[Top 10] Dayz Best Base Locations (And Why They're Good)

Best DayZ Base Locations
Enjoy your home with this list.

10. Zub (Best for defensibility)

Located inland from the southern coast, and just a short run south of Vyshnoye, lies the castle ruin known as Zub. Not much local history is known about the ruin, aside from it being built around 1100 AD. Despite its age, the castle is mostly still standing. The only easily guided way there is to follow the winding yellow hiking trail.

Zub is a great castle for adding a base to. Most of its walls still stand, and its central tower is great for building on. The battlements atop the tower are also tall enough that snipers will not be much of a worry.

You will need to barricade the front entryway to the tower, and all windows to make sure no would-be climbers get in. With only that, the tower is fully barricaded and built up for your use. 

What makes Zub great:

  • Easy to barricade, requiring minimal supplies.
  • A hilltop castle, so you have built in defense, and have overwatch of the surrounding areas.
  • A large castle entryway allows for larger building opportunities, including garages.

How to get to Zub: Link


9. Kalinovka (Great for being hidden in plain sight)

The tiny village of Kalinovka is a rarely visited settlement to the north of Severograd. Most ignore this place, as it is surrounded by great places to loot. That being said, be wary of your surroundings, as this is geared territory.

Any building in this town would be a good place to build a base. The town itself is sparsely laid out and has good geography for checking your surroundings from all angles. The big bonus is gear, as you are in a good gearing zone surrounded by Kamenka Military Base, Severograd, and a summer camp.

Really any building would be good to build into, and given that you are building in houses it would be a very low barrier for entry as far as supplies go. You will probably want to build a watchtower or platform to keep raiders at bay.

What makes Kalinovka great:

  • Quiet town that is out of the way, so the chance of hostiles is low.
  • Good geography so you can keep the rare outsider away.
  • Great loot around the area.
  • Can build a good base with low supplies.

How to get to Kalinovka: Link


8. The Caves (Great for stashes)

The north of Chernarus is extremely rocky, with sheer cliff faces and jagged rocks lining the coastline and more mountainous areas. These rocky outcrops are pockmarked with several caves, all in the northeast, near Svetloyarsk. Not many know of these natural formations, and as such, it is rare that you will encounter competition.

The northeastern caves are perfect for those looking to make a base for stashing gear, without fear of needing to fight for it, or those wanting a quiet place to cook and relax. I’ve personally lived out of these locations more than once, as something about the serene quiet is inviting.

All you need for one of these bases to be a ‘base’ is a shovel and a drybag. Keep a nice supply of extra food or medical supplies, and you’re set. Maybe leave a built up fireplace and a tent. 

What makes The Caves great:

  • Technically requires no actual supplies to make a base.
  • All but guarantee you won’t have to deal with a fight, as it is almost never populated.
  • Natural formations create sightlines that only those well versed in the area will know.

How to get to The Caves: Link


7. Kozlov’s Peak (Great for hunting the coast)

Kozlov’s Peak is situated almost exactly halfway between Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk. The sizable peak allows for perfect fields of fire at the highway below, for those more intrepid marksmen. Many survivors have been eliminated by an unknown shooter atop this mountain.

For those wanting a well hidden sniper nest that overlooks one of the most densely traveled locations in the game, Kozlov’s Peak is for you. Dense foliage and two hundred and seventeen meters of elevation provide perfect, natural cover for those who are feeling hostile.

Those of you planning to use this location are advised to not build a true base here, just stashes and a tent at most, as the natural cover should be used to its maximum effectiveness. Spread your stashes out and keep them all with a little of everything. Don’t keep all your ammunition in one spot, for example.

What makes Kozlov’s Peak great:

  • It only requires stashes, so few materials are required.
  • It’s easily the highest spot in the area, so no one can fire down on you.
  • Dense forests allow you to squirt out of the area quickly.

How to get to Kozlov’s Peak: Link


6. Kamenka (Good for lootable areas)

Deep down in the southwest, along the coast, is the lovely seaside town of Kamenka. While it’s a solid loot spot, most people ignore it and head north of it to the Pavlovo Military Base. Further down the coast is a fuel station, and a military outpost that’s also great for looting.

Kamenka has a wide swath of land that you could build a base on that is surrounded, and full of, great loot spots. The risk of travelers is not to be ignored, but it is also a relatively low threat compared to other towns.

Material usage is higher, as you would be best off building somewhere outside the town, and if you’re in town, you need to build an absolute fortress. Take a nice spot in the forest or a house in town. Do not build in the gas station, as it is regularly hit with chemical weapons attacks. 

