[Top 10] Dayz Best Base Locations And Why They're So Good

Dayz Best Base Locations
Artist rendition of a perfect DayZ base because no one can actually obtain enough of the materials necessary to pull off that kind of architecture.

[Top 10] Dayz Best Base Locations And Why They're So Good

Creating a base in DayZ takes a lot of hard work. Collecting the materials to build the first room alone can take hours. By the time you finish building the whole thing, you'll often be left on constant guard duty ensuring no one will come take all your hard work away.

This article should help you feel more secure about your base location giving you the freedom to enjoy exploring the map!

10. Zub Castle

Zub Castle main building.

Zub castle is easy to find and close to most spawn locations making it a great place to make a base for beginners or someone looking to quickly stash some loot.

  • Plenty of room for storage in the main stairwell.
  • Nearby coastline spawn locations.
  • There is only one entrance into the building so it’s easy to defend.
  • Very easy and cheap to block the single door and use the indestructible structure of the building as protection.
  • Easier than building a full base.

9. Tisy Helipads

Long entryway leading to the helipad.

Located near the Northwest Airfield, Tisy Helipads is far away from any player spawns.

  • Very spacious and a lot of room for storage.
  • Located at the Northwest Military Base.
  • One long entryway making the area easy to defend.
  • Up on stilts giving the base high ground.
  • Perfect for a clan base that can be regularly guarded.

8. Pik Koslovka 

Small base located in the woods of Pik Koslova.

Located near the coastline and player spawns, Pik Koslova is a rocky mountain nearby Cherno.

  • Big area with no loot buildings so foot traffic is low.
  • Nearby most player spawns.
  • Try to find a couple of trees to use as cover to put up tents or even outer walls.
  • Woodsy Area.

7. Cherno Apartments

View from the top of the apartment buildings.

The apartments in Cherno, specifically the rooftop, is a great place for a tent, barrel, or full base.

  • High ground and easy to defend.
  • One entryway at the top of a long ladder.
  • Close to most player spawns.

6. North East Construction Site

Construction buildings make a great place to set down a base.

Located in the North East region of the map, this construction site has a fence, easily defendable building, and an on site water supply.

  • The surrounding fence has holes but when patched works very well.
  • Construction Site building can be sealed and is very spacious.
  • Multiple floors provide a vantage point to help defend the area.
  • Moderately low foot traffic.

5. Turovo

Small military encampment located in Turovo.

Nearby a small military base, Turovo is a small town with low to medium foot traffic that makes a great place to store loot.

  • Nearby military base so easy to farm loot.
  • Low to Medium foot traffic.
  • Out of the way and not a place of interest to most players.
  • Nearby Evacuation site.

4. Orlovets factory 

The factory in Orlovets is easily defendable and located inland.

  • Possibility of spawning military loot inside of the factory.
  • Easy to block doors and defend from the rooftop.
  • Located nearby a farm loot spot.
  • Great for farming loot from Orlovets.

3. Krasnotav Radio Tower

Small military barracks located in the area.

Located away from the main area, the Krasnotav Radio Tower is easy to see from far away and defendable.

  • Small airstrip nearby makes the area great to farm loot.
  • Small broken fence line that can be fully reinforced to provide full protection for loot.
  • Radio tower makes a great sniper tower.
  • Ample room for tents and barrels.

2. Blue Factory on Cherno Island

Example of a player base set up on the island.

Located on the coastline of Cherno, there is a small island with one small bridge connecting it to the main island.

  • One very small entrance to the whole island, very easy and relatively cheap to block off with walls.
  • Most spacious base location on this list (It’s a whole Island!)
  • The blue factory on the island only has one entrance. This will give players two levels of security if they block both the bridge and door.
  • Perfect for clan base.

1. The Woods

Player standing in the middle of the woods.

A well-hidden and low trafficked area in the woods makes a great  place to stash loot or build a base. While the map is built to have players moving through most of it, finding a good spot deep in the woods surrounded by trees is the safest and most secretive place to build a base.

  • A well hidden base in the woods won’t be as easily found or raided.
  • Low foot traffic if put in a remote enough location.
  • Can put nearby any spawn or location.
  • I would advise marking the location with an out of game DayZ map so you don’t lose your base!

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