[Top 10] Dayz Best Weapons (Ranked)

Best DayZ Weapons
Lock and load with today's list!

10. CR-61 Skorpion

The CR-61 Skorpion is an extremely compact, select-fire submachine gun built to be a good secondary. A common spawn in police stations, this weapon is most commonly seen in the hands of fresh survivors as a solid form of offense.

The CR-61 has a twenty round magazine and the ability to equip a suppressor, for quieter fights. While the damage is lower than others in its class, its compact nature gives it an edge in being able to be kept in just about any gear, be it your backpack, jacket, or pants. The weapon has an insane rate of fire, emptying the magazine in just a few seconds.

While carrying the CR-61, I’ve gone toe-to-toe with far better armed survivors and come out on top. No matter how geared someone is, they can’t stop twenty rounds of .380 ACP to the chest and make it out.

  • What the CR-61 Skorpion excels at:
  • Insane fire rate for overpowering enemies.
  • Easy to find, so there is no need to search far.
  • Compact, great for keeping in a backpack.

How to get the CR-61 Skorpion: Available in any police station or military camp.

CR-61 Skorpion Details:

  • Size: 4x3 (12 Slots)
  • Range: Low
  • Rate of Fire: 950 rounds/min
  • Recoil: Medium


9. BK-133

A standard pump action shotgun, the BK-133 is simple and effective. Found in the hands of just about anyone and everyone in Chernarus, its wood stock and pump are an easy sight to recognise in the many battles of the region.

The BK-133 is a powerful weapon in the right hands. Some may be put off by its pump-action nature, but this small con pales in comparison with its almost exclusively one shot potential within twenty five meters. It can also use buckshot, rifled slugs, and rubber slugs for even more damage potential in any situation.

Once, I was looting with a survivor I met in the town of Gorka when a group of three men began to fire on us. We hunkered down in the police station and were holding our own when my friend was taken down by a hand grenade. I waited on the second floor, shotgun aimed at the door, and watched all three of the combatants begin clearing the area; They never checked the room I stood in. When the third passed the door, I shot him in the back, and he went down. The second one tried to push into my room, and he was taken down with one shell. The third one tried as well and met the same fate.

What the BK-133 excels at:

  • Insane close range damage.
  • Found in just about any location you can loot.
  • Three different ammo types for situational advantage.

How to get the BK-133: It is available in just about any location; police, civilian, hunting, or military.

BK-133 Details:

  • Size: 9x3 (27 Slots)
  • Range: Extremely low
  • Rate of Fire: 39~ rounds/min
  • Recoil: Medium



Select-fire bullpup with a slew of attachments—these are the features that make the AUR A1 one of the better rifles in Chernarus. The only downside to it is its extreme rarity, giving an extremely low chance of finding one.

The AUR takes the tried-and-true AUR A1 and gives it new life. With the ability to attach most optics, suppressors, flashlights, and all standardized 5.56mm magazines, you have plenty of options to operate with. It has solid range, up to the eight hundred meter mark, and is easy to get on target.

With its slower fire rate, the AUR is great for automatic fire at longer ranges than contemporary rifles. I’ve seen it used on full auto in many ranged battles.

What the AUR AX excels at:

  • Solid range, for taking out targets without them knowing where you are.
  • There are lots of attachments, to suit your needs.
  • It is decently compact, can fit in a backpack..

How to get the AUR AX: Found only in helicopter crashes, and destroyed convoys.

AUR AX Details:

  • Size: 8x3 (24 Slots)
  • Range: Medium
  • Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
  • Recoil: Medium


7. KAS-74U

Combining all the benefits of a full-size rifle round with the compact size of a submachine gun, the KAS-74U is the best small size rifle you can get. It’s got a good amount of attachments that it shares with other KA platform weapons, in addition to their reliability.

The KAS-74U is a great weapon. It’s got a decent range of about three hundred meters, a good fire rate, and a compact size. Overall, this is a good rifle to use if you don’t want to deal with a full size rifle, or an actual submachine gun.

I once got to witness a survivor being disarmed and left alone in a locked building by some bandits. When they came back to get the rest of his gear, this man took this rifle out of his jacket and gunned them down, giving him the ability to escape the larger group that was in the town.

What the KAS-74U excels at:

  • Extremely compact, can fit in a jacket.
  • Decent customization options for changing on the fly.
  • Rifle caliber round gives it incredible stopping power.

How to get the KAS-74U: Found in any military camp.

KAS-74U Details:

  • Size: 6x3 (16 Slots)
  • Range: Low
  • Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
  • Recoil: High


6. KAM

The battle-proven classic with tens of millions built around the world. This rifle is a powerhouse, whether barebones and missing pieces, or in pristine condition. Its design and aesthetics are known the world over.

The KAM is infinitely customisable, from wood to polymer furniture that can even be fully removed, to seventy five round drum mags, to long range scopes. The powerful 7.62x39mm rifle cartridge is easily pushed out past the thousand meter mark, and with accuracy to boot. No other rifle even comes close to the combat versatility of the KAM.

This is just about the only rifle you could use to engage someone at ten meters, and then another at a thousand meters. Its full auto fire is wild and aggressive, but its semi-automatic shots are accurate and clean.

