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Have you ever wondered what name you can use in PUBG Mobile that is humourous and can be considered as a funny name? Well, in this article, we have discussed some of the funniest names of PUBG Mobile that you can use.

PUBG Mobile, as we all know, is a game played with passion and enthusiasm. PUBG Mobile has become a place where almost everyone wants to dominate the game and make a name for themselves. Many players have started streaming and uploading videos on different platforms to attract an audience. But one of the main things that attract an audience is a catchy name. 

Without a catchy name, you may not attract an engaging audience as it is considered a big turn-off. So, to generate an audience and make a name for yourself, you need to have a catchy name that attracts people. This article will be talking about the most popular PUBG Mobile funny names that you can utilize to get an audience and fame. So, let us get started:

50). Assassinator 

49). BadAssJoker 

48). DancingClown

47). DaddyPlays

46). BloodDrinker

45). DareDevil 

44). PervertBoy

43). NoobBoy

42). CryBaby

41). BoysGangLeader

40). OneShotKiller

39). BeattheMeat 

38). SwagHunter

37). DarkClown 

36). BadBoyPlays

35). TicklingKiller

34). InsaneBuddy 

33). CoolShooter 

32). GangsterFragger

31). ChickenLover

30). TangoBoss

29). OrganicPunk

28). FaultyDevils

27). HungryAdmiral 

26). DarkWarrior 

25). BadSoldier

24). PsychoKiller 

23). TigeronMission 

22). KillMaster 

21). EatBullets

20). SnakeEye

19). PubgAddictive

18). BeingUnknown

17). SerialKiller 

16). KillingMachine

15). PinkLeader

14). SharpShooters

13). ComplexSlayer 

12). MightyMafia

11). MedicalRebel

10). TriggeredBoy 

9). StraightGangster 

8). YourDad

7). YouGotLucky

6). DeathMachine

5). ThunderBeast

4). GoldenWarrior 

3). PubJesus 

2). TangoBoss

1). AbnormalVigor 


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