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Erangle Map Guide

Are you wondering how you can improve your gameplay in the Erangle map? This guide discusses all the information that you need to get started.

25. Spawn Sites of Vehicles in Erangle

Where can I find a Dacia, UAZ, Buggy, and boat from the Erangle? I'm sorry to break it up to you. There is no one place where you can rent a car. They are more or less dispersed at random around the globe.

The key to gaining a vehicle on the Erangle map is to land with your team at the beginning of the game. Check to see whether a vehicle appears anywhere on the map. Land at the nearest car and drive it to the designated drop-off point.

24. Drop Location

In PUBG Mobile, teamwork and commitment to the cause are essential to victory. Selecting a safe and convenient spot to drop off your package can have positive consequences. Hot drops can be found in Erangle, including Pochinki, the school, the apartments, the military base, and Georgopol.

The many early-game battles in these hot drops force many players to reset their games and return to the lobby. Picking a secure landing zone is crucial to your success in the game; given that the flight route of the jet changes with each game, choosing a safe landing place is never a sure bet. Get as far away from the flight path as possible.

23. Utilization of a Camo Outfit

Why would it be helpful to wear a camouflage suit while exploring Erangle? Wearing camouflage to blend in with the environment and avoid encountering an adversary is a helpful tactic. You can hide in the grass or behind some boulders if you're wearing camouflage. To recognize a player wearing camouflage gear is a significant challenge. Wearing a mask will increase your survivability in dangerous situations.

22. Utilize a Sniper

Sniper rifles are incredibly useful in the Erangle map. Obviously, due to the vastness of the Erangle terrain, circumstances like long-range battles will arise regularly. A sniper rifle is the best weapon for combat at long range.

An enemy can be eliminated in a single shot with a sniper rifle. You need to time your images, so they go off right when someone peeks in your direction.

21. Avoid Fighting with Enemies that have LMGs

One of the most obscenely powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile is the Light Machine Guns or LMG. It will help if you avoid conflict with a player armed with an LMG. Why? Since LMGs carry so many bullets, you won't have time to wonder what to do. Do yourself a favour and avoid the light machine guns.

20. Utilize a Sniper

Sniper rifles are incredibly useful in the Erangle map. Obviously, due to the vastness of the Erangle terrain, circumstances like long-range battles will arise regularly. A sniper rifle is the best weapon for combat at long range.

An enemy can be eliminated in a single shot with a sniper rifle. You need to time your images, so they go off right when someone peeks in your direction.

19. Land at High Loot Places

Where on the map of Erangle can I expect to find the most loot? Indeed, that is the case. The loot is abundant in places like apartments, Georgopoulos, and military bases. You need only drop in and steal whatever you can. You should only land there if no other squad is attempting to land there simultaneously. If not, you may soon find yourself in the lobby. Always rely on your teammates to help you out with scouting. If you're lucky, you'll have the place to yourself, which means more riches! You will be immune to harm and difficult to eliminate.

18. Use of Frag Grenade

A frag grenade in PUBG Mobile is the game's most underappreciated weapon. An opponent sheltering in one of Erangle's squad homes would be easy prey for a frag grenade. If you rush toward these foes, they will quickly kill you.

So you don't get killed off too quickly. Remove the pin from a fragmentation grenade and toss it in the intended Location. You scored a successful grenade kill without taking any damage.

17. Using the Best Armor

In PUBG Mobile, using the finest armour can be helpful. When playing PUBG Mobile, many players don't give armour much chance. Erangle is a large terrain; thus, using your armour effectively is all you need to succeed.

The quality of one's armour might vary. An excellent piece of protection is a Level 3 Vest. It improves your chances of dodging fire from a legendary weapon like an AWM, Groza, or Machine Gun.

16. Jumping from Plane

Like I said earlier, PUBG Mobile is a game that demands a lot of focus and planning. When seeking advice on how to navigate an Erangle map. Jumping out of a perfect aeroplane at precisely the right moment is the best advice that can be given.

If you're looking to save some money on dinner, you might want to consider jumping off of a perfectly OK plane. How? Assuming you know how many players are on board, you can land at a location where you anticipate no incoming squads. Keep an eye on the counter, and pounce the instant the number in the plane drops to ten.

