[Guide] DayZ How To Attach Barbed Wire

DayZ How To Attach Barbed Wire
Oh, it’s the good old barbed wire!

Yes, it’s the good old barbed wire that will give you 7 cuts in about 3 seconds, if you don’t have bandages don’t bother trying to save yourself, you’re already dead! And NO, rags won’t help - coming in close contact with this thing will most definitely F you up!

So how do you attach barbed wire? It’s quite simple, and I’m going to explain it step by step below. Make sure to not get “tangled” in it, get it - “tangled”... Ehh.. Let’s just start the guide:

Step 1: Where to find barbed wire?

You can find barbed wire usually in industrial places, keep in mind that they’re extremely rare to find. You could also try your luck in farming, working, and hunting locations!

Step 2: Make sure to have a fence wall

That’s a fence wall. If you don’t know how to create a wall, check my article on how to build a base, here’s the link:


Step 3: Accessories Menu

Drag the barbed wire from your inventory to the slot for the barbed wire, the barbed wire will lay next to the fence wall(it won’t get automatically applied to the wall, you’ll need pliers for that!)

Step 4: Attaching the barbed wire to the top

Walk up to the barbed wire on the ground and you should get an option that will allow you to attach the barbed wire to the top part of your wall - click LMB and begin the attaching process. The results should look like this:

Step 5: Attaching the barbed wire to the lower part of your wall

You do the same thing as before - the only difference being is putting it in the spot for the lower part of your wall. Go to the barbed wire and as before, pull out your pliers and click LMB to attach it to the bottom of the wall. 

Step 6: The results

So these are the results, a wall with barbed wire both on top and bottom. But there are more uses for barbed wire, not just for securing your base!

Step 7: Restraining yourself with the barbed wire!

Yes, in DayZ you get an option to tie yourself up with barbed wire - there are 2 reasons you tied yourself up in DayZ - you were being held at gunpoint by bandits and you were forced to, or you just thought it would be funny to tie yourself with barbed wire. Well, it’s not, you’re gonna get a cut and start bleeding to death!

You can also restrain others with barbed wire, it takes a long time to take it off and it will leave your victims wounded if they decide to. 

Step 8: Consequences of getting near the barbed wire

I’m gonna show you a couple of pictures of what happened to me in less than 3 minutes after coming into contact with barbed wire. Picture no.1:

Looks innocent enough, doesn’t it? In this picture, I got around 6-7 cuts from being exposed to the barbed wire for about 3-5 seconds. Not fun. 

Let’s show you a picture no. 2:

So I fainted and woke up in a puddle of my blood, my screen turned gray and it appears that I’m running on a liter of blood left. There’s only one thing left for us to do!

Picture no. 3:

In your last 30 seconds of life, it’s important to assert your dominance over the barbed wire by flipping it off. Or you could just goddamn get some pliers and disassemble it. Of course, BEFORE you bled to death!

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