PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map Guide - Top 25 Tips

PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map Guide
Sanhok Showdown, PUBG Mobile

Discover some of the best tips of Sanhok map that will help you kill your enemies easily.

PUBG Mobile is a game that has various maps such as Livik, Erangle, Miramar, and Sanhok. Sadly, Vikendi has been removed from the game. So, the map I will be discussing is going to be Sanhok. Sanhok is a map that is most popular with players of the Middle East. 

Sanhok is considered a competitive map, having hot drops that help you develop close-range combat skills. The most common hot drop of the Sanhok map is Bootcamp. Well, if you're looking for high-level training, I suggest you land at Bootcamp. You will encounter more than half of the lobby in Bootcamp, making you develop good skills.

As we all know, playing a map that is comparatively small to other maps and has hot drops should be played using proper tactics and tips. You must be wondering how some tips can help you improve the game? Well, find out your answer below. This article will discuss the top 25 tips of the PUBG Mobile Sanhok map that will help you up your game.


25. Use Green Outfit

Sanhok is a map that is full of greenery and grass. It has comparatively huge grass as compared to Erangle. In this map, you can easily hide in the grass and be unspotted by your enemies. Well, this is a tip for rank pushers that do not want to engage in fights and are looking to get a plus in their points to reach the highest tier. 

Wear proper green clothes that will help you hide in almost every location as Sanhok is full of grass, and it is pretty hard to find players prone in the grass.


24. Hold a Place

As we all know, Sanhok is a map that is built comparatively smaller and has very small houses built of wood. A maximum of two players should camp in the same house; otherwise, you'll be killed one after the other easily. 

What you can do is hold a compound, and every player should choose one house in which he camps. This will be helpful when enemies are ambushing you as the enemy cannot attack at all places at once. He will surely go after one teammate, and at that time, all the players rush at him from all four directions. It is considered a bait kill or an easy kill. 


23. Use of Crouch Button

In a map like Sanhok, when the game reaches towards the last zones. The most common mistake every player makes is they just run without thinking of being spotted. To avoid being spotted, you can simply crouch and use trees to your advantage. Go from one tree to the other until you reach the safe zone. Sanhok is filled with trees and grass, so crouching will make it reach a safe zone without the fear of being spotted.


22. Use of Suppressor 

A suppressor is an attachment that many players dislike just because it increases the recoil of your weapon. Well, this is a big mistake that you should avoid while playing Sanhok. Why? Because in a map like Sanhok, your enemies may be near you without you being aware. So, firing without a suppressor will result in giving your location out to your enemy. Always use a suppressor so that you stay safe from surprise attacks.


21. Use of Grenade

In the Sanhok map, the last zone fights are usually filled with smokes, and the alive count is really high. To avoid being killed easily, deploy a lot of smoke in all four directions. When in a situation like this. Pin a grenade and throw it randomly in the smoke in front of you. Most of the time, it results in knocking one or two enemies. This gives you a chance to rush at your enemies and get a chicken dinner for your team. 


20. Use of Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are one of the most ignored grenades in the Sanhok map as every player thinks that it will not aid them. Well, your perceptions about the smoke grenades are wrong. According to me, smoke grenades are underrated and can be very beneficial in different situations such as:

  • While you're reviving your teammate
  • In the final zone
  • To block the sight of your enemy
  • To hide your location


19. Equip both AR

As we know, many players prefer to use a combination of SMG and AR in PUBG Mobile. But in a map like Sanhok, always equip two ARs with you. How will this be beneficial? Well, we engage in a lot of close-range fights in Sanhok. Sometimes while we are shooting at the enemy, we run out of ammo in our weapon, so rather than reloading, you can simply change the weapon and kill your enemy with a beautiful weapon switch. You can choose the combination of one 5.56mm weapon and a 7.62mm weapon. 


18. Never use a Motorbike 

In a map like Sanhok, the motorbike can result in getting you killed. How? A motorbike in the Sanhok map of PUBG Mobile is speedy but has very slow brakes and can be really hectic to turn. In many cases, you may end up hitting a tree while your enemy is in front of you. This results in a free kill for your enemy.


17. Avoid Summoning BRDM

A BRDM is one of the most powerful vehicles of PUBG Mobile. It requires much ammo to explode a BRDM. A BRDM is overpowered, but it may not be a good choice in a map like Sanhok because Sanhok is a map with many rough places, and BRDM is not powerful enough to get through these places. A stuck BRDM gives your enemies a chance to kill you with an explosion. 

Also, the most crucial thing about BRDM is that PUBG Mobile is experiencing a glitch in which the BRDM does not show smoke when it is about to explode. So, be aware of the health line at all times. 


