[Top 5] PUBG Mobile Most Played Maps That Are Fun (All Maps Ranked Least To Most Popular)

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Are you wondering what the most played maps of PUBG Mobile in 2022 are? This article will discuss it all. 

PUBG's origin story is a long one, but it's a fascinating one. Only a handful of modifications have had such a profound influence on the gaming industry as PUBG. In terms of online multiplayer, it's reasonable to argue that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a game-changing innovation. Many games currently use similar concepts and modes to draw in as many players as possible. A battle-royale method is now available in games like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends owing to the PUBG.


5. Karakin

Karakin, PUBG Mobile

This is the fifth and final map in the game, and it ranks fifth. With its 2x2 kilometer size and intended for a smaller game with 64 participants, this is yet another teeny-tiny island. It's a great map with stunning graphics that'll bring back memories of Far Cry 2. In terms of selling points, the map's Black Zone is the most important.

Players can be wiped out even if they hide in a building, unlike the traditional Red Zones, on this map's random black zones of death. Combined with its size, this makes for an extremely frantic multiplayer experience. Unlike the four big dads, the map's unusual style means it can't be compared to them.

Why Karakin is Great:

  • Great map with stunning graphics
  • Teeny-tiny island
  • Extremely frantic multiplayer experience


4. Vikendi

Vikendi, PUBG Mobile

There are four major maps in the game. Vikendi is a six-square-mile island covered in snow and ice. In terms of scale, it's a medium-sized map with great viewpoints. Players must run for long distances while dealing with the harsh weather conditions in this map's core. Unfortunately, the weather has little impact on gameplay. Using a snowmobile or hiding in the snow is encouraged by the map, which is well-designed. Nonetheless, it is ranked fourth on the list. It's because of the map's weak performance compared to the other three primary maps and its few faults.

Why Vikendi is Great:

  • It's a medium-sized map
  • Vikendi is covered in snow and ice
  • Harsh weather conditions


3. Miramar

Miramar, PUBG Mobile

Desert and scorching heat characterize the 8x8 kilometer Miramar map. This is the game's second map, yet it ranks third on our ranking. Most of the teams and players on the map are looking for the best scope and finest vantage positions. It adds to the experience and gives you that Bear Grylls Man v. Wild type of atmosphere because the map is so big! Its immensity is also its downfall. With so many players scouting each other across the huge area, the average game time will be substantially higher. As a result, several players switch to Sanhok instead.

Why Miramar is Great:

  • The biggest map in the game
  • Average game time is higher


2. Sanhok

Sanhok, PUBG Mobile

Many people consider Sanhok to be the finest map in the game. A 4x4 kilometer range is all it has to offer in terms of size. It's a fast-paced, cover-filled game. Getting from one place to the next is made simpler because of the map's large scale. Aside from its fantastic rewards, the terrain is extremely well-balanced. This map has no drawbacks whatsoever. It's a near-perfect fit. This map is ranked second because Erangel performs the same function as this map but on a much greater scale.

Why Sanhok is Great:

  • Shortest map
  • There are huge grass and bushes
  • A Forest Theme


1. Erangle

Erangle, PUBG Mobile

This is the nicest and most gorgeous map in the game. The 8x8 kilometer map Erangle is perfect for the battle royale mode. This is a much smaller region than the Miramar map, making travel easier and more enjoyable. This is especially true when working in concert with a group. Sanhok is still the greatest map in PUBG, but this one has a wider map area, making it more appropriate for a 100-player game. Despite its aesthetic appeal, it offers no benefit to players with larger scopes.

Why Erangle is Great:

  • Erangle is clearly bigger
  • A lot of land and locations to explore.


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