What makes Kamenka great:

  • Very defensible, wherever you build.
  • Tons of loot in the town, and in the surrounding area.
  • It is not the most traveled area, so the risk of meeting other survivors is low.

How to get to Kamenka: Link


5. Devil’s Castle (Best for large groups)

One of the largest castles in the region, Devil’s Castle sits in an amazing location overlooking Grishino and the Northwest Airfield to the west, and Gvozdno to the east. Its imposing battlements are visible on the skyline for miles around, and is known for its dark history of war and rebellion.

A great spot for a larger group, with a good amount of supplies. It will take time to build up this base, but when completed, it will be nearly impenetrable. With unhindered sightlines at all the nearby locations, it’s perfect for scouting, hoarding, and battle.

It will be a massive undertaking to fully build up this location, but the payoff is worth it. This is one of the best castles to build up in Chernarus, but many will be vying for this location. It is highly defensible with the right team.

What makes Devil’s Castle great:

  • Great sightlines of the surrounding area will keep your base safe.
  • Massive fortress with several lines of defense.
  •  Could hold an astronomical amount of loot, including trucks.

How to get to Devil’s Castle: Link


4. Pulkovo (Great for traders)

Pulkovo is one of three villages surrounding the Green Mountain military radio installation. A small hamlet, not many people come through here aside from the occasional rest stop before hitting the radio tower.

The town and surrounding forests are prime real estate to build a solid base, especially on servers that make Green Mountain a trading zone. The buildings are all solid for a living space, and the forest is dense and less traveled. A group or solo effort could make both work nicely.

You won’t need many supplies to build up here, as the houses are large and plentiful. The town is rarely traveled, so you won’t need a massive fortress, just a solid storage building.

What makes Pulkovo great:

  • Diverse terrain and possible base builds.
  • Very quiet, as people rarely come here.
  • Proximity to Green Mountain is great for trading or looting.

How to get to Pulkovo: Link


3. Stary Yar (Best for never being found)

One of the farthest northern towns in the game, Stary Yar, is an industrial town. It has a massive lumber mill to its east that the town once supplied with workers, that now lays abandoned and rotting.

Stary Yar is a rarely visited town that has great potential. It’s quiet and full of solid loot, and it has two sizable military bases within travel distance. Since the lumber mill is a massive wood spawn, someone running solo or in a group could easily build up this location into a good spot.

Due to the lumber mill having little to no damage, it wouldn’t be hard to build it back up quickly. One would suggest you (and your possible group) close up all holes in the fence and board up the sawmill itself.

What makes Stary Yar great:

  • Spawns supplies to build.
  • Very quiet area of the map, with minimal other survivors.
  • Heavily forested, for cover.

How to get to Stary Yar: Link


2. Novaya Petrovka (Best for loot)

Novaya Petrovka is one of the larger cities in the region and one of the best. Towering skyscrapers, roads that follow a waterway, and tons of cover make it a good place for looting and the inevitable firefight.

It may seem insane for you to build a base in a large city, but with Novaya’s layout, it’s more than doable. The skyscrapers and tightly packed sardines of buildings make looting everything all but impossible, giving the ability to have a base that’s hidden in plain sight.

Pick any structure and start building, but be wary of your surroundings. There is a lumber mill in the southwest that allows for easy materials. That’s not even considering all the places in the city to loot nails, lights, and other supplies.

What makes Novaya Petrovka great:

  • Large enough that your base can be easily overlooked.
  • The city and surrounding area offer tons of supplies for your base.
  • Having a well built base in a skyscraper could offer a great sniper nest.

How to get to Novaya Petrovka: Link


1. Saint Roman Ski Resort (Best for a quiet life)

Saint Roman Ski Resort is built upon Saint Roman Mountain, the largest natural structure in Chernarus. While the resort and nearby biathlon area no longer host the world’s athletes, it hosts many abandoned ruins for survivors to pick through.

There are literally dozens of great spots here, as the area is vast and mostly ignored. Whether it be one of the buildings, a tent base in the woods, or a sniper nest on the mountain, the possibilities are endless.

While a good distance away, there is a sizable lumber mill to the northeast that provides supplies for your base. This is a great location for a loot base, or even a vehicle base.

What makes Saint Roman Ski Resort great:

  • Barely explored, low chance of being raided.
  • Absolutely massive and unique area, for diverse builds.
  •  Wolves and bears spawn around, providing a built in deterrent for any would-be arrivals.

How to get to Saint Roman Ski Resort: Link 


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