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Are you wondering what the best attachments you can use on the famous M416 AR in PUBG? This guide will help you know the top 5 attachments for it.

There's little doubt that the M416 is the greatest assault rifle (AR) in the PUBG Mobile game, thanks to its versatility. M416 isn't the best because you can increase performance by adding accessories. We'll go through the five greatest M416 attachments for PUBG Mobile, so read on for more details.

There are several weapons to choose from in PUBG Mobile, which has detailed descriptions and specs. As a result, the attributes and abilities of the weapons in this game vary greatly. It is important to select a weapon suited to the player's style of play and role in the game.

Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon, the M416, is one of many available in the PUBG Mobile game. The greatest AR in the game, according to some, is M41t. When completing attachments, the performance will be at its peak.


5. Muzzle: Suppressor and Compensator (Best for M416)

Suppressor and Compensator, PUBG Mobile

For the initial M416 model, a muzzle attachment with a suppressor and compensator is the ideal option. The suppressor reduces the sound of the weapon's blasts while the compensator stabilizes it.

Suppressor and Compensator Stats:

  • Reduce sound 
  • Stables weapon

What makes Suppressor and Compensator great on the M416?

  • Recoil reduction
  • Compensators are effective for a burst fire
  • Reduces the muzzle flash


4. Lower Rail: Half Grip (Best for M416)

Half Grip, PUBG Mobile

A half grip lower rail attachment can then be used. This add-goal on's is to reduce the weapon's recoil and increase its overall stability. This accessory is ideal for M416s and other ARs when fired in automatic mode.

Half Grip Stats:

  • Increase stability
  • Reduce recoil
  • Excellent when used in automatic firing mode

What makes Lower Half Grip great on the M416?

  • Reduces the recoil spray
  • Best for automatic firing mode
  • Ideal for weapons with a high rate of fire in close-range combat.


3. Stock: Tactical Stock (Best for M416)

Tactical Stock, PUBG Mobile

Next, you may utilize a tactical stock attachment to get the most out of your M416's performance. It is only compatible with AR M416. Reducing weapon recoil while simultaneously improving accuracy is the aim while using the weapon in automatic firing mode

Tactical Stock Stats:

  • Maximize the performance
  • Reduce recoil
  • Sharpen the accuracy

What makes Tactical Stock great on the M416?

  • Only assault rifle that offers a stock attachment
  • Reduces the recoil and weapon sway
  • Enhanced levels of accuracy


2. Sight: 4x Scope or 3x Scope (Best for M416)

4x Scope or 3x Scope, PUBG Mobile

The M416's sight is the next accessory that can help it operate better. With this scope-sight, the M416 may be used at various shooting distances. The 4x AGOC scope and the 3x Backlit scope are the two greatest accessories for the M416.

4x Scope or 3x Scope Stats:

  • 4x makes it a flexible AR
  • 3x and 4x are best sights for M416
  • Maximize the performance

What makes 4x scope or 3x scope great on the M416:

  • Offer solid accuracy at medium or long range
  • Engage your enemies from farther away


1. Magazine: Extended Quick draw Magazine (Best for M416)

Extended Quick draw Magazine, PUBG Mobile

The greatest accessory for the M416's final model is a quick-draw magazine extension. Of course, this attachment may be used with any weapon in the PUBG Mobile world. With this magazine, you'll be able to hold more rounds while reloading your rifle more quickly.

Extended Quick draw Magazine Stats:

  • Enhances the reload time
  • Grants 10 extra ammo for weapon
  • Can be used by variety of weapons

What makes Extended Quick draw Magazine great on the M416?

  • Increased mag size
  • Quicker reload times

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