PUBG Mobile Best Ways To Earn UC [Top 5 Ways]

Solo, Bike, PUBG
Solo, Bike, PUBG

Are you wondering if there are any ways to earn UC in PUBG Mobile? This guide will be discussing the top 5 ways that might help you. 

More than $150 million in revenue has been produced by PUBG Smartphone, making it the highest-grossing mobile game ever. In this game, you can exchange UC for BP. The former must be purchased with real money, whereas the latter can be obtained fast and at no cost just by playing games.

The players can use Google Play Credit or direct bank account payments to purchase UC. Purchases of the Elite Pass, clothing, vehicle skins, and much more can be made with cash. Since not all players have the financial means to purchase UC, we've compiled this list of the most reliable free PUBG Mobile UC generators.

Using a hack to win UC or a match is against the rules. Therefore, the following list of the greatest legitimate ways to acquire free PUBG Mobile UC.

1. Earning from Apps

Zupee Gold is only one of many apps that provide free Paytm money. If you download the app and correctly answer some basic questions, you may win some real cash that will be deposited directly into your digital wallet. To top it all off, it can be exchanged for UC in PUBG Mobile using one's Paytm account.

2. Google Play Gift Cards

appKarma is one such app that offers users free Google Play Gift cards if they've completed the in-software tasks. Users must sign up for the app and complete one of several tasks to score points. With these points, you may buy Google Play Gift Cards, which can then be used to buy UC without spending any cash.

3. Online Surveys

Free money can be earned by using apps like Google Opinion Rewards, which allow users to voice their opinions in exchange for rewards. Users must respond to a few straightforward questions, and their accounts will be updated accordingly. To maximize your earnings from online surveys, you must read the questions thoroughly and provide accurate responses at all times.

4. Elite Royale Pass

It's the most convenient approach to gain UC for free in PUBG Mobile. There are 600 UC up for grabs as RP mission prizes in Elite Royale Pass. Players must complete the RP assignments and pay for the Elite Royale Pass only once. The Elite Royale Pass can be purchased for 600 UC, but all of that money is returned to the player without any hassle.

5. Google Play Free Credit

Google Play occasionally gives users free Google Play Credit, which can be used to purchase UC. The Google Play Credit value will be removed from the total price when the gamers decide how much they wish to pay for it. This means that UC can now be purchased at a much more reasonable cost.

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