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The best of the best!
The best of the best!

8. Illidan


Not your friend.

Dubbed the “Betrayer,” Illidan was imprisoned for 10,000 years for permitting the Burning Legion entry into his homeland. When Tyrande Whisperwind freed him to atone for his sins, he was once more seduced by the promise of power, and sided with the Legion once more. This lead to his permanent banishment. Now he rules the shattered realm Outland with an iron fist, annihilating all who would oppose him.

Though squishy, the melee Assassin Illidan is a force to be reckoned with. His superior athleticism allows him to dive in and out of battle at blinding speeds, assassinating foes before they even know what hit them. His attacks have a vampiric quality, siphoning life energy from his targets to heal his wounds. Definitely one of the most fearsome Heroes of the Storm characters.


Betrayer’s Thirst: 20% of damage dealt using Basic Attacks return to Illidan as health. Also reduces the cooldowns of his Abilities by 1 second.

Primary Abilities:

(Q) Dive: Leaps towards target then deals moderate damage. Also flips the target over.

(W) Sweeping Strike: Lunges towards a target location. Enemies caught in Illidan’s path suffer moderate damage. If he hits an enemy, Illidan’s Basic Attack damage gains a 35% boost for 4 seconds.

(E) Evasion: Allows Illidan to dodge all Basic Attacks for 2 seconds.

Heroic Abilities:

(R1) Metamorphosis: Illidan transforms into an enormous demon at a chosen location, dealing major damage to all enemies caught in the blast. For 18 seconds, Illidan receives a massive boost to his maximum health for each Hero he strikes, and gains a 20% increase to his Attack Speed.

(R2) The Hunt: Dashes towards an enemy, stunning them and causing major damage.

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