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Are you wondering who the best players of PUBG Mobile in 2022 are? Well, find out all about them here in this article.

Playing on PUBGM has created some of the greatest gamers in the world. Various gaming groups use it as a platform for participants to show off their skills.

Some of these players, such as the IGL, assaulter, Fragger, and sniper, play under their duties. A few times a year, PUBGM offers competitions where players worldwide can display their skills.

In this article, I'll look at some of the best players in the PUBGM community who've shown off their skills and made a name for themselves.


10. Sylas  

Sylas, PUBG Mobile

Klas Digital Athletes has Turkish player Sylas on their roster. As a result, he is well-known for his ability to defluff. Klas Digital Athletes employs him as a fragger. His aggressiveness has earned him a household name. Berkin Cetin is his full name.

SylaS is known for his gun-power and can surprise his enemies by movement and strategies.

Sylas’ Deadliest Weapon:

SylaS loves to use M416. 

Recent Tournament Achievement:

8th Position – S Tier - PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0: Finals

Major Tournament Achievement:

2nd Position – A Tier – EMEA League Finals - $9,600

Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalaths?lang=en

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/klastr


9. Luxxy

Luxxy, PUBG Mobile

Luxxy is a PUBG Mobile player from Indonesia. Bagus Prabaswara is Luxxy's birth name. Bigetron RA's BTR Luxxy is his alias. He is the Fragger for his squad, Luxxy. The finest Fragger in the PMWL has 142 kills to his name, making him a household name.

Luxxy’s Deadliest Weapon:

He loves to use M762 and M416.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

6th Position – S Tier – Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st – A Tier – PUBG Mobile Pro League: Fall Split 2020 - $32,000

Twitter: https://twitter.com/luxxy_made?lang=en


8. Zuxxy

Zuxxy, PUBG Mobile

Indonesian gamer Zuxxy competes in the PUBG Mobile game. It is believed that Zuxxy's real name is Bagas Pramudita. In PUBGM, he is known as BTR Zuxxy. Zuxxy is a member of the Bigetron RA squad. As an IGL, Zuxxy is a first-time recipient of the Esports Mobile Player of the Year Award.

Zuxxy has earned a name for himself through winning tournaments with his strategy-based moves and inspiring his teammates to victory. 

Zuxxy’s Deadliest Weapon:

The AKM is Zuxxy's favourite weapon.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

6th Position – S Tier – Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st – A Tier – PUBG Mobile Pro League: Fall Split 2020 - $32,000

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bagas_zuxxy


7. Lutz

Lutz, PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile gamer Lutz is a formidable competitor. Lutz is a Turkish professional tennis player. Ali Mehmet Ali Inan is his full name. He plays for the team Futbolist as a defender. Known as an assault team, Futbolist has a reputation for success.

Futbolist Lutz is a key member of the roster, and he enjoys surprising other teams with his aggressive style.

Lutz’s Deadliest Weapon:

Lutz can use nearly any weapon, but his favourite is the M416 and an Uzi.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

3rd Position – A-Tier – Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 West 

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st Position – S-Tier – PUBG MOBILE World League 2020 - $116,500

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/FutbolistCo?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5...

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/futbolistco


6. Paraboy

Paraboy, PUBG Mobile

Paraboy is widely regarded as one of the best players in PUBG Mobile. There is a Paraboy in China. True to his identity, he goes by Zhu Bocheng. Team Nova XQF uses him as an assaulter.

Paraboy was named MVP of PEL 2020 has made him famous. He was regarded as the tournament's most devastating Fragger. He excels at aiming, and he has never missed his target. 

Paraboy’s Deadliest Weapon:

His primary weapons of choice are the M762 and Uzi.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

5th Position – S Tier – Peacekeeper Elite League 2021

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st Position – S Tier – PUBG Mobile Global Championship - $700,000

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XFparaboy


5. Earnny

Earnny, PUBG Mobile

Earnny represents RRQ Athena in basketball. Wachirawit Ramangkool is his full name. Earnny is a professional PUBG player from Thailand. He gained notoriety as the PMGC 2020's best Fragger. To surprise his adversaries, he employs his assaulting prowess.

Earnny’s Deadliest Weapon:

 They are two of Earnny's favourite weapons, M416 and  Thompson.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

3rd Tier – S Tier – PUBG Mobile Global Championship

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st Tier – A Tier – PUBG Mobile Pro League: Spring Split - $3,226

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rrqathena?lang=en


4. Ryzen

Ryzen, PUBG Mobile

Bigetron RA's Ryzen hails from Indonesia and represents the country's national team there. Assaulter: He is a member of his team. Muhammad Albi is Muhammad Albi's actual name. After displaying his firearms expertise in PMWL and PMGC, he established himself as a household name by earning the titles of Combat medic and Grenade master. 

Ryzen’s Deadliest Weapon:

The M762 is the weapon of choice for him.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

6th Position – S Tier – Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st – A Tier – PUBG Mobile Pro League: Fall Split 2020 - $32,000

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigetronesports?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Ese...


3. 33Svan

33Svan, PUBG Mobile

Shanghai-based player 33Svan is an expert in PUBG Mobile. Zhong Hongsen is his full name. His part in Four Angry Men is as an assaulter. At the PMGC, 33Svan was the last man standing and the Damage Master, both titles he earned. His aggressive style sets him apart, and it gives his team members something to work with. 

33Svan’s Deadliest Weapon:

The M416 is one of his favourite weapons.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

2nd – S Tier – PUBG Mobile Global Championship

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st – S Tier – PUBG Mobile Global Championship - $305,250

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4am_esports?lang=en

Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/pgc_4am/home


2. Suk

Suk, PUBG Mobile

Four Angry Men's Suk is a Korean player. Choi Won-Suk is his true name. It's safe to say that Suk is one of the best players in PUBG. As the top kill scores with 149 frags to his credit, he made his opponents feel helpless as he demonstrated the extent of his lethal firepower. In addition, he won the PEL Season 3 Grand Finale MVP award. 

Suk’s Deadliest Weapon:

As a close-range weapon, he prefers to employ the Uzi.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

6th – S Tier – PUBG Korea League 

Major Tournament Achievement:

2nd – A Tier – PUBG Korea League - $26,747

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4am_esports?lang=en

Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/pgc_4am/home


1. Gonzo

Gonzo, PUBG Mobile

Konina Power's captain is Gonza. He is a native of Kazakstan. Nursultan Nartbayev is his full name. With 25 per cent headshot kills in PMGC, he earned the title of headshot master, the highest among other players.

Gonzo’s Deadliest Weapon:

 He's a big fan of M24+M416.

Recent Tournament Achievement:

6th - A Tier – PUBG Mobile Pro League

Major Tournament Achievement:

1st – A Tier – PUBG Mobile Club Open - $15,000

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gonzotopplayer




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