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PUBG Mobile Miramar Map
Miramar Map Fight

Discover some of the best tips that will help you get a upperhand over your enemies in Miramar map.

PUBG Mobile is a game that has a variety of maps. All these maps have different characteristics. One of the largest maps of PUBG Mobile is Miramar. Miramar is a map with sand all over the place and is considered a desert map.

PUBG Mobile players are always searching for tips and tricks that can help them get the best results possible in a game. Just like Erangle, there are many tips that you can use to get the upper hand over your enemy. In this article, I will be telling you guys about some of the most useful tips of Miramar that will help you ace your way to victory. So let us get started:


25. Use of Ridges

Miramar is a map that is best known to be full of sand and ridges. Many professional players utilize ridges to their advantage. Now, you must be wondering how to utilize ridges in Miramar. Well, ridges can be used to take cover, shoot and take cover, or scout your surroundings. Ridges can help you get the necessary cover from enemy fires.


24. Utilize Yellow Outfits

As I have mentioned earlier, Miramar is a map that is full of sand. So, everywhere you look, you will only find yellow places. To best utilize this to your advantage, what you can do is wear yellow or brownish clothes that will help you become invincible and give your enemies a hard time spotting you.


23. Use of a Camo Outfit

Camo outfits have been popular in PUBG Mobile for a long time now. Why? This is because these outfits are the best if you are looking to survive throughout the game without being spotted or engaging in a fight. Why does a player want to survive more in a game? If you are a rank pusher and want to get a lot of positive ratings, you have to survive for a much longer time; otherwise, you'll lose many points.


22. Always look for Drops

In a map as enormous as Miramar, players usually do not loot airdrops as the travelling distance is too much for them. So, this can give you many chances for finding an unlooted drop that will help you get the legendary weapons to utilize. These weapons will kill your enemies in an instant.


21. Use of Vehicles

As we all know, Miramar is a big map that has a variety of vehicles on it. These vehicles are fast and very difficult to control. So, rather than utilizing a vehicle, always opt for a buggy in Miramar because it is very stable and can run on ridges smoothly.


20. Stay Clear of Enemy Fires when in a Vehicle

Vehicles are utilized to run away from enemies or to find cover. Well, that is not the case in the Miramar map. In the Miramar map, the vehicles have very low health, making it very difficult for you to run away. If your enemy has a good aim, it is most likely that you'll end up dead. To get rid of such circumstances, get out of the vehicle as soon as you get shot.


19. Play a Sniper Role

Playing the sniper role in the Miramar map of PUBG Mobile is one of the smartest things that you can do to gain the upper hand over your enemies. The Sniper role in PUBG Mobile is underrated and thought of as a weak role. Well, that's a mistake if you think being a sniper is not helpful. In a map like Miramar, long-range fights occur very often, and by chance, if you have a sniper in your hands, it is doomsday for your enemies.


18. Use of Special Weapons

It is a well-known fact that a person utilizing a special weapon is the most powerful player of all in PUBG Mobile, even if he is a noob. Why? These legendary weapons only require 2-3 shots to kill an enemy. Always remember to utilize these weapons to give a hard time to your enemies on the Miramar map.


17. Use the Best Armor

Armors are the most useful things to get in PUBG Mobile, the higher level of armor can help you stay alive longer, allowing you to take extra damage without the worry of being killed in an instant.


16. Use of a Level 3 Backpack

A level 3 backpack can be very useful in a map like Miramar. In Miramar, try to loot as much as possible, fill your bag with a lot of ammo and first aid to get the best out of your time. 


15. Communication

The use of proper communication in big maps is very useful in Miramar. Without the proper communication, you can get killed instantly without even knowing where the enemy came from. To get the best out of the game, always turn your mic on and communicate with your teammate throughout the game.


14. Stay Clear of Snipers

Snipers are one of the deadliest players of Miramar. Suppose you engage in a long-range fight with a person utilizing a sniper. Remember not to peek or even show the slightest of body parts; otherwise, you can end up in the lobby in a blink of an eye. It would help if you always fought snipers with snipers.