15. Frequently Change between Single and Auto Modes

It's possible that varying the rate at which your gun discharges will significantly affect your overall effectiveness. The vast majority of gamers ignore the fire rate and keep on auto-fire. The automatic firing mode of some firearms is optimal.

However, while attempting to kill at medium to long ranges, other weaponry is better used in a single Mode. More accurate shooting is possible in single Mode since the recoil is much smaller than automatic firing.

14. Use of Ghillie Suit

Because of the abundance of greenery on the Erangle map, ghillie suits help avoid detection when hiding from the enemy.

The most effective use of a ghillie suit is to lie in wait for your adversaries among the grass. It would help if you started shooting once an adversary comes into range. The blow will be so effective that he won't even feel it.

13. Try to Kill Enemies by Exploding their Vehicles

Vehicles can be used as cover, although care must be taken to leave a small gap between them in the event of sustained gunfire. Smoke will start to billow from the engine, a fire will start, and your car will explode. To remove enemies, you can either capture their base or fire enough shots at their vehicles to cause them to explode.

12. Loot with Closed Doors 

It would help if you thoroughly wiped your tracks before continuing your quest for arms and armour. When entering or leaving the building, closing the doors behind you is the most efficient manner of achieving this. Because buildings always start with locked doors, an open gate usually means someone is inside, or the best loot has been taken.

11. Toggle the Eye Button

When you play the PUBG mobile game, do you tap the 'Eye' button? In case you haven't done so before, you really should. That's why the button's size doesn't correspond with its importance in the game. The benefits of an eye button over your opponent may not be immediately apparent.

I'll explain how to do it. To alert your enemy, you must be quiet as you move around and look for them. Pressing the "eye" button allows you to observe all spherical perspectives silently.

10. Be Sure to Check for Flare Gun

In PUBG Mobile, a flare gun is one of the rarest weapons, but if you're playing on the Erangle map, you have a good chance of finding one. When looking at maps, it often pops up in the most unexpected locations.

Use the flare gun right away if you find one; doing so will grant you access to powerful legendary weapons and a level 3 suit of armour and helmet.

9. Put Death Before Rebirth

In the pair and squad game modes, if an enemy kills one of your teammates, you can either revive them or be revived. However, it would help if you eliminated the opponents rushing at you before you run to help your friend in trouble.

One foolproof method of surprising your foes is to pretend you're performing a revive, then, as soon as the enemy gets within range, pull out your weapon and start firing. This will put you in a position to dispatch your opponent quickly.

8. Assist your Fellow Players

While you may be out of the game, you can still use the text chat box to warn your pals of an impending enemy advance.

7. Never Jump Out of a Window

The structure seen on the Erangle chart is enormous. It can be fatal to jump from the roof of a tall building or a moving vehicle, with the risk of injury increasing directly to the height of the structure or vehicle. When you jump from tall buildings, you lose health and become easier to kill.

6. Use Audio Conferencing

A lot of gamers disagree that it's necessary to use voice chat while playing online. You'd be mistaken to think that, though. If you're playing on a map with lots of rocks and trees like Erangle, you'll need to use voice chat to let your team know where the shots are coming from.

5. Avoid Firing Without Reason

Don't go crazy and start spraying bullets all over the place on a map like Erangle; striking a target far away and in motion is a challenging task. Don't fire unless you're sure your target won't move; you'll only end up losing your position without killing anyone.

4. Use A Smoke Grenade

Use a smoke grenade, as they are among the most effective grenades. It helps stay undetected so you can save a friend who's been knocked out without fear of getting killed.

3. Holding a House

If you're a squad member that likes to play it safe by staying low, the Erangle map is the place to do so. You need to find a home or squad house to get a foothold in the world. This will put you at a significant edge over your opponents and may even lead to some easy kills.

2. Use a Vehicle to Hide in the End Zone

Where would you hide a car in Erangle? Sometimes we'll come upon a protected area devoid of natural shelters like rocks and trees. You can use a vehicle as cover while rescuing people from hostile fires. You can easily avoid being shot and murdered by hiding behind the truck in an open area.

1. Take Hold of the Bridge

Bridge camping is a significant and frequently used feature of the Erangle map. Almost every team goes for the quick kill by looting and camping the bridge. Please explain how this helps. People drive their cars over the bridge despite being unaware of its hazards. If you are already camped and guarding the bridge and spot a vehicle coming full of the squad, you can easily pick them off with minimal effort by opening fire.

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