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Discover the best kill compilation videos of famous professional gamers.

Have you guys ever wondered how it would feel if you could kill your enemies and record them? Well, many of the YouTubers have showcased their talents. There are many kill compilation videos present on the internet. Do you want to find out and learn from these videos? If yes, then you've come to the right place.

In the post, I will be discussing that PUBG Mobile best kills compilations that will assist you by telling you about the strategies and tactics of handling 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, 1v,4, and other situations. So read along the article to know about some of the best kills and opinions about how the video was worth watching. 

By watching these videos, you can become aware of the tactics and rules of gameplay. There are many situations when we don't know what to do when fighting a whole squad. We panic and cannot ace the situation. If this has ever happened to you, read the article to find out how professional players play under compelling circumstances. 

10. TOP 10 Kills of the Week | PUBG Mobile

This video is one of the best kill compilation videos of PUBG Mobile. Some of the best squad wipes and kills. The video starts with a squad wipe video by kvleofficialgaming. Kvleofficialgaming is a professional PUBG Mobile player as well as a streamer. His gameplay is exceptional and unmatched.

The squad wipes performed by the player throughout the video were fantastic because the player did not panic and controlled the situations with ease making his enemies feel weak. The reflexes and tactics of this player are high, and he has got many skills under his belt. Most of the top kills are in squad vs. squad situations. 

The players rush toward their enemies in all situations losing their men as well. Kyle, in his video, has shown the best kills that he has performed. In my opinion, these are one of the best kills. Why? Because the player has maintained his ground and has not unnecessarily exposed his position. He has shown his reflexes and skills throughout the video.

You can learn from this video that, like the teammates of kvle you should never expose your position and get yourself killed. Instead, you should check the situation and act accordingly. Remaining calm throughout the combat made the gamer ace over his enemies. By watching this video, you guys can know how and when to act when in action.


This video is one of the best kills’ compilation videos of PUBG. Why? Because it is a compilation that consists of gameplay of different top players of the world such as Levinho, Athena, Sevou, Midas, Izo, Panda, and Mortal. These are the leading players of PUBG that have achieved many titles and achievements in PUBG.

The video contains many situations, such as solo vs. squads, solo vs. trios, squad vs. squads, and duo vs. squads. This video is the best video that can teach you how to kill your enemies. Some of the kills in this video are of high IQ that means the players have outsmarted their enemies by hitting them when they are expecting the least. One of the best examples of outsmarting enemies can be seen at the start of the video when Athena rushed on his enemies using a buggy.

This is one of the best videos that can assist you in learning from the best in the business. In my opinion, these videos can be best in helping you to understand how to handle situations, even if a 1v6 or 1v8 situation occurs. Levinho can be best if you are an aggressive player and want to learn how to make your enemies worried. This video provides the kills done with all kinds of weapons such as SMGs, ARs, Snipers, and LMG.

Learning from the best can be beneficial for you because these are the experts of the game PUBG Mobile. Their gameplay is ideal for you to learn from. They make you understand how to handle situations in which you are left alone, and there is no squad member to help you during a fight. 

8. Top Kills in PUBG Mobile | Best kills PUBG Compilation

This video is a popular PUBG Mobile kill compilation video. It was posted on the channel of Gaming Scoop. In this video, we can see various kinds of kills such as grenade kill, AR kill, SMG kill, etc. This YouTuber mostly plays squad mode and is considered a professional of PUBG Mobile. He has gained his audience from Pakistan and India.

The player has provided his gameplay with different maps. One of my favorite kills of this player is when he killed all the enemies that came to rush on him and wanted to kill him by a vehicle. This player has provided all sorts of kills, such as long-range, close-range, medium-range kills. 

In my opinion, the kills performed by this YouTuber can help you to get a sense of how to rush and fight with enemies even when you are in a car. He has shown his great kills by following his rushing towards enemies, and you can also kill your enemies in an instant. 

7. The Best SQUAD WIPES | Clutch Moments - PUBG Mobile

This video has been published by a YouTuber named FatalFrag. FatalFrag is a professional PUBG Mobile player. He has impressive skills and talent. His squad wipes are entertaining and full of skills and reflexes. The skills and reflexes performed by the player in this video are satisfying to watch.

The video consists of gameplay from different maps. By looking at his aim and gameplay, we can say that he has a perfect sensitivity setting. The player has outsmarted many of his enemies by his skills and rushing on them when they expect the least. In my opinion, this player's gameplay can be considered the best gameplay to learn about rushing techniques. 