What the KAM excels at:

  • Unmatched ballistics for an assault rifle, able to reach out to lone ranges.
  • Not terribly difficult to find.
  • Amazing amount of customisation.

How to get the KAM: Available in any military camp.

KAM Details:

  • Size: 8x3 (24 Slots)
  • Range: High
  • Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
  • Recoil: Very high


5. M16-A2

The second longest rifle on this list, the M16-A2, is a great rifle to have at medium range. It only has a semi-auto and a three-round burst, but that doesn’t mean it should be counted out in a fight.

The M16-A2 is great for overwatch on a budget. Its three round burst puts enough rounds on a target to suppress or eliminate at ease. It does have the downside of being unable to attach any optics, but for those of you great with iron sights, this won’t be an issue.

I once picked one up from a dead survivor and fought for about an hour, defending a tower with a friend. If you can fight from a good, defendable position, the M16-A2 absolutely destroys anyone within about four hundred meters.

What the M16-A2 excels at:

  • Burst fire makes for easy one trigger pull kills.
  • Good versatility in close to mid range combat.
  • Uses the extremely common 5.56x45mm.

How to get the M16-A2: It is available at any military camp.

M16-A2 Details:

  • Size: 9x3 (27 Slots)
  • Range: Medium
  • Rate of Fire: 550 rounds/min
  • Recoil: Medium


4. LAR

The LAR is a heavy-hitting battle rifle that is built for range. It’s very customizable and uses the strong .308 WIN cartridge. It’s a nice weapon to handle and easy to kill with.

The .308 WIN makes this rifle a step above other rifles. It’s able to one shot through any helmet out to around four hundred meters and, with the automatic setting, will melt anyone you encounter. With the ability to attach most western optics, the range gets pushed out to almost a thousand meters with ease.

Using it a handful of times will show you how easy it is to use. It one taps in most instances, and if it doesn’t, it will in two maybe three shots.

What the LAR excels at:

  • Absolute monster in terms of damage per shot.
  • Very customizable for all types of battles.
  • Ammo is easy to come by.

How to get the LAR: Available in any military camp.

LAR Details:

  • Size: 8x3 (24 Slots)
  • Range: Long
  • Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
  • Recoil: Very High


3. M4-A1

A shorter, better version of the previous M16-A2. The M4-A1 takes everything good about the rifle and only improves on it. With the most customization in the game and easy access to ammo, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

This is an amazing rifle. Insane fire rate coupled with near laser accuracy and the most possible attachments in the game make it a powerhouse. You will never have a bad time with this rifle, which makes its rare spawn chance more than worth it.

You can suppress like you have a machine gun and take people down at a thousand meters with essentially no downsides.

What the M4-A1 excels at:

  • No end to the possible customisation.
  • Insane fire rate, for overpowering enemies
  • Ammo is everywhere.

How to get the M4-A1: It is available in any police station or military camp.

M4-A1 Details:

  • Size: 8x3 (24 Slots)
  • Range: High
  • Rate of Fire: 900 rounds/min
  • Recoil: Medium


2. Mosin 91/30

The first extremely long-range rifle in the game, and still a strong fighter. It fires the largest rifle round in the game, is extremely accurate, and has the classic aesthetic of a sniper rifle.

Firing the largest rifle round in the game, the formidable 7.62x54R round, it will tear through any armor at almost any range. It’s easy to sneak around, take your shot, and sneak away. The ammo and rifle are easy to find, and with the PU scope, it becomes what I think is the best sniper in the game.

More than once, I’ve taken survivors out at near point blank range with this weapon, no matter what they are wearing. The muzzle velocity of this, coupled with the huge round, means you will win any engagement with good tactics.

What the Mosin 91/30 excels at:

  • The strongest rifle in the game, will kill in one hit ninety-nine percent of the time.
  • Easy to find, so there is no need to search far.
  • The PU scope is one of the simplest optics in the game.

How to get the Mosin 91/30: Available just about everywhere.

Mosin 91/30 Details:

  • Size: 10x3 (30 Slots)
  • Range: Extremely High
  • Rate of Fire: 27 rounds/min
  • Recoil: High


1. SK 59/66

An antiquated battle rifle from many decades ago, the SK 59/66 still holds its own and is my go-to weapon in almost all situations. Although it is only semi-automatic only, with the only real attachment being the PU scope, it’s still a very versatile weapon.

This weapon is meant for combat anywhere from close to long range. The 7.62x39mm cartridge is hard hitting and accurate. There is never a time I’ll turn down an SK 59/66, it’s the best jack of all trades in the game.

There is nothing more fun than pumping a few rounds into someone and watching them panic as they have no idea where the rounds are coming from. The range is just beautiful on this rifle.

What the SK 59/66 excels at:

  • Semi-auto makes the weapon easy to use.
  • There are spawns everywhere, so you should have no trouble finding one.
  • Ammo is extremely plentiful.

How to get the SK 59/66: Available in any police station or military camp.

SK 59/66 Details:

  • Size: 9x3(27 Slots)
  • Range: Medium
  • Rate of Fire: 480 rounds/min
  • Recoil: High

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