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Sanhok Showdown, PUBG Mobile

Are you wondering what tips will help you enhance your gameplay in Sanhok Map? This guide will help you with your query.

There are many playable locations in PUBG Mobile, including Livik, Erangle, Miramar, and Sanhok. To everyone's dismay, Vikendi has been taken out of play. This means I will be talking about Sanhok. Gamers in the Middle East favor Sanhok more than any other region.

The scorching drops on Sanhok, essential for improving your close-quarters play, have earned it a reputation as a competitive map. The Bootcamp location is the most popular hot drop on the Sanhok map. You should go to Bootcamp if you want serious instruction. You'll use more than half of the lobby in Bootcamp, so be prepared to learn and practice valuable skills.

Everyone knows that suitable strategies and advice are required when playing a map with hot drops and small size relative to others. Surely you're curious how specific pointers could assist you to play better. In any case, the solution is provided below. This article will go through the best 25 hints for the Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile.

25. Use Green Outfit

Greenery and grass abound on the Sanhok map. When compared to Erangle, the grass here is noticeably larger. On this map, you can stay out of sight in the grass for a long time. The following is advice for those who wish to advance in rank yet avoid conflict at all costs and still benefit from an increased point total.

Sanhok is covered in grass, making it challenging to spot players lying low, so make sure you're prepared by donning some appropriate green clothing.

24. Conserve Your Spot

Sanhok is a map distinguished by its diminutive size and sparse wooden architecture. You should only camp in a house with one other player at most, as more than that invites easy death.

The alternative is to have a compound where each player camps in a different residence. When your attackers are ambushing you, this will aid because they can't strike from every angle at once. He'll probably go after one of his teammates, and when he does, everyone on the team will converge on him from every angle: an easy kill or bait kill.

23. Activation of the Crouch Button

It's getting down to the final few zones of a map like Sanhok. Every participant commits the same critical error by immediately attempting to escape the area without considering the possibility that they may be observed. You can sneak up on your prey undetected by crouching low and hiding among the foliage. Make your way to the end zone by hopping from tree to tree. Grass and trees are plentiful in Sanhok, so it can hide in plain sight if it is crouching its way to cover.

22. Implementation of a Suppressor

Since a suppressor increases recoil, many players avoid using it. If you do this, you're making a significant error in your Sanhok play. Why? Because in Sanhok, your enemy could be close by, and you wouldn't even know it. Your location will be revealed to the adversary if you fire without a suppressor. Use a suppressor to prevent accidental discharge and ensure your safety from ambush.

21. Employing a Grenade

The last zone clashes in the Sanhok map are notorious for their high alive count and the large concentration of smoke. Put out a lot of smoke in all four directions to obscure your location and make killing harder. When confronted with a crisis. Throw a grenade into the smoke in front of you without much thought. Knocking out an enemy or two is an expected outcome. That's your cue to make a beeline towards the enemy camp and swoop in for the kill.

20. Fire a Smoke Grenade

When playing the Sanhok map, smoke grenades are one of the most neglected weapons since players assume they won't be helpful. Your assumptions about the smoke grenades are, unfortunately, incorrect. I think smoke grenades are underappreciated and can be beneficial in many contexts, including but not limited to:

While you're reviving your partner,

  • In the home stretch
  • To hide from your adversary's view
  • It's possible to conceal your whereabouts by

19. Aiming and Shooting Weapons

Many PUBG Mobile players, as is well-known, choose a hybrid loadout of a submachine gun and sniper rifle. A map like Sanhok, however, necessitates that you carry no fewer than two ARs at all times. Just what are the upsides of this? The fighting in Sanhok is generally very close and intense. When our ammunition runs dry while we're engaged with the enemy, we can swap to a different weapon and continue killing them with style instead of stopping to reload. Two options are available, one with a 5.56mm barrel and the other with a 7.62mm barrel.

18. Do Not Ride A Motorcycle

The motorcycle is a death sentence on maps like Sanhok. How? If you're playing PUBG Mobile on the Sanhok map, you should know that motorcycles are fast but have poor braking and turn very slowly. Your attacker may be directly in front of you, but you may end up missing and hitting a tree instead. Your opponent gets a free kill as a result of this.

17. Never Call the BRDM

In PUBG Mobile, a BRDM is among the game's most potent vehicles. Exploding a BRDM takes a lot of ammunition. Although BRDMs are often considered to be overpowered, they may not be the best choice on a map like Sanhok due to the difficulty of the terrain. If your BRDM becomes stuck, your opponents can use the explosion to murder you.

The most crucial aspect of BRDM is that PUBG Mobile is facing a bug that prevents the BRDM from producing smoke before it explodes. Always keep an eye on the health line.

