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The Rooks
Let's wake them up, shall we?


Jacob in a Train Station

When will the next train arrive?

Traveling the seven boroughs of Syndicate’s London can be troublesome; it will take too much time. As this new reality sinks in, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s gameplay introduces the use of transportation.

Horse Cart Race

Think you can outrun me?

Horse carriages allow you to travel farther and faster – as long as you successfully steal the said ride from its driver.

Carriages use real-world physics; they shake a lot on bumpy roads, and you might end up toppling over if you make a sharp turn while moving too fast. Due to these mechanics, you can use the horse carts for different purposes like intentionally crashing it against another object to send Jacob flying – consider it as an offensive move when you dive-bomb into a fight, or an escape tactic when you grab a ledge and jump over, getting away from the scene.

These vehicles can sustain damage and get ultimately destroyed; you could probably get yourself killed if you’re not very careful. In addition, the carriage can be used as a hiding spot for stealth kills or evading your enemies.

Horse Cart Hopping

You won't get a violation ticket for this...maybe.

When there’s transportation, there must be traffic rules.

Stealing a carriage already warrants you a bad record if you get caught. You are expected to use the left side of the street when ‘driving’; see the police question you should you choose to use the other lane. Making a carriage crash incident can keep the law enforcers busy as they investigate the ‘accident’ site – such diversion offers Jacob an opportunity to escape or do other things for a short time without the police following his tail.

Other modes of transport such as steamboats and trains will make its way to the game, although there is no official information about the mechanics yet.

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