13. Use of DMRs

As I mentioned earlier, utilizing a sniper in the Miramar map is one of the smartest things to do. But what should you do when you can't find a bolt action rifle? Well, there's nothing to worry about. Pick up any DMR and start hitting your enemies. DMRs usually are very helpful in long-range fights and require only 2-3 shots to kill your enemies.


12. Use of Smoke Grenades

The tip I will tell you now can help you get clear of most of the enemies throughout the game and help you kill them without even noticing them. By chance, if you engage in a fight and your teammate gets knocked down, and enemies start to rush at you. Deploy to smoke grenades, one at your location and the other one a little far from you. This makes your enemy double-minded and makes him go to the wrong smoke area. Due to this, you can easily kill your enemy and hit him from behind.


11. Use of Stun Grenade

In a map like Miramar, there are many situations when we encounter enemies sitting in the stairways or a room. To hit them without them knowing, use a stun grenade to stun your enemies and take the chance to rush towards your enemy while he can't see a thing. This will make you get rid of campers easily.


10. Use of Molotov Cocktail

Mostly referred to as molly, Molotov cocktails can come in handy when a squad is camping in a house or a room. It is not easy to rush on a squad that sits in all four corners. What you can do is use the perfect molly at the perfect spot so that you burn all your enemies and kill them by only using flames.


9. Use of Grenades

At the start of the article, we have discussed the importance of ridges and how they help you hide from enemies. But we should all remember the tips we use our enemies use as well. Most of the time, we engage in fights that involve ridges and both the parties taking cover of ridges. So, rushing on an enemy that is sitting behind a ridge is a death wish. What you can do is pin a grenade to the pinpoint location of your enemy, and boom, he's gone. Easy Peasy!


8. Level 3 Helmet

Helmets are one of the most ignored parts of the game. Players don't remember to utilize the best helmets in-game due to the in-game features like "don't show helmets in-game". The helmet plays an important role in the Miramar map because it can help you withstand the headshots of snipers and can give you a second chance to heal and fight.


7. Turn your Speaker to All

Most of the time, when we are playing the game, we forget to switch our mic from All to team. This is also the case with enemy players. By setting your speaker to all, you can sometimes hear the calls of enemies and surprise attack him making him think of you as a hacker.


6. Listen Carefully in Plane

As discussed above, the importance of switching to the all channel of the speaker. In a plane, you can particularly hear almost every individual. So, if you are looking to push your rank closely, listen to the places all the players are challenging for and go to the least crowded places. 


5. Least Crowded Places

The least crowded places are the places that are far away from the plane's path. To get to these places, you sometimes have to utilize a vehicle. These places can give you a good start in gaining the best possible loot in PUBG Mobile.


4. Proper Attachments of Gun

The proper attachments of a gun make it more stable and powerful. Without these attachments, you may feel like you have lost control of the weapons you are holding. Please find the best possible attachments for your weapon and utilize them often in-game to get the best out of your weapons.


3. Use of Suppressor

Suppressors come for ARs, Snipers, and SMGS. What is the use of a suppressor in the Miramar map? It is one of the big maps and doesn't have enough areas to hide. In such situations, the use of a suppressor will not give out your location to your enemies, making it hard for them to spot you.


2. Heal Battles

The heal battles are usually very rare but can come in handy when you know you cannot kill your enemy by engaging in a fight at the last zone when only two squads are left. So, what to do in these situations? Ask all your teammates to drop their first aids and ask them to go for a fight. If they kill the squad, you win, and if they don't, you will still win because one of the players of your squad has a lot of first aid and will not get killed by the zone.


1. Use of Brown Ghillie Suit

Ghillie suits are the most overpowered suits of PUBG Mobile. There is a special kind of ghillie suit known as the ghillie suit brown in a Miramar map. Never miss your chance to utilize this suit because it is very difficult to spot and can help you get many hiding opportunities.


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