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Heroes of the Storm Settings That Give You an Advantage
1. Quick cast setting When on, the quick cast setting allows... Read More
Heroes of the Storm Best Healers
1. Brightwing (Healer) Brightwing Grand Master... Read More
Heroes of the storm best tank
Tanks. Your beefy frontline. Their role is to protect their... Read More
HOTS Best Waveclear
Wave clear plays an essential part in the core game mechanic of... Read More
HoTS Tier List
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or relatively new to the game,... Read More
Heroes of the Storm Characters for Beginners
Top 10 Heroes of the Storm Champions for Beginners 10. Jaina... Read More
15 May, 2018 Simplicity announced that Jon “Equinox” Peterson... Read More
Laval celebrate Heroes of the Dorm victory
The competition, skill level, and plays shown during the 2018 Heroes... Read More
Rouge Et Au, from Laval University, celebrating their victory at Heroes of the Dorm
Saturday, 12 May 2018, five giddy students from Laval University... Read More
The Heroic Four kicks off May 12, 1pm, PDT
Today, four collegiate eSports teams climb towards the conclusion of... Read More
heroes-of-the-storm 2.0
So, you wanna play a MOBA? Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is a great... Read More
HGC Mid-Season Brawl Overview
The cards are down, the lines are drawn, the heart-stopping action of... Read More
HotS: Machines Of War
Blizzard has recently released the newest update for Heroes of the... Read More
2016 college seasons
For the span of the academic year, Tespa in collaboration with... Read More
Popular PC Games
What Are The Most Played PC Games in 2016? Only half-way through... Read More
The best of the best!
MOBA heroes don’t get more badass than the Heroes of the Storm... Read More
Heroes of the Storm game rating
With a diverse set of Blizzard characters to choose, Heroes of the... Read More
Win Cho’gall in this super easy Heroes of the Storm contest!... Read More
Because the best things in life are free!
Hate spending? Here are the best free downloadable PC games you can... Read More
Two teams, one goal, one winner. Whether you’re a hardcore League... Read More
Characters from every Blizzard franchise fighting it out in one gigantic melee is what Heroes is all about.
Ever Wanted To Help Sylvanas Get Her Revenge On Arthas? Well Now You... Read More
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