[Top 15] Best DayZ Servers to Play on

Best DayZ Servers
The timeless classic of the survival crafting genre.

DayZ is the progenitor of the action survival genre and a true standout of the genre. Originally a mod for ArmA 2, the game has stood the test of time over ten years since its debut. Zombies, bloodthirsty players, starvation, dehydration, illness; all of these are the threats to your well-being as you try to navigate the abandoned ruins and lush wilds of the zombie filled former-Soviet bloc nation of Chernarus. The biggest question is if you think you can make it through your first day.
Today, we’ll be covering fifteen DayZ servers for you to try out on your journey!


15. Zurvive and Thrive

“Zurvive And Thrive is a Hardcore, PvE focused, server first and foremost, with PvP zones and entire PvE days. We feel the main challenge for DayZ players should come from Environmental Factors”

Zurvive and Thrive is regarded highly as the standout player versus environment focused server. Rather than cater to the usual draw of constant threat of players firing on you, they choose to use various mods and changes to the game adding much more dangerous weather, wildlife, and, of course, zombies!

Join this server if you like...

  • Both Chernarus and Namalsk maps provide an extra level of variety.
  • A new twist on the classic DayZ formula!
  • A strong and friendly community.

Server details:

  • Name: [EN/GER] Zurvive and Thrive | Many Custom Areas | PvE | PvP Zones | Airdrops | Harder Zombies | Hordes | Hardcore Survival
  • Max Player Count: 50
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/n6E9YXrabw


14. XDC DayZ

“We are aiming for an improved vanilla experience, and so only have mods which we feel enhance areas which are weak in the vanilla game. This includes improved base building and raid mechanics, and a better variety of military items.”

XDC provides a simple, vanilla plus, hardcore experience for those of you wanting to play the game with minimal setup. Originally started in 2021, the German based PVP server has built up a sizable following with their active team, daily events, and changes to the loot economy.

Join this server if you like...

  • Staunch admin team that stops cheaters before they can become a nuisance.
  • Daily events to keep you on your toes!
  • First person only, to bring heightened adrenaline to your firefights.

Server details:


13. The Saviors

“Vanilla, more loot, high PvP, no mods.”

The server for constant PvP, with a much lower ceiling for entry. You will have no issue finding a fight as you scavenge the abandoned buildings, the sound of gunfire echoing in all directions, inviting you to come test your mettle against all others. Their large community is nice, with little toxicity, and a true diamond in the rough that is the massive field of servers.

Join this server if you like...

  • Tons of combat for all skill levels.
  • An amazing admin team that is very active and helpful.
  • Easy gear around the map, to make that last death sting just a little bit less.
  • Kill feed to show how off that long range rifle shot you landed.

Server details:


12. DayZ Underground

“Creating stories - connecting people. Preserving hardcore survival and cultivating organic RP as DayZ's first private hive community”

DayZ Underground(DUG) is the premier server on the game, and one I’ve played on quite a bit in my time. A long running hardcore roleplay server, they carved out their place in the legends of the game with their immersion. Every person you meet will be playing a character they created and put hours upon hours into, from the cannibalistic DAMN, to the pseudo-heroic UN, or the kindly Firekeepers, you will meet endless interesting people on this server.

Join this server if you like…

  • Immersive characters, conflicts, and battles.
  • A place where you can sit and chat with fellow survivors.
  • One of the greatest, and most welcoming communities in the game.

Server details:


11. DayZ Rearmed

“Rearmed is a DayZ community server that was founded with the vision of unlocking the full potential of DayZ modding. We believe that DayZ has unlimited potential and we are dedicated to exploring every aspect of it. Our goal is to continuously innovate and enhance not only our server but the DayZ gaming experience as a whole. Join us in our quest to push the boundaries of DayZ modding and bring the best possible gaming experience to our community.”

The go-to server for groups, this server prides itself on its in-depth base building system, loot raiding system, and is overall not for the solo survivor. A deeply balanced in-game economy, custom clothes, and a hand edited map gives a tremendous experience for both new and old players alike.

