Top 10 PUBG Mobile Best Weapons

PUBG Mobile Best Weapons
Once upon a noob, who reloads out in the open.

Want to kill a player less than 1 second?

Fear not, we got you covered! Here are the top 10 guns in PUBG Mobile you can use and some helpful tips on what you should be picking.

So sit tight and get ready to shoot!

10. UMP9

Image of UMP9

Some say the Vector is the top dog in terms of submachine gun (SMG). However, stats wise, the UMP9 is stronger and makes Vector look like a kitten in the fierce jungle of Erangel. Check it out.

UMP9 Stats:

  • Ammunition: 9mm
  • Range: 100-300m
  • Power: 7,000
  • Damage: 39
  • Speed: 400 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): .092s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • Just like a Vector, the UMP9 can be looted easily.
  • The ammunition this SMG uses is 9mm, which makes it so much easier to stock up.
  • This gun can accommodate 3 attachments slots with so many options to choose on.
  • When you fire it close range, it does not recoil as much unlike other weapons do.

9. AKM

Image of AKM

Fear not, you don’t have to look in the sky and keep wishing for a box to fall on top of you so you can have a great rifle. The AKM got you covered. A single shot to the head and your enemy’s bound to hit the ground.

AKM Stats:

  • Ammunition: 7.62mm
  • Range: 100-1000m
  • Power: 10,000
  • Damage: 49
  • Speed: 715 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): .100s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • This assault rifle’s (AR’s) damage is 49 with a power of 10,000… (its power level is over 9000…literally!), which is equivalent to 2 of the strongest damaging ARs in the game: the Groza & the Mk47 Mutant. So, you can only imagine how much damage it does with 1 headshot! (115.10 HDMG)
  • The attachments help make this gun overpowering during any PvP fight.
  • Overall, an AKM may have the slowest bullet velocity and the greatest recoil amongst other ARs but its power and damage compensate for it, which is why it is one of the top 10 guns to have.

8. M416

Image of M416

So maybe the AKM has a little too much recoil for you and you’re looking for a deadly rifle that can just about do the trick. I introduce the M416. The M416 is another AR, just like an AKM, but it has its own unique features that make it deadly, and those are its modifications. This is why it is also part of the top 10.

M416 Stats:

  • Ammunition: 5.56mm
  • Range: 100-400m
  • Power: 3,500
  • Damage: 43
  • Speed: 880 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): .0857s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • The M416 may not have as much power and damage as the AKM, but compared to an AKM, it is more stable and faster in terms of speed and TBS.
  • What makes the M416 part of the top 10 are the modifications that enable the gun to be powerful. Unlike the AKM being limited to 3 attachments, the M416 has 5 attachments.
  • The M416 is a safe bet to most due to it being a balanced gun. Point to an enemy, tap the firing button, and the aim is precise. Most would choose balance over an unbalanced gun, am I right?

7. SKS

Image of SKS

The SKS is one of the best designated marksman rifle (DMR) of the whole entire game, next to the Mk14 EBR.  It may not be the prettiest and most badass looking gun there is but who needs a pretty gun when you can have this?

SKS Stats:

Ammunition: 7.62mm
Range: 100-300m
Power: 20,000
Damage: 53
Speed: 800 m/s
Time Between Shots (TBS): .090s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • This DMR has a high power of 20,000 with a damage of 53, which beats the Mini14, QBU, and VSS.
  • Just like an M416, it has 5 attachments, which allows for more options to modify this beast.
  • Third highest damaging DMR in both body (55.60) and head damage (124.50) and great for close range (100-300m).

 6. SLR

Image of SLR

The second strongest designated rifle marksman (DMR) is the SLR. As compared to its plain-looking brother the SKS, the black gun makes it look like a threat to everyone. And the fun part, it actually is.

