[Guide] DayZ How To Make a Splint

DayZ How To Make a Splint
*Wilhelm Scream*


So, you’ve decided to break your legs by jumping off a building - there could be many reasons. You don’t believe in gravity, you were too lazy to use the staircase, perhaps someone was chasing you with a hatchet or you’re suffering from a severe case of ADHD - whatever reason there might be, remember, that breaking your legs in DayZ is not usually the end of the world. Usually.

I’ll be showing you guys a step-by-step guide on how to make a splint, but before I begin, what the hell is a splint? Splint in DayZ is a makeshift device that stabilizes your leg and magically heals it after around 30 minutes. Why a splint is awesome:

  • Greatly boosts your recovery(With splint = 34 min/without=68 min)
  • Allows you to walk without falling unconscious
  • You can climb over obstacles(a garden fence, for example)
  • Doesn’t require “hard to get” resources to craft it


Step 1: Gettin’ the stick

Crawl your sad butt to the nearest bush and cut it down with your knife, after cutting it down pick up the sticks from the ground.

Step 2: Rags

Another thing that you’ll need are rags - if you crawled for half an hour from a city to find a bush and you don’t have any rags, I should have told you earlier to cut some clothes into rags on the way. You can always sacrifice your newly found shirt, at the expense of freezing to death!

Step 3: Combining the sticks with rags

Drag the bundle of sticks to your action bar and equip it, after that drag the rags to the combine menu and cycle through the crafting options till the recipe for the splint appears, click LMB and wait a couple of seconds - a splint should appear on the floor!

(You need x4 rags and x2 short sticks)

Also, you can use bandages instead of rags to create a splint - the process is the same as above!

Step 4: Using the splint

Pick up the splint from the ground and drag it to your action bar, equip it and click LMB - attaching the splint to your leg will take around 10 seconds.

Step 5: The healing process

Without applying the splint, your broken leg will recover in over an hour, with the splint applied you’ll recover in 34 minutes - believe me guys, the splint is worth it!

There’s not much to include in this article anymore, creating a splint is quite easy and there are two types of splints - one that you make from rags and the second one that you make from bandages(you can find bandages in hospitals).

My final tip is to avoid contact with the infected: if they hit you, I guarantee you quick and painful death, their light attacks will deal 20 shock damage and heavy attacks will deal up to 35 damage. You’ll be forced into a prone position and you’ll probably die, also avoid bear traps, they can also snap your bones!

Thank you for reading my article, hope you’ve learned something and check my other articles!:

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