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The Rooks
Let's wake them up, shall we?

New Weapons

Assassin Gauntlet

It's the Swiss knife of a modern-day Assassin.

It would be a hard task blending in the public if you have a naked blade in your hand as you walk on the streets. The police of 1868 London would arrest you on the spot once they notice that you carry a sharp weapon in broad daylight.

Hidden weapons provide the benefit of staying alert to kill or defend yourself at all times without getting the attention of law enforcers on the city streets.

The Assassin’s trademark gauntlet returns, housing a hidden blade for general assassination procedures like silently slitting necks or stabbing backs. While this would be enough for the routine assassin work, the shift to the modern era presents a collection of up-to-date weapons to help you do your tasks efficiently and provide you a fighting chance should you face an opponent head-on.


Slice n' dice. Fling to the enemy's head for added effect.

Melee weapons shine in close-quarters combat. The Nepalese kukri (although some English-speakers refer to it as a Gurkha knife) is a small blade with a unique curved shape. This gives a nice balance in blade-handling, making Jacob swing the kukri with ease, hacking through the enemies’ bone and flesh.

Cane Sword

Deadly meets fashionable in one neat package.

A cane sword makes its way to the collection; not only that walking canes are considered a trend during that time, it’s a good way to avert unnecessary attention by disguising a deadly blade as a fashion item. When unsheathed, the sword can be used for slashing and thrusting.

Brass Knuckles

Jawbreaker - in a literal sense.

Jacob is one hot-headed brawler; a pair of brass knuckles makes sure that his punches can crack someone’s jaw, crucial in situations where drawing a blade or a gun would rouse too much attention.


Eat lead.

Ranged weapons offer good utility. Revolvers can be easily hidden under one’s coat, making a quick draw deadly from afar, even deadlier when shot at point blank range as a combo finisher.

Throwing Knife

Ninjas are not the only ones licensed to wield these.

Throwing knives prove useful in carefully-planned one hit, long-range assassinations. These can cut ropes that hold cargo or barrels, effectively taking down the targets below or drawing a commotion thanks to the noise and mess it would make. The knives can be used to inflict burns too by flinging them at fire source.

Hallucinogenic Cloud

This will keep them high for a while.

While drug-tipped darts cannot poison someone to death, these induce hallucinations to its victims, making the enemies attack their own team mates. Want more chaos? Flick a dart to a fire and unleash a cloud of mind-bending smoke for a widespread hallucination effect.

Rope Launcher in Action

Jacob doesn't need a bat suit.

A rope launcher is something new to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The rooftops of London are higher compared to the previous titles, so a parkour slip could mean instant death. Here’s where the launcher becomes useful. Please keep in mind that Jacob is not Batman, however.

It is mainly used for climbing and securing a safer trip down a wall or building when simply jumping can lead to fatal results. The tool also allows you to move quickly from building to building by creating a makeshift zipline. Not only does it provide faster movement from roof to roof, it can also be a perfect setup for aerial assassinations when enemies are just below the zipline.


Welcome to the Rooftop Express.

Interestingly, the hook attaches to any surface and the any rope setup will hold your weight each and every time. The launcher is always ready too; you can use it in rapid succession without bothering to retrieve the hooked end. That’s probably the most high-tech piece of gadget in the era, don’t you think?

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