[Top 15] PUBG Mobile Most Expensive Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Poseidon, Showdown
The Mythic Hero

Are you wondering what the most expensive skins of PUBG Mobile are? Discover the top skins that are expensive as hell!

The majority of gamers want to look their best in the virtual arena. Therefore they stock their wardrobes with a wide selection of costumes. To afford their one-of-a-kind attire, people shell out large sums of money. This page provides a list of the BGMI's priciest outfits.

Now and then, the Battlegrounds Mobile India creators will roll out some unique in-game items, such as exclusive costumes, fortunate spins, and the like. Because they're so uncommon and appealing, some of these outfits cost gamers a lot of money. Even in the virtual world, gamers like to look nice because it boosts their self-confidence, improving their performance.


15. Demigod Gladiator Set

Demigod Gladiator Set, PUBG Mobile

During Season 9, a lucky spin of PUBG Mobile gave you this outfit for a brief period. A special emote was included with the outfit, generating a lot of discussion in the PUBG Mobile community. In the wake of content producers sporting this costume while live-streaming their gaming, fans went crazy. For most content creators, this outfit costs them between 20 and 25 UC.

How To Get Demigod Gladiator Set

  • Go to PUBG Shop
  • Open Crates Option
  • The Set is Only Available through Lucky Spin


14. Yeti Suit

Yeti Suit, PUBG Mobile

The Yeti Suit is one of the most costly clothes in both BGMI and PUBG Mobile, even if it may sound ridiculous to some players. As players are well known, getting a unique item in Classic Crate is highly unlikely. This outfit was only accessible for a short time there. Antaryami, alias Rishabh Verma, is a well-known face of BGMI and frequently wears this pricey suit. Most gamers had to fork up 50K UC to get their hands on this gear.

How To Get Yeti Suit

  • Go to PUBG Shop
  • Open Crates Option
  • The Set is Only Available through Opening of Classic Crates


13. Moon Dancer Set

Moon Dancer Set, PUBG Mobile

In addition to the Rouge Set, the Blood Oat event offers the chance to get the Moon Dancer Set. Women may wear it as a hip-hop costume. It adds to the allure of your personality. Choose the Moon Dancer set instead of the burning Rouge set for a more delicate and charming look. This lovely female costume comes with a dress, mask, and other equipment. On the other hand, Moon Dancer is as ethereal as the Moon itself.

How To Get Moon Dancer Set

  • Moondancer Set Drops from bosses in the Maw of Lorkhaj. It can also be looted from Treasure Chests inside the dungeon.
  • Pieces can be obtained from Dro-m'Athra's Burnished Coffer or Dro-m'Athra's Shining Coffer, awarded once a week for completing the weekly quest Into the Maw.


12. Poseidon X Suit 

Poseidon X Suit, PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile's newly released X costume, based on the sea deity Poseidon, is the second most costly outfit. The unique entrance emotes, and eye-catching animations inspired many content makers to purchase the outfit as soon as it was made available. As the upgrade cost between 100,000 and 150,000 UC, only a select few players were able to equip themselves in this way fully.

How To Get Poseidon X Suit

  • Look for the Return of Poseidon banner in the top carousel on the main lobby menu.
  • Spend Silver or UC to draw five times.
  • Tap the pen and paper icon above the pull button and select the first skin. 
  • Follow the same steps until you pull the Poseidon X-Suit (1 Star) skin.


11. Blood Raven X Suit

Blood Raven X Suit, PUBG Mobile

For Dynamo (Aadi Sawant), this costume has become a staple of his live streams and tournament appearances. Many players may be unaware that, despite time, the Blood Raven costume continues to be more popular than the Poseidon X suit. The X Suit costs an average of 130-180K UC for content makers and broadcasters.

How To Get Blood Raven X Suit

  • The second upgradeable suit of PUBG Mobile
  • It can be unlocked with the mode in Miramar and Erangle
  • Needs digital cash to be unlocked
  • It would help if you opened some crates to unlock this dress.


10. Black Racecar Knight

Black Racecar Knight, PUBG Mobile

The Black Racecar Knight dress comes in at 10 on our favorites list. It's one of the most fabled and elusive ensembles out there. As far as I can tell, the black racing car knight's attire is ideal. The character's outfit appears to be smooth because of the vibrant colors. However, only those ancient gamers who acquired the royal pass get access to the garment featured in the earliest royal passes. It's one of the most sought-after outfits in PUBG Mobile. It was included in an honor spin for a short time that needed UC to be spent to spin. Only those who win 60 UC in a single spin will receive this set.

How To Get Black Racecar Knight

  • Season 4 Royale Pass
  • Honor Spin
  • Crate Opening
  • 60 UC per spin


9. Pharaoh Suit

Pharaoh Suit, PUBG Mobile

The Pharaoh Suit is PUBG Mobile's second most popular outfit. Ten months ago, a new style of a suit made its debut. The Pharaoh's lucky draw included this suit. A substantial amount of money must be spent to acquire and enhance this outfit. One of the most fantastic suits in PUBG Mobile is the Pharaoh one because of its unique ability to be upgraded. Upgrades can be made to the Pharaoh's outfit up to six times.

