go into battle. If the zone wipes out the squad, you win; if not, you still have a chance to prevail because one of your teammates is well-equipped with first aid and will survive the encounter.

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