[Top 15] DayZ Admin Commands You Should Know

DayZ Admin Commands You Should Know
Why not?

What does the picture have to do with the name of the article? Nothing, I had no clue about what the main image I was supposed to put here, so I put a picture of a boar getting flipped off. Also, not all of the points below will have a picture(hope I haven’t rustled your jimmies).

But I was gettin’ a bit off-topic there, today’s article going to be about console commands - I’ll be talkin’ about how they work and why they’re important. Console commands are awesome if you’re planning on starting a server of your own or if you want to kick a cheating prick, maybe you want to spawn zombies in someone’s base, who knows! Let’s begin with number 15:

15. #login

Now he’s here.

So, what’s this supposed to be? This command allows you to log into your server as the administrator. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the console commands(aka kicking players, etc).

14. #logout

And now he’s gone.

Pretty self-explanatory, you use this command to log out as an administrator. Admins get commands for literally everything!

13. #lock

As we can see, the server is locked!

Prevents players from joining the server. Useful if you want to stop your naughty player base from exploiting duplication bugs.

12. #unlock

And now the server is unlocked.

Unlocks the server, allowing players to join the server. You better not forget to write this command or your player base might get sad!

11. #monitor 30

This command shows performance information of the server. Useful for stress-testing your server - the interval is the amount of seconds you want the monitoring to go for+the values:

  • Traffic > G > Guaranteed messages
  • Player > D > Question
  • Info Player > B > Instructions
  • Player > G > Inside the game
  • Traffic > NG > Messages not guaranteed
  • Player > L > Room
  • Player > R > Role selection
  • Traffic > G > Guaranteed messages

10. #monitor 0

Completely stops the monitoring of the server. You write this down when you’re done with checking your server’s performance.

9. #debug 10

Fightin’ off the nasty bugs!

Matter of fact, you can type the command with any number up to 30. The default interval is 10 and as the name suggests, this is a bug-fixing tool. Commands for #debug:

  • console
  • userQueue
  • checkFile
  • totalSent
  • userInfo
  • JIPQueue
  • von
  • userSent

8. #debug off

The bug has been defeated. Goodbye, nasty grub!

Turns off debugging. What else do you want me to put here? 

7. #init

Reloads the server’s configuration file - in a config file you can change the settings that you normally can’t in the options menu(enabling/disabling shadows, grass, crosshair, etc).

6. #userlist

This option is useful for showing you a list of players currently playing on a server - this command shows the names and ids of all players. 

Especially useful if you want to know whether the prick that shot you in the face earlier is on the server or not.

5. #vote kick <player name> or <player ID>

That’s racist.

If there’s a hacker or just a prick spawn camping fresh players on the beach, this command will start a vote kick in which the player base of the server will decide whether to kick a player or not.

4. #restartserver

Automatically kicks players and restarts the server. You do this to restart loot/vehicles on the server or if just everything is bugged out!

3. #shutdown

As the name of the command suggests, it shuts down the server. This is what you write when you’ve stopped receiving donations or when your server was ruined by the negligent staff!

2. #kick <player name> or <player ID>

Check out my co-

Kicks a naughty player from the server. Keep in mind, it doesn’t start a votekick, it just automatically makes a player exit the server for some time depending on the server. It’s the second-worst punishment that you can receive.

1. #exec ban <player name> or <player ID>

y u do dis?

The banhammer is upon anyone who truly deserves it - exploiters, hackers, griefers, trolls, coast campers, trash-talkers, and other filthy scum. This is the last resort for a player that passed the line, he can either beg on the forums or just find a different server. RIP!

Summary of my article:

Howdy guys, if you’re not planning on starting a server of your own, this article should be irrelevant to you, but if things are the opposite, I’m fairly confident that this article helped you out a bit. 

You might have noticed a lack of pictures under some points - I wasn’t planning on putting them here, but I finally decided to for comedic purposes. I understand that they’re dumb, but that’s kinda the point in my humor! Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you’ve had a gorgeous day, ciao!

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