How To Get Pharaoh Suit

  • It comes as the first upgradeable suit
  • It can be unlocked with the mode in Miramar and Erangle
  • It needs to be unlocked using cash 
  • Opening of crates


8. Kong Set

Kong Set, PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile's Kong set is the most current legendary collection. This Godzilla set was also released after the PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs. Kong battle began. This Godzilla set is a replica of the actual thing. This set is characterized by its hairy, terrifying, black, giant finger and foot. Players who like Kong to Godzilla will enjoy the Kong set. This demonstrates that the general public supports Kong and hopes he will be victorious.

How To Get Kong Set

  • Hola Buddy Event
  • Lucky Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Chances of getting this dress are low


7. Godzilla Set

Godzilla Set, PUBG Mobile

The Godzilla Set is number four on our list. PUBG Mobile's Godzilla set is the newest addition to the game's wardrobe. The partnership between PUBG Mobile and the film "Godzilla vs. Kong" led to the creation of this clothing. PUBG Mobile's Godzilla set is a legendary outfit. They're the most sought-after and rarest. Fans of Godzilla will like the Godzilla set. They look good in this costume, revealing that they're lovers of Godzilla rather than Kong. One of the most distinctive sets is this outfit, as there is no other one like it.

How To Get Godzilla Set

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • Can be acquired after 200 spins
  • Chances of getting are low
  • 60 UC per Spin


6. Modern Lord Set

Modern Lord Set, PUBG Mobile

One of PUBG Mobile's most delicate and one-of-a-kind outfits is the Modern Lord set. Premium crates are the only way to get your hands on this legendary costume. There are two sides to the Modern Lord suit. He's dressed as a gentleman on one side and a lord on the other. It is one of the most flexible outfits in the PUBG Mobile universe. The notion of the dress being half lord and half gentleman makes the outfit seem lovely and unique.

How To Get Modern Lord Set

  • Premium Crate
  • 120 UC per Crate
  • Less chance of acquiring (Mythic suit is always hard to get)
  • Chance to get after ten spins (Guaranteed Legendary Maybe the Suit)


5. Fluorescent Jester Set

Fluorescent Jester Set, PUBG Mobile

In recent years, the bright Jester Set was one of the most popular sets. The partnership with the film "Joker" was the reason behind this. Perfectly crafted to resemble the Joker's outfit, this one is a knockout. This is one of PUBG Mobile's most costly outfits. To get their hands on this outfit, many individuals have shelled out approximately $100,000,000. Primarily, one's wardrobe is a function of good fortune rather than hard work. Many people get it down below 60 UC. He seems on a murdering spree in the Jester Set because of the combination of colors. It lends your persona a sense of ferocity and wisdom.

How To Get Fluorescent Jester Set

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Rare suit (less chance of acquiring)


4. Lady of Blood

Lady of Blood, PUBG Mobile

The Lady of Blood outfit is the seventh in the series. PUBG Mobile's Lady of Blood costume is one of the most sought-after and sought-after outfits. The Lady of Blood costume and two additional legendary sets were released as part of a fortunate draw-spin. As we all know, only a few players are rewarded for their good fortune. The lady of blood suit's scarlet hue and intricate pattern make it a standout piece. In addition, it radically alters the appearance of a player's character, making him appear a lot more ferocious and seasoned.

How To Get Lady of Blood:

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Chances of getting this dress less than 2%


3. Acolyte of Justice

Acolyte of Justice, PUBG Mobile

The Acolyte of Justice suit comes in at number eight. The term "acolyte of justice" may be unfamiliar to you. The partnership between PUBG Mobile and Netflix's "The Order" led to the creation of this clothing. One of the aliases for the group of magicians on Netflix's "Acolyte of Justice" was apt. Premium crates, which include this costume, were released not long ago. As we all know, we obtain a guaranteed legendary outfit after opening 10 premium crates. Because it is one of the game's most visually attractive outfits, it was obvious that many individuals purchased one. This is it if you're looking for the finest season 17 costume.

How To Get Acolyte of Justice: 

  • Premium Crates
  • 120 UC per crate
  • Chance to get after ten spins (Guaranteed Legendary Maybe the Suit)


2. Frog Dress

Frog Dress, PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile's frog clothing is one of the most sought-after outfits. This is because our guy appears to be wearing a frog-like attire. PUBG Mobile has included this outfit as a spin prize. The spin began with 60 UC, and the UC cost doubled with each subsequent draw. Many individuals have tried, but like me, they didn't have good fortune on their side. A lucky spin is one of the game's most challenging and demanding aspects. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to secure this garment.

How To Get Frog Dress: 

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Doubling of UC after every spin


1. Rabbit Set

Rabbit Set, PUBG Mobile

There's nothing wrong with the Rabbit set, but it's a break from the usual battle royale style. A great feature of this ensemble is the bunny hoodie, which is both charming and funny to wear. The hoodie has a rabbit clutching a carrot in the center. Rabbit ears adorn the hood of this hooded sweatshirt. It elevates PUBG to a higher level of complexity and refinement. It's worth noting that the Battle Bunny skin differs significantly from the standard Rabbit set in PUBG. Some players may like how it improves on the rabbit theme while keeping the core notion intact.

How To Get Rabbit Set: 

  • Go to PUBG Shop
  • Open Crates Option
  • Click on Classic Crates
  • Open until your luck shines.


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