SLR Stats:

  • Ammunition: 7.62mm
  • Range: 100-500m
  • Power: 20,000
  • Damage: 58
  • Speed: 840 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): .100s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • Its speed is faster than an SKS (840 m/s > 800 m/s).
  • Among the DMRs, it has the second highest damage with a decent range of 100-500m. This means that this gun is good for both close and medium range.
  • A headshot with this gun can beat any ARs, especially the Groza (which is the top AR of the entire game!). However, this goes for any of the top DMRs including the SKS (that I have already mentioned) and the Mk14 EBR that I will discuss next.

5. Mk14 EBR

Image of Mk14 EBR

There are a lot of options in PUBG mobile in terms of DMR, amongst them all is the fierce Mk14 EBR. Strong stats, badass looking gun.

Mk14 EBR Stats:

  • Ammunition: 7.62mm
  • Range: 100-800m
  • Power: 20,000
  • Damage: 61
  • Speed: 853 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): .090s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • Among all the DMRs, not only is it only the highest in damage (61), it also shoots the farthest (100-800m).
  • In terms of TBS, it is more efficient than an SLR but equivalent to an SKS.
  • In comparison to both SKS and SLR, it has 2 modes: Semi-Auto and Full-Auto, whereas the other two are only Semi-Auto.

4. AUG A3

Image of AUG A3

The second-best AR in PUBG Mobile is none other than the AUG A3. It may not be just lying on the ground ripe for the picking and you may have to brave through all the loot seeking enemies you have but this gun is worth the trouble.

AUG A3 Stats:

  • Ammunition: 5.56mm
  • Range: 100-500m
  • Power: 9,000
  • Damage: 43
  • Speed: 940 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): .08571s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • Its speed is definitely greater than a Groza.
  • This AR can go from close to medium range (100-500m), unlike the Groza where its limit is 100m.
  • It beats the AKM in TBS, where this AR has .08571 s compared to the AKM’s .100s.

3. Groza

Image of Groza

Groza. The top, short range AR of the game. The damage and power of this gun is huge! It is equivalent to an AKM. However, it is SO MUCH better during close range PvP fights. And when we say so much better, we mean it. This is why.

Groza Stats:

  • Ammunition: 7.62mm
  • Range: 100-300m
  • Power: 10,000
  • Damage: 49
  • Speed: 715 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): .080s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • This AR has the same power and damage as an AKM but what sets these 2 apart is the fact that the Groza has a faster TBS. This means that it can beat an AKM if shot first.
  • Due to it being a short-range gun, it can only accommodate up to 6x scope.
  • Unlike the AKM, the Groza is great during close PvP fights, especially when down to the last 10 people. It can tear up the whole squad.

2. M24

Image of M24

The second to the best in terms of power and damage is the M24 sniper rifle (SR). It is definitely next in line to the AWM. One hit in the head and you’re meeting your maker.

M24 Stats:

  • Ammunition: 7.62mm
  • Range: 100-100m
  • Power: 20,000
  • Damage: 79
  • Speed: 790 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): 1.800s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • This SR has the second highest power and damage.
  • Its TBS is faster than an AWM.
  • Just like an AWM, it has 4 attachments. These attachments make a gun strong.

1. AWM

Image of AWM

And on the top of the list, the cream of the crop, the MVG (most valued gun) is none other than, *insert drum roll sounds*, the AWM. If you ever get this sniper rifle (SR), you are lucky! Because it’s only the deadliest and most intense gun in the game. No big deal (I am lying, it’s a BIG deal!!!). It may be slow in terms of reloading and bullet may be scarce but you get hit by this and you’re meeting the floor like a drunk person tumbling down.

AWM Stats:

  • Ammunition: .300mm
  • Range: 100m
  • Power: 40,000
  • Damage: 120
  • Speed: 945 m/s
  • Time Between Shots (TBS): 1.85s

Reasons Why This Gun is SUPERB:

  • This SR has the highest damage (120), power (40,000), and speed (945 m/s). It beats any gun.
  • Camp in a good spot, and snipe at a close range (100m). You will have an automatic kill.
  • This gun has 4 attachments. The attachments will make this gun more OP than it already is.

Now you know the secret to these weapons, use this information to your advantage when you play. Enjoy!

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