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Assault, Character, Level 3
Assault, Character, Level 3

Are you wondering what are the best Mythic items in PUBG Mobile? This article will be discussing all the Mythic items of PUBG Mobile.

To spice up the player's battle royale experience, Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) introduces numerous new outfits, such as Ultimate, Mythic, legendary, and epic. These clothes have become extremely popular among players. This article ranks the top ten Mythic Outfits in PUBG based on how rare they are in the game, with some skins being so rare that only ten or twenty players have them. The Best Mythical Outfit in PUBG, Ranked. 

10. Killing Machine Set

Killing Machine Set, PUBG Mobile

Added in 2020 for the eleventh season of PUBG Mobile Global, this Mythic Outfit is extremely rare and sought after by players. The Lucky Spin skin, which debuted in the winter season of PUBG mobile and features a black and red colour scheme with a ninja-themed design, makes players feel like lethal killing machines.

Why Killing Machine Set Is Great?

  • Rare outfit 
  • Ninja themed
  • Winter season outfit 

9. Vampire Set

Vampire Set, PUBG Mobile

This mythological attire is a fan favourite in PUBG mobile's ninth season, which launched in 2019. A staple of the premium crate, this ensemble is a dead ringer for a vampire's garb, right down to the crimson and black colour scheme and Gothic-style detailing. This unique ensemble comes complete with a frighteningly realistic vampire expression.

Why Vampire Set Is Great?

  • Fan favourite costume
  • Unique styled costume 
  • Realistic vampire expression costume

8. Arctic Witch Set

Arctic Witch Set, PUBG Mobile

Introduced in 2019 for the tenth season of PUBG mobile Global, this is one of the most expensive mythological costumes in PUBG. The Arctic witch set, presented in the lucky spin, is a winter festival-themed clothing; its white and blue colour scheme and witch design make its wearer seem and feel like a true arctic queen. This one-of-a-kind ensemble's exquisite and stunning appearance is due in no small part to its one-of-a-kind feel.

Why Arctic Witch Set Is Great?

  • Expensive outfit 
  • Make you feel like a true arctic queen 
  • Gives stunning appearance 

7. Godzilla's Carapace

Godzilla's Carapace, PUBG Mobile

The Godzilla outfit is one of the rarest in PUBG, debuting in the seventh season of PUBG mobile Global in 2019. This getup debuted in the fortuitous reroll on the initial Godzilla crossover with PUBG mobile. The black and blue colour scheme with the Godzilla graphic on the carapace looks and feels like a Godzilla. This outfit is one of a kind since it comes with an exclusive expression that is both terrifying and roaring.

Why Godzilla's carapace Is Great?

  • Rarest outfit 
  • Godzilla themed outfit 
  • It gives a terrifying and roaring appearance 

6. Fool Set

Fool Set, PUBG Mobile

In 2020, during the 12th season of PUBG mobile Global, one of the most famous mythological costumes in PUBG was introduced. The Fool set, found in the lucky box, is a joker-themed ensemble that looks and feels like a joker thanks to its black and purple colour scheme and joker pattern. One of the reasons this costume is so sought after by players is because it comes with a unique emote that is both horrifying and special.

Why Fool set Is Great?

  • One of the most popular outfit 
  • Joker themed outfit 
  • Gives unique emote 

5. Forest Elf Set

Forest Elf Set, PUBG Mobile

Introduced in PUBG Mobile Global Season 12, this is one of the game's rarest epic outfits. The classic crate presented the Forest Elf Set, a woodland-themed ensemble that evokes a forest queen with its black and purple colour scheme and regal style. The name "Jonathan's costume" comes from the fact that it is one of the most sought-after and expensive outfits because of its particular emotion, which is both adorable.

Why Forest elf set Is Great?

  • Epic outfit 
  • Expensive outfit 
  • Adorable outfit 

4. Anniversary Unicorn Headgear

Anniversary Unicorn Headgear, PUBG Mobile

While celebrating its second year, PUBG Mobile added the Anniversary Unicorn Headgear. The long ponytail of this mythical getup glows in groovy neon tones. The Anniversary Unicorn Headgear outfit is highly sought after by PUBG Mobile gamers, but only a select few possess it.

Why Anniversary Unicorn Headgear Is Great?

  • Gives cute look 
  • Rare outfit 
  • One of the best mythical outfit 

3. Sea Serpent Set

Sea Serpent Set, PUBG Mobile

It made its debut in the eighth season of PUBG Mobile Global, one of the rarest mythological outfits in PUBG. The premium crate introduced a new set of clothes called the "Sea Serpent Set," inspired by the ocean and its serpentine inhabitants. This outfit is rare and unique since it has an exclusive emote that is stylish and rare.

Why Sea serpent set Is Great?

  • Exclusive outfit 
  • Gives rare getup
  • Stylish and rare 

2. Ghidorah's Carapace

Ghidorah's Carapace, PUBG Mobile

This is the first Ghidorah outfit in PUBG, debuting during the seventh season of PUBG mobile Global in 2019. This getup debuted in the fortuitous reroll on the initial Godzilla crossover with PUBG mobile. The black and brown colours and Ghidorah design on the carapace give it a look and feel of a king Ghidorah costume from the Godzilla kings of monsters franchise. The only emotion that comes with this costume is terrifying and roaring, making it one of the most expensive items in the entire game.

Why Ghidorah's carapace Is Great?

  • It gives Godzilla monster-type look 
  • The most expensive outfit in the entire game 
  • Gives cool look 

1. Charged Armor Set

Charged Armor Set, PUBG Mobile

The best mythological outfit in PUBG was released for PUBG Global's 12th season in 2020. In celebration of PUBG mobile Global's second year in the mobile market, this outfit made its debut in the lucky spin. The white and black costume with the charging effect looks and feels like Charged Armor, making it an appropriate motif for a set celebrating an anniversary. This one-of-a-kind getup is distinguished by a distinctive expression that is uncomplicated and polished in appearance.

Why Charged Armor set Is Great?

  • Gives different appearance 
  • You can get it from a lucky spin 
  • A good outfit 

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