16. Suitable Scope

Almost every scope is suitable in Sanhok, but the most useful scopes that will help you get kills in close and long ranges are 3x and 4x. I prefer 4x because it is the scope that has a much clearer view and crosshair as compared to other scopes.


15. Use M416 Often

As we all know, stability is the main thing if you want to kill your enemy that is running or laying in the grass of Sanhok. To spot an enemy and finish him off, you need to have a precise aim. M416 is one of the most stable guns of PUBG Mobile. So, in a map like Sanhok, always utilize the AR M416 to get a great aim and finish off enemies without them knowing where they got shot from. 


14. Hide behind Rocks

When in an open location without houses around for cover. Always opt to hide behind the rocks. Sanhok is a map that has a lot of rocks and trees. Always keep your senses on point and look for small things to use for your advantage, such as rocks. The rocks in Sanhok are really huge and have a good angle that will help you take cover and then finish off your enemy in no time. 


13. Use a Camo Outfit

As we discussed earlier, you should always opt for a green outfit for a map like Sanhok. But what to do when you do not have any green outfits in your inventory? Well, go for the camo outfits such as the green top and green shorts. These are the dresses that PUBG freely gives at the time of account creation. 


12. Hide in a Room (Bootcamp)

Bootcamp is one of the main hot drops of PUBG Mobile. More than half of the lobby drops at Bootcamp. What to do when you are surrounded by many enemies with not enough loot? Well, there are many rooms in the main building of Bootcamp. Your squad should take hold of a single room by sitting at every four corners. No squad will be able to rush at you and kill you without getting a tough competition.


11. Use an LMG

As we all know, LMGs are one of the most overpowered weapons of PUBG Mobile, with many bullet counts. This helps by hitting your enemy with many bullets without the fear of reloading as the bullets take forever to end. I always prefer the use of LMGs instead of SMGs.


10. Use a Buggy

Buggy is one of the most stable vehicles of Sanhok, and it can come in really handy if you have to travel a considerable distance in a short time without being killed. A buggy is a safe vehicle as most of the bullets are blocked by the car, but it is not encouraged to sit at the buggy's passenger seat because you can be easily knocked off from a buggy.


9. Use of Water

When you know your enemy is camping a bridge and waiting for you to come. What you can do is, dive into the water, hold your breath and clear the bridge part from underneath the water. Although you may take some damage, it will be worth it. By doing so, you can attack your enemies from behind and get easy kills. It is an excellent example of "The predator becomes the prey."


8. Utilize Different Angles

As we all know, the houses of Sanhok are woody and have very little window count. It is always discouraged to peak through the same window again and again because your enemy may be a professional player as well, and he may opt to pre-fire at the window resulting in a free kill when you peak the next time.


7. Use a Stun Grenade

When you are sure that your enemy is camping in a room, always remember to use a stun grenade to blind them and surprise attack them, as without the stun grenade, you may get knocked within a second.


6. Use Different Vehicles

This tip is one of the most valuable tips when you are playing on the Sanhok map. How can the use of different vehicles be beneficial? Well, as I discussed earlier, you may get knocked easily from a passenger seat. It is always encouraged to travel with every player having his own vehicle. By doing so, there is a low chance of a squad being finished off just by a good spray of the enemy.


5. Communicate

In a map like the Sanhok, communication is the key to success. Without the use of proper communication, you may end up being in the lobby in no time. Always remember to help out your teammates by adequately communicating with them without being kill greedy.


4. Use of Pre-Fire

Pre-fire is one of the most valuable tips in the Sanhok map and for other maps as well. Pre-fire is a tactic that many professional players use to kill their enemies. What is a pre-fire? Well, a pre-fire is figuring out the next move of your enemy and firing at that point even if your enemy is not at that point. There are many chances that your enemy might end up in your pre-fire resulting in an easy kill.


3. Use of a Molly

A molly is one of the most valuable things to use if your enemies are camping in a room with the whole squad. You can simply throw a molly at an exact point. This will make your enemy catch fire, and their health is reduced significantly. You can use this as an advantage and rush on them without a second thought.


2. Use of Drop Weapons

Drop weapons are one of the most overpowered weapons of PUBG Mobile. In a map like Sanhok, it is always encouraged to use the drop gun "Groza." A Groza will significantly help you kill your enemies when you engage in a close combat fight.


1. Ghillie Suit

As I have discussed throughout the article, the Sanhok map has a lot of greenery and grass. To use this feature to your advantage, look out for drops and loot them for a ghillie suit. Your enemy cannot spot you if you are wearing a ghillie suit. This will be very beneficial for you and help you get many kills without being spotted.


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