[Top 10] BEST DayZ Loot Locations

BEST DayZ Loot Locations
Player duo fighting off the glitchiest zombies of any video game.

[Top 10] BEST DayZ Loot Locations

Realistic survival shooter DayZ is extremely time-consuming and unforgiving. No other game can give players the kinds of pulsating headaches that this hardcore multiplayer sandbox bestows. 

Yet those who play DayZ can’t seem to get enough, it’s the type of game that demands hours upon hours of playtime. However even after dedicating an entire weekend to scouring every building, house, and car insight, you will more than likely check your inventory to find multiple empty guns and enough food to last you half an hour…

Believe me, I’ve been there. So I compiled this list together of the best loot locations in the Chernarus map so you can get a head start on everyone else on the server. You’re Welcome!

10 - Elektrozavodsk

This abandoned city is located on the Southeast corner of the map along the beachline. Depending on whether or not you spawn on the beach, this will likely be the best and closest place to find some good early game gear. While you might run into hostile players, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

  • Multiple police stations, garages, and two fire stations where you will likely find weapons and gear. As well as many houses and other residential buildings that will spawn food and water.
  • Nearby most of the spawn points and along the coastline so it will be easy to find. It’s worth noting this location can be just as easy to get to for other possibly aggressive players.
  • As a potentially dangerous area, the best strategy would be to get in and out as fast as possible.
  • Very close to the bigger city of Черногорск (Chernogorsk). To get there follow the main road (closest to the beach) out of Elektro with the coast on your left and you’ll run right into it.


9 - Krasnotav Airstrip

Out of the three airfields scattered around Chernarus this location will spawn the least military loot. 

  • Close to player spawns so expect higher foot traffic.
  • There are six military cargo containers that can spawn military loot.
  • Large hill overlooking the area that snipers will oftentimes make a nest.

8 - Kamenka

The small town of Kamenka is located on the southwest coastline. The loot inside the town is pretty good for it’s size and if you keep going west through the town on the main road you will eventually hit an abundant evacuation point. 

  • Low foot traffic due to the remoteness of the location. However many players know about the evacuation point outside of town so it’s worth being careful.
  • Just west and one town over from Balota and the South West Air Strip.
  • The evacuation point has many cars where you can find a lot of different loot. 

7 - Helicopter Crash Sites 

Helicopter crash sites are harder to find because their locations on the map are different for every server. However if you are looking for a helicopter crash site, you will usually find them in mother nature’s open fields.

  • These sites have the possibility to spawn extremely rare high tier weapons that you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the map.
  • Kill and loot any zombies wandering in the area as they often carry extra-small military gear.
  • As these sites often spawn randomly in the wilderness, make sure to search for loot piles and weapons inside of taller grass and bushes as they can easily be hidden from sight.

6 - Balota

Not too far from Elektro, Balota is located just west of Cherno near the coastline. The town itself is smaller and you probably won’t find much. However the South West AirStrip is just next to it where you can find mid to high tier gear and weapons.

  • Higher than average foot traffic due to the airstrip and a nearby player spawn, proceed with caution.
  • There is a wall between the town and airstrip with many holes that can be used to provide cover and to escape quickly.
  • Multiple garages and numerous residential houses inside of the town.
  • One water spicket on the western edge of town.

5 - Pavlovo Military Base

Located to the southeast of the town of Pavlovo, this military base is a well-known loot area.

  • Expect high foot traffic and bandits hiding out because of the high tier loot.
  • Along with various other military buildings on site there is a hospital that’s worth looting.
  • Two road access points with one to the northeast of the base and one to the west.

4 - Zelenogorsk

As opposed to some of the other entries on this list Zelenogorsk is located inland to the northeast of Pavlovo.

  • Large base located just under the town.
  • high tier loot so foot traffic will likely be high.
  • Prison facility on sight with all the other military structures.

3 - Summer Camp

Since most of the entries on this list only spawn military loot this area spawns Mosins and farming equipment.

  • Low foot traffic due to the remote area.
  • Scopes, rifles, and farming equipment will spawn here.
  • A lot of food and seeds.

2 - Skalitsky Island

Skalitsky Island is located just south of Krutoy Cap and spawns numerous weapons like the Mosin and the Shotgun.

  • Very low player traffic because of the swim it takes to get there.
  • The rusted split up ship on the east side of the island is impossible to access.
  • The castle closest to Chernarus is your best bet for guns.

1 - Tisy Military Base

Located in the far northwest corner of the map, the Tisy Military base has the chance to spawn high tier loot.

  • Medium foot traffic due to the remoteness of location however many players aim to make it here.
  • Weapons like the AK, M4, and SVD can spawn here.
  • Be sure to check every nook and cranny, shipping containers have the chance to spawn military loot and this area is large.


I hope this loot location guide helped you on your travels through the DayZ wasteland!

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