6. PUBG Mobile Kill Compilation | Fast Kills & Intense Moments

This video was published on the YouTube channel TalkToHand. In this video, the player has shown us solo vs. squad situations. The player has used different weapons to kills his enemies, such as DMR, AR, SMG, etc. He has rushed on his enemies even though he was playing solo vs. squad. It takes a lot of skills and practice to perform such gameplay. 

The player can be seen to rush on his enemies and get some great kills. The most exciting kills performed by the player are when he is on the rooftop of Pochinki. Unfortunately, most players don't know about the rooftop trick, so they get killed easily. TalkToHand is one of the most extraordinary players of PUBG Mobile because he can kill his enemies in an instant and does not perform unnecessary rushes.

From this video, we can conclude that no matter what the situation, one should always stay focused and calm because the player who sweats and panics can never conquer a solo versus squad situation. Therefore, to ace your enemies, you should always remain focused and think with a cool head. 

5. 180 IQ | Top 5 kills of Mortal Live | PUBG MOBILE

This video contained kills compilations of Soul Mortal. One of the finest players of PUBG Mobile. He is an Indian Streamer and has many achievements under his belt. This video was posted on one of his fan accounts. This video contains Soul Mortal top 5 kills that he performed while streaming live.

The video contains squad vs. squad fights where the teammates of Mortal also supported him. But the main advantage that mortal had in most of these fights was that he was using the best weapons of PUBG that can only be looted from the drop. But most importantly, all the situations were calmly handled by Soul Mortal, making him kill his enemies quickly. 

What we can learn from this video is that whatever the situation, play according to it. If you have your men down, focus on saving them first. If you are rushing, rush with your squad and not alone. Always remember that the best gameplays come when a bond of the team is strong and plays together. 


This video is one of the best grenade kill videos that you will find on the internet. This video was posted on the channel of ImmortalGamerz. An Indian player performed these kills. He has shown his handcam and also how he conquered and saved his squads by using only grenades.

This is one of the unique videos because many players focus on montages and compilations in which they use weapons, but the use of grenades is seen very little. Therefore, this video can help players worldwide know how to use a grenade and flames to kill their enemies. Anyone that wants to learn how to use grenades in PUBG Mobile should watch this video.

3. Top 10 Clutch by Tacaz PUBG

This video is about the famous and the best in the game. This video consists of the gameplay of Tacaz. He is an expert on PUBGM and has a lot of fan following. He has shown the world and proven that he is one of the best players of PUBG. In this video, we can see the fantastic gameplay of Tacaz in which he has performed 1v3, 1v4, and 1v8.

The most exciting thing about this video is how easily Tacaz can kill his enemies without even knowing what hit them. Tacaz is one of the fastest players of PUBG and can be a nightmare to face. He has become an idol of many players around the world. His solo vs. squad gameplays can help us a lot in learning how to ace our enemies. 

2. Top 10 Clutch by Levinho

Levinho is the number 1 player on PUBG. He has made his name by showing his fantastic gameplay to the world. He is a combat specialist and can handle difficult situations easily. As a result, Levinho has a huge fan following. This video consists of the gameplay of the famous PUBG player and YouTuber Levinho. We see him kill his enemies quickly in this video, even in the most challenging situations such as 1v6, 1v5, 1v4. 

In this video, he has shown his gameplay using different weapons such as Shotguns, SMG, ARs, DMR, and Sniper. This is one of the best kill compilation videos of PUBG. This video consists of his top 10 clutches that have inspired many players throughout the world. The gameplay of Levinho can be very beneficial and helpful to new players because he shows how to handle difficult situations easily. To find out more, check out the video.

1.Top 10 Clutch by BTR Zuxxy

Who doesn't know Zuxxy? Zuxxy is one of the most extraordinary players of PUBG Mobile. He plays for Bigetron RA. Zuxxy is from Indonesia and has achieved many titles that have made his name. Furthermore, he has proven himself in some of the best tournaments of PUBGM, such as PMPL, PMWL, and Super Weekends. 

In this video, we can see the top clutches and kills performed by Zuxxy. Zuxxy is one of the finest players and knows how to act in different and difficult situations. Zuxxy is an idol of many players. Even the top players of PUBG acknowledge him. The video shows why he is praised and loved throughout the world. Furthermore, this video shows how we can act in different situations and control the problem quickly. 

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