[Top 5] Dayz Best Melee Weapons And How To Get Them

Dayz Best Melee Weapons
That’s a nice bat, stranger. Why are there nails on it?

Are you out of luck and the only weapon that you’ve managed to find was some piece of crap wrench? Do not worry, melee weapons in DayZ can be deceitful and appear harmless, yet they can deal more damage than a shot to the face. 

I’ll show you guys melee weapons that will serve as the last defense against some sweaty nerds that walk along the coastlines armed to the teeth with grenades and M4-A1’s, teaching Bambi’s about the mistakes they’ve committed. Let’s get to it:

5. Baseball Bat(NAILED)

This is the only form of baseball I like.

It is surely better than the standard baseball bat, the nails do a lot more damaged and you can even open cans with it. I’d recommend doing it with a knife though, as if you open it with the nailed baseball bat, you can spill 40-70% of the food. Bash some heads in!

What makes the Nailed Baseball Bat awesome:

It’s a great player repellant, a baseball bat with nails on top makes you look spooky and sinister.

100% blood damage increase from the standard Baseball bat

Weapon guide:


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4. Sledgehammer

STOP. Hammer time!

This is a very useful hammer, it’s great for smashing big rocks, demolishing other player’s bases and dayum, you can even deactivate bear traps with it. But do you know what this weapon is also good at? Inflicting high amounts of blunt/shock damage to the heads of other players. OUCH!

What makes the sledgehammer awesome:

A pretty high-damage weapon deals the highest amount of blunt damage

According to the wiki, you can also somehow open cans with it, without spilling more than 50% of food from the can

Awesome if you want to make an advanced fireplace!

Weapon guide:


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3. Shovel


This is a relatively good weapon for digging worms and bashing others players’ heads in, I’ve had good luck with shovels in DayZ, I remember creeping up to a sniper on a hill somewhere and beating the living hell out of him. I of course whacked him and took his stuff, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough space for my shovel, so I had to leave it alone, in the middle of nowhere in some forest. Lost, but never forgotten.

What’s awesome about the shovel:

You don’t always have to gruesomely kill other players with it, you can use it for agriculture!

If you do use it for combat purposes, you will surely take out your target in a few hits

You can dig another player’s corpse with it. Cold!

Weapon guide:


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2. Kukri

G’day, mate.

Kukri is a pretty nice weapon for slicing up players that wanted to make fun of your Australian accent. It is a very powerful cutting weapon, useful for inflicting a large amount of bleeding damage. Besides combat, you can use it for cutting bark off of trees, skinning animals, or even other players. After you mercilessly stabbed them to death, of course!

What’s awesome about the Kukri:

Looks cool, it’s also one of the rarest melee weapons you can find in DayZ

Skin players for their tasty human meat

Doesn’t require a lot of space in your inventory(1x4)

Weapon showcase:


Weapon details:


1. Pickaxe

The melee beast.

The pickaxe does a great job of being the highest damage melee weapon in DayZ, it is a very diverse weapon that deals with different types of damage(health, blood, shock) and will 100% drop anyone with 1-2 clean hits. 

It’s a very good melee for clearing out zombies as well and loot-farming their copses, it’s a very common melee weapon, which means that finding it along the coastline will not be difficult, the range of the pickaxe is also relatively high and it is, hands-down, the best melee weapon I’ve ever come across. I did plenty of duels with other punks, and they ended up being killed with my pickaxe and skinned alive with my kitchen knife. Truly a BEAST OF A WEAPON!

What’s awesome about the one and only Pickaxe:

You can break into someone’s base with it!

Deals massive amounts of damage

You can mine with it(make knives, advanced fire camps, etc)

Useful for growing your food

A scarecrow for other players!

Weapon guide:


Weapon details:


So yup. These are by far the best melee weapons I came across in DayZ, they’re all pretty awesome but nothing will ever take the spot of the infamous pickaxe, it’s the only melee weapon that you can either use for farming or brutally murdering other people with it. 

I think that’s all for today, folks. Thank you for reading and have fun in DayZ!

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