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Are you wondering what the best loot spots of each map in PUBG Mobile are? This guide will help you know all the best places. 

Loot can be discovered all over the place in PUBG, but if you spend a lot of time playing the game, you'll soon realize that some areas are constantly better than others.

Loot areas in PUBG tend to keep the same despite the ever-changing nature of flight paths and available drop zones and usually have the same thing in common: a lot of loot, a lot of players, and a lot of opportunities to get killed before you've even started.

This article will go through where to find the finest PUBG loot on all five maps.

5. Erangel 

PUBG's loot is produced randomly, but there are guidelines to follow, so you may go to a location known for having a lot of nice loot and leave with nothing, or you could go to an ordinary location and leave with something fantastic. Put another way, it's a game of chance, and the odds favor those who play according to them.

First, we'll look at Erangel's loot and then Miramar's. Although Miramar's Hacienda, for example, is high-risk due to its popularity and regular placement under the flight path, it does not mean that you won't find an occasion where it is far enough from the flight path for you. To race there early and plunder in relative safety!

Best Loot Spots:

  • Military Base
  • School
  • Pochinki

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Erangel's southernmost island, the Military Base, contains the most reliable supply of military-grade loot. Assault guns, level 3 helmets, and body armor are all examples of military-grade equipment.
  • The School, Rozhok's large square-shaped tower in the center of town, is extremely popular and, as a result, extremely dangerous due to its near-constant proximity to planes dropping from the sky.
  • What are you doing here? That is unless you want to practice, warm up, or perish rapidly. Although Pochinki offers a lot of good loot and places to hide, its constant crowds make it difficult to know where other teams are (and thus easy to be killed by them), and the sheer quantity of places to hide makes it a death zone.

4. Miramar 

For Miramar loot, the same rules apply as for Erangel loot. High-risk, high-reward places with good treasures are frequent flight-path destinations. Even if you have to revert to a small town as a last resort, it's preferable to seek out less traveled or well-known locales further. Let's get down to business, shall we? Going from highest to lowest danger is the same as before.

Best Loot Spots:

  • Pecado Casino
  • Prison
  • Minas Generales

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • This is another death trap in the center of the map with tremendous loot and a slew of players assembled in a small area, similar to Hacienda. It is okay to warm up or practice your combat abilities in these two locations, but you should stay away from them if you want to win a game unless you can be the first to arrive from a distant flight path, in which case you will need to be lightning fast. Remember that some people believe the Gym facility is better for treasure than the more popular and well-known Casino. 
  • The main prison facility, in particular, provides an abundance of the game's best loot (the one with broken down walls as points of entry and, you know, the prison cells inside). The problem is located in the bottom left corner of the map and on its island. As a result, it's both difficult to get to and quite popular once it is within reach, making it a nightmare if you are unlucky enough to get an unexpected circle to appear at the other end of the map.
  • Similar to Ladrilleria, we've discovered that despite its central location, this place may be strangely quiet at times. People may be distracted by the gleaming Hacienda, Pecado, and Los Leone's centers in the immediate area and fail to notice it. Despite the abundance of nice but not exceptional loot, the Graveyard is only a short distance away if you need more. Large mining machines' bases often have the best loot, including high-quality equipment on top and some surprises hidden inside the area's more administrative, multi-story buildings.

3. Sanhok

There are three military camps on Sanhok, although they're all in the same general location. Loot can be found at each of these locations, which can be found in the east, west, and southern parts of the island, although each is slightly different inside.

However, it's quite unlikely that you'll ever get to one of these structures on your own, so be prepared for a fight - albeit perhaps a bit smaller than on previous levels because they're divided into three.

Best Loot Spots:

  • Paradise Resort
  • Bootcamp
  • Cave

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Sanhok's version of the Hacienda or School is the Paradise Resort, a large, obvious focal point accessible from any flight path. Too many individuals land on such a condensed region for the amount of good but rarely extraordinary loot to justify the risk.
  • This is just another military camp, with the same buildings and quantity of loot as the last one. There's a lot to take advantage of here, and you're not as crowded with adversaries as you would be at Paradise Resort, but it's still a high-risk location. If you're successful, head east towards the neighboring hills as you would north toward Erangel's Military Base. Just be careful not to stay too long as the other players in the contest close in around you.
  • Even though there are a lot of guns in this area, you'll only be able to collect enough additional equipment to outfit a small party. Most games are calm, but when there is a direct flyover, there is a lot of activity as people try to glide through the large hole in the ceiling. There's a lot of loot, but it's close together, making it easy to sweep through and leave with many useful items. If you so desire, you may also board a nearby jetski for an exhilarating ride away from the dock.

2. Vikendi

This used to be a good spot to purchase crate-only level items, but it was patched when the secret was made public. In terms of quality and quantity, it's more like the Cave on Sanhok or the underground bunkers on Erangel. If you want to go in, you'll need to either ram your way through the rocks or use explosives to blow them up with a grenade. At the very least, it's entertaining, and the effort is often still worthwhile!

Best Loot Spots:

  • Cosmodrome
  • Dobro Mesto
  • Dino Park

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Avoid spending too much time in the tower, as there isn't much to see and it's too dispersed for your comfort. A quieter location is better, as well as one that's not directly under an airplane's flight path.
  • Our favorite place to find high-quality loot on Vikendi is the huge main building, where we've often walked out with complete level 3 gear after a brief run.
  • Dino Park's loot is spread out, and it's easy to waste time wandering from one small snack shack to another. Still, the quality and quantity are adequate for a solo or duo run, especially given that we've often gone there and met no opposition. A theme park would be expected to be crowded, but this is our preferred location for solo runs.

1. Livik

Update 0.19.0 for PUBG Mobile's season 14 has been released. The premium exclusive Livik map, stretching 2 kilometers in length and housing 52 players, is now available for a faster and more intense gaming experience.

Due to the new map's combination of land and sea features, no one has to miss out on important items because of where they land.

Best Loot Spots:

  • Iceborg
  • Waterfall
  • Power Plant

Why These Spots Are Great?

  • Iceberg is a charming little hamlet on the Livik map's northeastern front, perched on an island of ice. In the heart of the neighborhood, a massive church is where large donations are made. On the other hand, the metropolitan environment frequently provides what people need. It also makes it more difficult to get into the flow state. Getting back to the domain is difficult because it's normally inside a building.
  • In the Livik Map of PUBG Mobile, a waterfall in the southwest corner of the map is one of the most talked about top loot places. This picturesque area includes a three-tiered waterfall with a stream ski on top. To ride down the waterfall in a straight line, players can employ stream skis at the top of it. There is some precious loot behind the waterfall in a veiled location.
  • The Power Plant on this map is regularly stocked with high-tech equipment. This is the spot to be if you consider yourself a good shot because there are several Snipers and DMRs in this location. It's a great race if players are persistent and grab the large amounts of riches in this location.


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