[Top 5] PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifle

Best PUBG Mobile ARs
Best ARs of PUBG Mobile

Are you ready to kill your enemies with the best AR present in PUBG Mobile? Then, discover the best PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles.

PUBG Mobile has become a global sensation. Due to its rising popularity comes new and different questions about the game. Which is the best PUBG Mobile assault rifle? This is the most frequently asked question from many players. In this post, I will be discussing all the best assault rifles of PUBG Mobile.

We have all encountered situations when other players kill us even though we had hit them with the same amount of bullets. Ever wonder why this happens? Well, this is because of the stats of the weapon you are using. The type of weapon you use determines how well or bad you will perform in combat skills have their part, but it is necessary to be equipped with the best weapon.

To find out which AR is the best in PUBG Mobile, keep reading the article. I have briefly explained why these assault rifles can be helpful for you. With these ARs, you will never be killed in an instant because these will help you take down your enemies a lot faster.

5. AUG A3 – AR

AUG A3 Assault Rifle, PUBG Mobile

AUG A3 is a special kind of assault weapon in PUBG Mobile. AUG A3 is a weapon that uses 5.56mm ammunition. It is one of the most stable weapons of PUBG Mobile. It is suitable for many players because it allows them to spray at a long or medium-range target without any difficulty. 

Many players, including me, make sure to use this weapon because it is one of the best assault rifles that you can utilize. The attachments that can be used on this weapon are muzzle, magazine, grip, and scope. The best combination of attachments to use on this weapon are compensator, vertical grip, magazine, and 3x alongside canted sight. With these attachments, the gun can be modified for more stability and more ammo count.

Why AUG A3 is Great:

  • High Stability
  • Zero Recoil
  • Long and Mid-Range gun
  • Great Accuracy

How to get AUG A3:

AUG A3 is a special kind of gun that can only be looted from airdrops and flare drops. The spawn rate of AUG A3 throughout the map is zero. 

AUG A3 Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/AUG_A3

4. M416 – AR

M416 Assault Rifle, PUBG Mobile

The M416 assault rifle is considered the stable weapon of PUBG Mobile. Many professional players, including me, use this weapon in our inventory because of its fire rate and stability. M416 is the in-game variant of HK416. It uses 5.56mm ammo. Many attachments can be used on this weapon. The ideal attachments to use on this weapon are vertical grip, compensator, extended magazine, tactical grip, and scopes.

I prefer to use this gun because it is useful in close, medium, and long-range. This weapon can be used in single and auto mode. Single-mode is preferred to use when you need to fire at a long-range enemy. Auto mode is preferable to use at medium and close ranges. 

Why M416 is great: 

  • High Damage Rate
  • High Fire Rate
  • High Stability
  • Used as a close, mid, and long-range gun. 

How to get M416:

It is a common weapon of PUBG. It can be looted from anywhere on the map. It can be looted from rooftops, rooms, and shacks. 

M416 Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/M416

3. Beryl M762 – AR

Beryl M762 Assault Rifle, PUBG Mobile

Beryl M762 is a common assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. It uses 7.62mm ammo. It is better than many other assault rifles because it has a high rate of fire and damage. Why is it ranked third? It is ranked third because of its properties that it can use all types of attachments for modifications. By the use of attachments, this assault rifle can become an overpowered beast. 

I prefer this gun to you because of its ability to kill enemies in an instant. It is the best weapon to use in close ranges. I use it with a suppressor because it makes it make less noise. It can be used on single, burst, and auto modes. 

Why Beryl M762 is great: 

  • High Damage
  • High Fire Rate
  • Better Stability
  • Long, Close, and Mid-range gun

How to get Beryl M762:

Beryl M762 is a common weapon that can be looted from throughout the map. The rate of the spawn of beryl m762 is the same throughout the game. The best place to find beryl m762 are rooms and rooftops.

Beryl M762 Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/Beryl_M762

2. AKM – AR

AKM Assault Rifle, PUBG Mobile

The second weapon on our list of top assault rifles in PUBG is the AKM. Why is AKM ranked second? It is ranked as the second-best gun because AKM is an overpowered gun that deals much damage. It only requires 2-3 headshots of AKM to kill an enemy wearing a Level 2 or 3 helmet. If you find AKM a match, do utilize it. Why? Because AKM can help you clear the area in no time.

AKM uses 7.62mm ammunition which deals more damage than 5.56mm ammunition. The attachments that can be added to AKM are muzzle, magazine, and sight attachments. The use of these attachments enhances the gun and makes it even more powerful and accurate. AKM loads up to 30 bullets at the basic level, but with an extended mag, the count increases to 40.

Why AKM is great: 

  • High Damage
  • Over Powered
  • Close and Medium Range Gun

How to get AKM:

AKM is a common weapon in PUBG Mobile. It can be looted from anywhere on the map. The spawn rate of AKM is equal throughout the map. The best way to loot AKM is by searching in rooms and rooftops.

AKM Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/AKM

1.Groza – AR

Groza Assault Rifle, PUBG Mobile

Well, the number one weapon on our list is Groza. Personally, I use Groza whenever I get the chance to use it. Why? Because it is one of the best guns of PUBG Mobile. Groza weapon takes no time in killing your enemies. The specialty of this AR is that it uses 7.62mm ammo. Due to this ammo, the gun gives out much damage to the opponents.

If you see someone coming at you with a Groza, run for your life. The extensions that can be used on Groza are the muzzle and magazine. With a muzzle and magazine, you can enhance your gun to make less sound and have forty bullets per magazine.

Why Groza is great:

  • High Fire Rate
  • High Damage Rate
  • High Impact on Body
  • It can be used on Single and Auto
  • Over Powered

How to get Groza:

Groza is a special kind of Assault Rifle. It does not spawn anywhere on the map. Rather it can only be looted from an airdrop or flare drop. The chance of finding a Groza AR randomly spawn on the map is zero. 

Groza Details: https://pubg.fandom.com/wiki/Groz

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