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The best of the best!
The best of the best!

5. Muradin


Size does matter. Unless you're THIS dwarf.

When his stint mentoring Arthas went to hell (he failed to prevent Arthas from becoming to Lich King), Muradin the dwarven mountain king was thought dead as a dodo. But as luck would have it, Muradin was, in fact, alive – albeit with a tiny problem of the amnesia kind. Now he and his magnificent beard serve as rulers to the Bronzebeard clan.

With his mighty hammer and ax, the mighty melee Warrior Muradin brings the power of the storm to the battleground. His moves can stun as well as hamper enemy movement, while a leap attack has him crashing on opponents with all the force of a meteor. He is one of the hardiest and hard-hitting Heroes in the game, and is much feared by all, despite his diminutive size.


Ready to rumble


Second Wind: After 4 seconds of not taking damage, Muradin’s Health regenerates for a moderate amount every second. When his health is below 40% the Health regeneration rate doubles.

Primary Abilities:

(Q) Storm Bolt: Muradin hurls a hammer, stunning an enemy for 1.5 seconds, and dealing them moderate damage.

(W) Thunder Clap: For 2.5 seconds, reduces enemies’ Movement Speed by 25%. Also cases moderate damage.

(E) Dwarf Toss: Jumps to a chosen location. Upon landing, moderately damages enemies in the area.

Heroic Abilities:

(R1) Avatar: For 20 seconds, Muradin enters the Avatar state. During this time, he receives a massive boost to his Health, and all his Basic Attacks gain the ability to stun units.

(R2) Haymaker: A brutal punch that deals massive damage and knocks a target enemy several steps back. Units hit by the target receive moderate damage and are knocked aside.

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