Join this server if you like…

  • Building an intricate and defendable base.
  • A new take on Chernarus that gives an immersive world to enter.
  • Tons of custom made clothing, gear, and weapons.
  • A server built for you and your group of friends.

Server details:


10. AmongTheDead

“AmongTheDead is a community that was orginally founded back in 2013 on Arma 2 DayZ. We aim to bring that vibe back to DayZ SA while focusing on creating progressive gameplay and intense PVP scenarios. If you want to be apart of a real community, are looking for that balanced DayZ ‘Grind’ and for a place to settle down and call "Home" then this is the Server for you.”

AmongTheDead aims to bring back the old days of the mod, to the present day standalone. With a metric ton of content, from gameplay changes such as removing much of the survival mechanics of the game, to a currency based economy, to a complete map rework; ATD is making big moves in the DayZ world.

Join this server if you like…

  • The idea of DayZ, without the hassle of the survival mechanics.
  • A much closer feeling to the original mod, great for returning players.
  • Quality of life changes such as spawn select and fast travel

Server details:


9. The Crown

“We've made it easier for beginners and parties to play, however

the farther you walk into the map, the harder it gets to survive.”

The Crown’s main goal is to appeal to those who are new to the game, or coming with a group of your friends. They have built up a solid vanilla+ experience, with all matter of added bonus content, but while keeping with the core values and feel of the original DayZ.

Join this server if you like…

  • A server aimed at helping those of you new players learn the ropes.
  • Helpful systems like autorun, so you don’t need to burn a hole in your W key.
  • A party system that all but eliminates the chances of those pesky friendly fire incidents.

Server details:


8. Vanilla Light

“Vanilla light was founded in the beginning of 2022 and has aimed to improve the game experience of Vanilla DayZ and keep the number of mods to a minimum.”

Despite being a newcomer to the server scene, Vanilla Light has already garnered a sizable player base thanks to their simple approach to server systems. No mods or extra work is necessary, allowing for a much lower barrier for entry, and a wider array of players. 

Join this server if you like…

  • A simple server with a gentle learning curve.
  • Very active admin team that is always available to help.
  • A community that welcomes with open arms.

Server details:


7. Chernarus Law

“Welcome to Chernarus Law CPD DayZ PC server. Join our community for a unique one of a kind DayZ experience. The deadly zombie virus outbreak has caused societies collapse and its up to the last group of law enforcing survivors to uphold what's left of human decency and law. Choose to abide by the law of the land or become an outlaw in a cut throat pvp environment. Work with, against, or avoid the CPD (Chernarus Police Department). Try your luck in many unique server events and at all cost stay alive! “

A unique hybrid of a roleplay and event server, Chernarus Law has two sides: the Chernarus Police, and the general populace of the country. This allows an interesting push for roleplay that centers predominantly around a single group, the only question being are you with them, or against them? In addition to this, the server has many great mods and changes to give you tons to do such as events and trading.

Join this server if you like…

  • The idea of a server with a common enemy, or ally.
  • NPC events full of loot for your taking.
  • Active and helpful admin team that loves to answer your questions.

Server Details:



“Welcome to KRYPTIC, a PVP server with active admins, insane performance, and an amazing experience. Our servers include cheap gun sets, expensive and rare high tier items, and much more.”

If you’re looking for high intensity combat with little-to-no prep time, KRYPTIC is the server for you. The world is absolutely littered in gear and a fight is always just a few minutes away. Their team has aimed to create a hectic environment that shies away from the survival mechanics and focuses purely on PVP action.

Join this server if you like…

  • The idea of easy to access combat at all times of day.
  • Tons of new gear to collect.
  • High performance for most computers.

Server details:


5. The Perception

“Welcome to The Perception!

We are working hard to do friendly atmosphere that every player deserve.”

Bandits looking for a hardcore server need look no further, The Perception has built their server for you. All of their modifications have been put together to provide the best in PVP combat, with a leaderboard, plenty of combat focused events, and tons of new items.

