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The best of the best!
The best of the best!

2. Xul


Probably needs more sunshine in his life

One of the most fearsome Heroes of the Storm characters also happens to be its latest additions to the roster: Xul the Necromancer from Diablo II. Xul belongs to a secretive sect – the Priests of Rathma. As they have vowed to maintain the balance between life and death, they have learned to specialize in death magic. Despite their dark powers, the Necromancers are allied with the forces of good. Xul himself aims to eliminate the demonic evil plaguing the lands of Sanctuary.

A melee Specialist, Xul’s game is all about reviving fallen enemy Minions and turning them into Skeletal Warriors who fight for him. This makes Xul excellent at pushing lanes. Xul’s powers also allow him to weaken enemies and severely hamper their mobility. As such, he’s known to be one of the toughest Heroes to face on the battlefield.


Loving the scythe!


Raise Skeleton: When an enemy Minion dies within Xul’s proximity, the unit returns as a Skeletal Warrior. Skeletal Warriors deal moderate harm and have a lifespan of 15 seconds. A maximum of 4 Skeletal Warriors can be summoned simultanouesly.

Primary Abilities:

(Q) Spectral Scythe: Xul summons a Spectral Scythe in the distance, which then speeds towards him after a second. All enemies caught in its path suffer massive damage.

(W) Cursed Strikes: For 4 seconds, Xul’s Basic Attacks harm enemies in a wide area. Additionally, their Attack Speed suffers a 50% reduction for 2 seconds.

(E) Bone Prison: After 2 seconds, the Bone Prison traps a chosen enemy Hero in place. Also deals massive damage to the trapped Hero.

Heroic Abilities:

(R1) Poison Nova: Xul unleashes poisonous missiles in all directions. For 10 seconds, affected enemies suffer heavy damage.

(R2) Skeletal Mages: Xul calls forth 4 Frost Mages who line up at a target location. The Mages deal damage to enemies who get too close to them. For 2 seconds, affected enemies also have their Movement Speed reduced by 30%. The Skeletal Mages expire after 15 seconds.

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