The 3 Best Hearthstone Classes

The Golden Classes for Hearthstone

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Hearthstone doesn't have to be left up to chance if you can choose the best class. Don't leave your game to chance over a few key cards when you can pick from a choice of better classes for victory. These 3 classes and their abilities are sure to grasp victory for you more times than not.


Jaina Proudmoore, Mage extraordinaire in all her glory.

There is a reason that the Mage is chosen as the standard starter by Blizzard, it is well balanced and versatile with the spell cards it has. With some of the new Mech cards, you can build a simple beginner deck that is easy to use and won't leave you cursing your deck from the draw.

The Mage also has the possibility to be a complete board wiper when you can get the higher level cards. When you start gaining the ability to increase your spell damage and decrease your spell costs you can unleash insane combos on your opponent that can crush them in one turn.

It also doesn't hurt that the Mage is also one of the most flashy classes and offers creative ways to kill.


Thrall is an intimidating foe with his wielded ball of light.

Much like the Mage the Shaman can have some deadly spells that will turn weak minions into serious contenders for board space. The Shaman can also start off with a decent Mech-based deck that is supported by the classes tricky totems.

Another trick of the Shaman that can make it one of the best classes in Hearthstone is the Reincarnate card which can be paired with a few other choice cards to make a continuous stream of unending minions. Couple an army of invincible minions with a powerful finisher like Kel'Thuzard and watch your opponent turn into a pile of rage quitting rubble.

What makes the Shaman a contender for best Hearthstone class is the fact that to totems can either be powerful board supports or offensive assistance in a pinch. Keeping the totems coming is a good way to overwhelm your opponent easily.


The seasoned paladin with his shining eyes and golden armor.

The best Hearthstone class is the Paladin, hands down, it offers so many options for total board control. You can make a relatively cheap and simple deck that is loaded with minions with Divine Shield or party buffs that will make Silver Hand Recruits into an even worse threat.

One of the greatest decks ever made was from the Paladin class and it offered almost total control of every game. Couple Muster for Battle with Knife Juggler or Quartermaster and take a strong early lead or if you lose any control you can completely clear the board with Consecrate and Equality. The Paladin offers some serious power once you can afford to get some good minions and also be a damper on any spell laden opponent with Troggzor the Earthinator.

These classes offer everything you can want in a Hearthstone deck, what are your favorite ways to use these classes?

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