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Are you wondering what the best landing spots of PUBG Mobile for each map are? In this article, we will discuss all of them in detail. 

In recent years, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular mobile battle royale games, providing the complete PUBG experience to your phone since its December 2017 launch. It's had a bigger impact in recent years than its big brother, and since 2017, there's been a lot of new content added to the game, so new or lapsed players may require some assistance getting back into the game. It is meant literally.

PUBG Mobile's four battle royale maps are broken down in this guide, with the optimal drop sites and a few more tidbits to help you get started.

5. Erangel

Players have been battling for chicken dinners on Erangel, the original PUBG area, since the game's inception. Small cities are scattered around an 8x8 map that's largely open space. A military facility is located on a small island in the southern portion of the map, which is only connected to the mainland by two small bridges. The military base can be avoided if you don't land there and if the circle doesn't drive you down there.

A Few Good Places To Land Are:

  • Quarry 
  • Military Base 
  • School

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Located immediately north of Primotsk, Quarry is a flat area with a handful of solitary buildings. Even if you're not lucky enough to discover a rare drop, there's enough stuff to get you started, and you won't have to travel far to get to safety in time unless the safe zone is in the extreme northeast. However, be aware of other players landing here, as the flat ground makes jumping out of the open dangerous.
  • When you want to start your match with as much havoc as possible, you land at the Military Base on the southern island, which is only accessible by two bridges. Other players in the game are aware of the large base's tremendous loot. This game has a lot of action right from the get-go, so if you're looking for something fast and furious, this is the place for you.
  • When a match begins, players flock to the School, which is also near the center of the map, but unlike the Military Base, this site is almost exactly in the middle of the map. This advantage is that you can equip yourself and take out a few adversaries without ever having to leave the protected zone. You'll be in good shape no matter where the circle goes if you can hold off the other players who will eventually drop here with you.

4. Miramar

There isn't much cover from long-range weapons on Miramar because it is a desolate desert battlefield. For settlements like Los Leones and Pecado to exist, the terrain is flat and void of life outside the towns. You'll be having a great time if you can get hold of a long-range sniper rifle or comparable weapon. If not, keep to the buildings and only move when you're out of the safe zone.

A Few Good Places To Land Are:

  • Water Treatment
  • El Azahar
  • Los Leones

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • The water treatment facility is positioned north of the center of the map. Even though it's a little area, there's enough treasure to get you started. With only two or three other players landing here, you won't have to deal with as many early game clashes as you would in places like Los Leones. If you're not already in a safe zone, you'll know exactly how far you'll have to drive to get there so that you can plan your route accordingly.
  • The town of El Azahar, which is located in the northeastern half of the map, has a few circular solitary buildings facing it directly southeast. If you're a newbie, there's enough stuff to get you started, and most people who land in this zone will travel directly to El Azahar, so you may be able to acquire some loot and get out before anyone notices you.
  • Los Leones' outskirts provide enough riches to outfit you before entering the city proper for the first few firefights. Even if you're an adrenaline junkie who wants to get things going quickly, we don't recommend entering the heart of the city. Work the edges and see what you can unearth there.

3. Sanhok

For miles, Sanhok consists of nothing but greenery and rolling hills. Even if there are 100 players, the large map will allow them to spread out comfortably, and the steep terrain will provide lots of cover and ambush possibilities for loot and combat. When the safe zone is on one side of the bridge and you're on the other, the river cutting down the center of the map—and dividing it in two on the western side—makes for some frightening moments. To be on the safe side of the map when playing Sanhok, we recommend moving to the larger island.

A Few Good Places To Land Are:

  • Bhan
  • Pai Nan
  • Quarry

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Bhan, a bizarre wooden structure in the heart of Sanhok's largest island, has a good deal of treasure. The layout of the landmark necessitates some hopping, so try to avoid doing so if possible. However, staying low and grabbing any loot Bhan offers is a good way to start the game.
  • There are structures on both sides of the river in Pai Nan, a coastal town in the lower half of the map. Landing on the island's northern side will put you on the main island and on a more direct path to the first safe zone, which we recommend you do. As a bonus, the village of Pai Nan is divided into two half, meaning that any enemies who drop here will most likely flee to the other side of the river, leaving you with all their valuables.
  • The enormous rocky area known as Quarry, also found in the eastern half of the map, contains a wealth of useful items. Our loot pool is smaller than that of a town. Therefore it's unlikely to be overrun at any given time despite being a prominent landmark on the map. If one of your companions joins you in this area, there is plenty of room to move away from the onslaught.

2. Vikendi

For our final destination, we'll head to the ice tundra. Despite its tiny size, Vikendi still has a lot of interesting locales and points of interest that carry valuable loot. The western portion of the map is a little more open than the rest but be prepared for some fascinating clashes right out of the gate.

A Few Good Places To Land Are:

  • Lumber Yard
  • Dino Park
  • Mount Kreznic

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Located on the southeast coast, Lumber Yard has a lot of money to go around, and there's not much to worry about. It's common for other players to head to the towns in Vikendi because the map is so small. There are a few towns nearby, such as Cantra, Peshkova, and the Cement Factory to the northwest, where you can stock up on supplies before venturing farther.
  • Dino Park, located in the southwest corner of the map, offers many of the same advantages as Lumber Yard, with the added benefit of being closer to the center of the map. Wait for adversaries to come by till the safe zone shows up and tells you where you're headed the next time. Your position can be fortified, and you can wait to get the upper hand on some unlucky bystanders.
  • Early on, players should expect Mount Kreznic in the map's center to be a popular destination. Landing here is a great place to begin your match if you've been playing the game for some time because it's a high-elevation area with many goodies. Go to Mount Kreznic and have a good time if you think you can hold your own and be the last one standing.

1. Livik

PUBG Mobile's latest season 14 update, 0.19.0, has just been released. For a faster, more intense gameplay experience, the update offers the premium exclusive Nordic-style Livik map, measuring 2km in size and featuring 52 players.

People don't have to miss out on valuable stuff because of where they land because of the new map's mixed landscapes and water features.

A Few Good Places To Land Are:

  • Iceborg
  • Waterfall
  • Power Plant

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Iceberg is a picturesque tiny village on the northeastern front of the Livik map, situated on icy terrain. A big church sits in the heart of the area, where large sums of money are offered. On the other hand, individuals often find what they require within the urban framework. Furthermore, it makes getting into the zone a little more difficult. It isn't easy to return to the domain because the area is usually located on the inside.
  • One of the most talked about top loot areas in the Livik Map of PUBG Mobile is a waterfall located in the southwest corner of the map. A three-tiered waterfall with a stream ski on top is part of this scenic region. From the top of the waterfall, players can use stream skis to ride three levels straight down. Some valuable loot can be found in a shrouded area immediately behind the waterfall.
  • High-level equipment can be found regularly at the Power Plant on this map. There are a lot of Snipers and DMRs in this region, so if you consider yourself a good shot, here is the place for you. If players are persistent and obtain this area's massive amounts of loot, it makes for an exciting race.


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