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Top 10 Games Like DayZ: If You Like DayZ, You'll Love These Games

2. Project Zomboid

Zomboid 01

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A game doesn’t have to use the first or third person perspective to convey the terror of the zombie apocalypse. The isometric Project Zomboid has everything you want from games like DayZ: an enormous sandbox world, multiplayer, scavenging and crafting, shelter-building, and of course, armies of the undead.

Despite its simple graphics, Project Zomboid aims to be the most realistic zombie survival experience in existence. Characters will have to deal with more than just zombies; there’s hunger, illness, depression, and even boredom to worry about. There’s weather and a day/night cycle. Nature will constantly seek to reclaim what humanity has taken from it. You can farm, fish, trap animals, do carpentry, and customize your character. And that’s just a fraction of what the game has in store for you.

Zombies appear either individually or as migrating hordes. You can go Rick Grimes on them and mutilate every undead in sight, or you can turn off the lights in your home, cover the windows with sheets, and hope they don’t hear you breathing.

One of the most suspenseful and authentic zombie survival experiences ever.

Zomboid 02

Fast food

Zomboid 03

The horde is on its way

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