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The best of the best!
The best of the best!

1. Li-Ming


No one more powerful!

From Diablo III comes one of the most fearsome Heroes of the Storm characters: Li-Ming the Wizard. A prodigy of the magical arts, Li-Ming believes herself to be at the center of a prophecy – one in which she eradicates all evil from Sanctuary.

A ranged Assassin, Li-Ming may be squishy, but her potential for unleashing unbelievable amounts of pain should never be underestimated. She can devastate enemies from afar, then teleport herself to safety to the frustration of her foes. Her Trait allows herself to cast spell after spell. Controlling Li-Ming can be tricky, however, as most of her Abilities are skill shots. Still, there is no denying just how powerful she is in the right hands.


She's just that good.


Critical Mass: Killing a unity refreshes all her Ability cooldowns.

Primary Abilities:

(Q) Magic Missiles: Li-Ming launches a trio of magic missiles, dealing massive damage to the enemy they hit first

(W) Arcane Orb: Fires a slow-moving ball of energy that gains in power the further it travel. At maximum range, its destructive potential is massive.

(E) Teleport: Li-Ming instantaneously teleports away to a target location nearby.

Heroic Abilities:

(R1) Disintegrate: Lets loose a devastating beam that lasts 2.5 seconds, dealing massive damage to all caught in its path. The beam’s direction can be easily controlled by moving the mouse cursor around.

(R2) Wave of Force: Deals massive damage in an area. All enemies caught in the blast are knocked back.

Honorable Mentions

Going by tier lists Tassadar, Sonya, Assassin Jaina Proudmoore are also three of the most fearsome Heroes of the Storm characters! Tassadar happens to be one of the finest support characters in the game, with skills that improve the survivability of his allies and himself. Sonya is a melee Warrior with massive swords that bludgeon and rip into enemies like they’re sacks of potatoes. Ranged Assassin Jaina’s cold-based attacks slow down and freeze enemies, making them easy pickings for herself and the rest of her team.

How was that for a list of the most fearsome Heroes of the Storm characters? Do you agree with the entries? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

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