16. Suitable Range

While almost any scope will do in Sanhok, the best ones for close and long-range kills are 3x and 4x magnification. A 4x scope gives a more distinct view and crosshair than any other magnification level, making it my go-to choice.

15. Make Good Use of M416

You are killing an adversary hiding in the grass of Sanhok requires, as is commonly known, a great deal of steadiness. It would help if you had keen eyesight and pinpoint aim to locate your foe and eliminate him. The M416 is incredibly reliable in PUBG Mobile. Use the AR M416 on a map like Sanhok to gain good aim and destroy opponents quickly and stealthily.

14. The Best Place to Hide is Behind Some Rocks

When there are no buildings around for hiding when in the open, choose to take cover behind rocks at all times. There are several rocks and trees on the Sanhok map. Be alert and watch for opportunities to employ hidden objects, such as rocks, to your advantage. A decent vantage point behind several of Sanhok's massive boulders will allow you to avoid detection while quickly dispatching your foe.

13. Put on A Camouflage Suit

When playing on a map with a green background, like Sanhok, you should always wear green clothing, as we described earlier. But what if you don't have any green clothes? Wear the green top and green shorts or any other camouflage outfit. These are the outfits given to new players of PUBG at no cost.

12. Don't Come Out Until You've Had a Chance to Hide (Bootcamp)

One of PUBG Mobile's most sought-after items is the Bootcamp. In Bootcamp, the percentage of people leaving the lobby is far more than 50%. What should you do if you are surrounded by several foes yet short on supplies? The main Bootcamp building has multiple rooms. The best way to assert control over a single room is for your team to spread out and sit in the four corners. No team can rush you and kill you without a fierce fight.

11. Carry an LMG

LMGs have a high bullet count and are pretty powerful in PUBG Mobile. This is useful since you can rain bullets down on your attacker without worrying about running out of ammo halfway through the fight. Generally, I advocate using light machine guns rather than heavy machine guns.

10. Get a Buggy and Drive Around

The buggy is one of the safest modes of transportation in Sanhok, and it can come in quite helpful if you need to cover a long distance in a short amount of time without getting murdered. You should not ride as a passenger in a buggy since you are more likely to get knocked out of the vehicle if you sit in the front.

9. Allocation of Water Use

Knowing your enemy is camped out on a bridge, waiting for you to cross. You can clear the bridge section by diving into the water, holding your breath, then emerging from the depths. The potential benefits balance the potential for injury. As a result, you'll be able to sneak up on your foes from behind and finish them off with relative ease. The proverb "The predator becomes the prey" is perfectly shown here.

8. Consider Various Perspectives

We are all aware that the homes in Sanhok are often made of wood and have few windows. If your opponent is also a skilled player, he may choose to pre-fire at the window, giving himself a free kill the next time you peek through it.

7. Throw A Stun Grenade

If you know for a fact that your enemy is camped within a room, you should never risk getting knocked out in less than a second by attacking them without first blinding them with a stun grenade.

6. Use Various Vehicles

On the Sanhok map, this is one of the essential pieces of advice you may get. What are the advantages of using various modes of transportation? As I said, you may be knocked out of a passenger seat relatively easily. It is highly recommended that players access their vehicle while on the road. This reduces the likelihood that a single opponent can wipe out an entire squad with a single spray.

5. Communicate

The Sanhok is a map where good communication is crucial to victory. Lacking effective communication, you can find yourself in the lobby before you know it. Always remember to aid your squad by communicating well with them and without becoming too kill-hungry.

4. The Use of Pre-Fire

One of the best strategies for the Sanhok map, and for other maps as well, is to pre-fire. Pre-fire is a method that many professional players utilize to destroy their adversaries. Just what is a "pre-fire"? You can "pre-fire" by anticipating your opponent's next move and opening fire there, even if they haven't yet arrived. Possibilities for an easy kill exist whenever an adversary is caught in one's pre-fire.

3. Employment of a Molly

A molly will be one of your most valuable tools if your enemy is camped inside a room with your entire team. A molly may be thrown precisely where you want it to land. As a result, your foe will catch fire and suffer severe damage. That gives you an opening to immediately launch an assault on them.

2. Drop Weaponry

When it comes to power, drop weapons in PUBG Mobile are among the best. Whenever possible on a map like Sanhok, you should use the drop gun known as a "Groza," which will significantly aid you in doing lethal damage to your opponents in any close-quarters battle.

1. Ghillie Suit

Throughout this article, I've mentioned how the Sanhok map is filled with lush vegetation. To make the most of this trait, keep an eye out for dropped items and loot a ghillie suit from among the treasure. If you don a ghillie suit, your enemy won't be able to see you. You'll be able to make a lot of kills without being seen with this handy tool.

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