Join this server if you like…

  • PVP focus to allow you to have objectives to fight for.
  • Hundreds of custom items.
  • A great and helpful admin team that handles issues before they start.

Server details:



“Our server offers a unique gameplay experience that combines both PvE and PvP elements. You can build your own base and store your loot, but beware of other players who may attempt to get inside your base. To help protect your base, you can raise a flagpole which will cover a 50-meter radius and prevent other players from building within that area. However, keep in mind that almost everything that does not have a code lock can be dismantled by anyone, whether or not they are members of your flag.”

EUPG is a server built for those of you who want a mostly PVE experience, with optional PVP. Their team went for a twist on the base building server by including the flagpole system used in many other survival crafting games, preventing players from entering your base. This, plus their custom map, and loads of new items make for a tremendous server to play on.

Join this server if you like…

  • Focus on PVE, tons of locations to raid for gear.
  • Interesting base system, unique to their server.
  • Hundreds of items, and better vehicles.

Server details:

  • Name: EUPG | PVE + PVP Zones | AI | Skills | HC Survival | No Traders
  • Max Player Count: 60
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/eupg


3. LiViNg WiTh InSaNiTy

“We are a fun PVE server, dedicated to keep the players happy , we have loads of fun and animals, we have some collectables as well just to add some things to do, we have weekly events as well as pop up events. The players have grown like a community and are super helpful to others as well!”

This server operates on a solely PVE basis with no unwarranted killing. They have tons of gear including secret collectibles, weekly events, plus surprise events! They’ve added new and improved animals, zombie hordes, and much, much more!

Join this server if you like…

  • Daily and weekly events, for more things to do!
  • Tons of added content, including helicopters!
  • PVE only, for those of you who want a more relaxed game.

Server details:


2. Noobs Only

“We are a thriving community that welcomes both new and seasoned players of DayZ. Our goal is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where players can learn the basics of the game and refine their skills. With active administrators, periodic events, and a focus on community-building, we offer the perfect environment for players to thrive and grow in their DayZ experience. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for a while, we have something for everyone and look forward to helping you reach your full potential in DayZ.”

Noobs Only is a self-described beginner server filled with a warm community that is here to help you learn the game. Built with an active admin team, regular events, and a community driven focus, they’re here to teach anyone the game regardless of their playtime.

Join this server if you like…

  • Friendly community and administrators that are always there to help.
  • A ton of custom gear to find.
  • Regular events to give you more goals to follow.

Server details:


1. Season of the Abyss

“Here at Seasons of the Abyss we take the standard Chernarus map and make it our own with custom locations full of loot to help you survive. The staff here take time in developing new custom areas for our users to explore each wipe. A lot of detail and pride goes into the finished product, we hope you enjoy your stay with us and enjoy hearing your feedback! ”

SoTa is a long time community dedicated to running custom vanilla plus DayZ servers. WIth their robust collection of mods including new locations, gear, zombies, and vehicles, they’ve cemented themselves as a solid pic for DayZ servers. Their community is active and welcoming to any and all newcomers.

Join this server if you like…

  • Active and helpful admin team.
  • Beautiful custom map that invites a sense of exploration.
  • Tons of new items, zombies, and vehicles.

Server details:

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If you are looking for a True Survival Expirience without boosted loot or pay to win, with only authentic gear, weapons and cars. Then I could Highly recommend: D.N.A. - The Wall A serious survival server with smooth progression of difficulty. World is separated with The Wall that draw a borders between survival in starting zone and the danger world. Authentic gear, weapons and cars, without fancy mods or boosted loot. No pay to win. One of the most advance medicine system, advance skills system, custom made loot chests with keys, unique custom craft system with hundreds of crafts. Custom made A.I. factions with bases and bosses. Bunkers and A.I. patrols. D.N.A. is a survival server with mix of PVP, PVE and RP with custom made Lore and history. Server IP: Server Discord: http://discord.gg/hJMA9V8dPS

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