Content Creators Serve As Valuable Resource for DayZ Skill Building

Content Creators Serve As Valuable Resource for DayZ Skill Building
The DayZ are long and hard...

DayZ recently posted a tweet asking the DayZ player community which streamers or content creators helped them improve their gameplay and skills the most. 

There were over 600 replies, with a multitude of streamers and YouTubers being mentioned. One of the content creators mentioned was TheRunningManZ. TheRunningManZ has 267k subscribers and primarily creates DayZ content.

The environment in DayZ is as beautiful as it is deadly. Image by DayZ.

He creates a variety of different DayZ content, from 6 hour long unedited adventures to short clips and best moment compilations. 

According to his fans, he is a great help as he takes time to explain everything he does, and all the in-game features he utilizes, with detail. This allows players to understand the game better and consequentially to play it better as well.

A second content creator that was mentioned is SmokeTV. His fans cited his incredible dedication to the game, even during times when things were not going well for the game, as one of the primary reasons they support him. 

His dedication and commitment to the game mean he has spent a great deal of time grinding the game, thus watching him can provide valuable tips, tricks, and techniques, especially to less experienced players who do not know much about the game yet.

These are only 2 of the many streamers and content creators that were mentioned by their fans. 

There appears to be a great number of DayZ fans and players who find watching experienced DayZ content creators be a valuable resource to help them improve their skills and knowledge for DayZ, making them better players overall.

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