[Guide] DayZ How To Fix a Broken Leg

DayZ How To Fix a Broken Leg
I believe I can fly!

Howdy guys, have you ever wandered around Elektrozavodsk and wondered to yourself whether you could survive a fall from a 10-meter building(that’s a 30 feet building, fellow americanos). Well, let’s say that you did but fell unconscious and when you woke up and got up, you ran for a good split second and fainted. So what’s up? Why can’t I run more, I hear you asking me - you can’t run because you decided to break your legs!

But do not worry, as I will give you tips&tricks on how to survive with a broken leg and how to cure it as soon as possible. Anyways, let’s get to the guide:

Step 1: Break a leg!

This looks tall enough.

Well, how can you cure a broken leg if it’s not broken! Pick yourself a favorite city, in my case, it was a nice coastal city called Elektrozavodsk, it’s full of tall buildings to jump from and the building that I’ve jumped from was a fire station. I took the least amount of damage and managed to break my legs in no time!

Step 2: Jump!

I immediately regret my decision!

So, 1.5 seconds from now on your legs will be broken, I know you could do it and I’m proud of you!

Step 3: Wakey Wakey!


So you decided to jump off of a building, you fell unconscious and you’re about to wake up, if you look in the bottom right corner, you’re gonna see an icon that indicates that your leg is broken:

Step 4: Applying the splint kit

You could also crawl!

After waking up, you’ll be laying on your back - press C and apply the splint kit by pressing LMB. If you don’t know how to make a splint kit, read my article on how to make a splint kit, here’s the link:


After you applied the splint, it should look something like this:

Step 5: What to avoid!

Unsure if a zombie or my creepy neighbor!

Avoid zombies and other players, you’re extremely vulnerable and easy to kill. You won’t be able to outrun a zombie or another survivor, defending yourself from both even with a firearm will be quite challenging. 

Another thing to avoid is this:

That’s the building that you jumped from!

Avoid the roofs of tall buildings, you might break your legs again or better yet die and get looted by some sadistic Bambi that will go on a shooting spree and kill everything that moves with your stolen M4-A1!

Step 6: Things you shouldn’t avoid!

So many goodies!

Things shown in the picture above are your only friends - food, drinks, a fireplace, and an AK(or any other firearm).

Food and water will keep your energy levels up, in order for the healing process to begin you need at least 4000 energy and 2500 hydration(One thing worth adding is that your character needs to be at full health/full blood for the healing process to begin!).

A fireplace is also important, staying warm will keep your energy levels up and keep you from catching a cold/influenza. Also a source of cooking food!

Get armed, whether it’s a firearm or a goddamn crowbar!

Step 7: Laying low

I always feel like somebody is watching me!

Your leg is still broken, thus don’t walk around too much, save your energy and find yourself a safe place to hide in for a while. If you’re max health, blood, energy, hydration then the healing process will take up to 34 minutes(depending on the severity of the fracture).

Step 8: Curing yourself without the splint

Screw the splints!

You don’t need the splint to recover from a broken leg, but it’s gonna take a way longer time to recover and impair your movement(You’ll only be able to crawl). 

Also, recovery without applying the splint will take up to over an HOUR - that’s an hour of crawling, crying, and being at an even bigger risk of dying to zombies/players.

Step 8: Morphine Auto-Injector

Looks like a crayon!

Morphine becomes useful if you’re in low health and you can’t run fast anymore, simply jab yourself in the leg with this thing, and voila, it’s better than cocaine!

Works great if your legs are injured and you’re in a big need of running - perhaps it’s from someone shooting at you or just a herd of zombies that wants to chew on your brainssss!

Step 9: I can beat the crap out of zombies again!


You have recovered from a fracture, you no longer need to wear a splint and most importantly, you can run! Please try to avoid tall buildings from now on, falling from them can most definitely be bad for your delicate, chicken legs!


So yup. That’s how you break your legs and recover, follow these simple rules below:

  • Crawl to safety
  • Apply the splint(or not)
  • Energy(food, drinks, max blood, max health)
  • Wait around 34 minutes(or +1 hour without the splint)

So these are the most important rules when you broke your legs. Have fun in DayZ and thank you for reading!!!

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